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The Truth Doesn't Require a Majority View- The Sunday Collage

Today, there will be the usual meandering field trip and then I shall return you like a good bus driver- back to the starting point. Several years ago, I started this blog primarily because I love to write. The subject matter came via avalanche in the fall of 2008 as Hank Paulson acting in concert with the rest of our government, stole the U.S. Treasury out from underneath us. I watched in real time thinking all the while, that I must be dreaming. Most of the country sat idly by. I was in awe. All I had to do was come up with a name for the blog. Something that would describe a rogue government that did whatever it wanted to do over the objections of it's citizens. At that time, I thought that it was important to help other people understand just how bad our government had become. I thought there would be strength in numbers and that people might care. All we needed was some sort of rallying point- some way to get on the same page. What I found instead was that people are often

Is There a Bona Fide Silver Shortage?

Are we seeing signs of a real silver shortage? This is a topic I just can't duck, so to speak. Earlier this week, I noted that the US Mint had run out of 2013 Silver Eagles. Since we have hardly even begun 2013, I thought that was rather interesting. Maybe even alarming. Silver Eagle sales have already surpassed 5 million this month. We will easily eclipse Jan. 2012 sales of 6 million if and when the US Mint resumes sales later this month. There are rumors circulating that Apple has delayed the launch of one of it's computers for three months. That type of delay is unheard of at Apple. One man, a supplier/subcontractor, is claiming that the delay has been caused by a silver shortage. Apparently silver is used for making the screens in Apple computers. I

Can the US Treasury Sell Our Gold Without Congressional Approval?

Yes. In fact, they don't need anyone's approval to dispose of our gold. If in fact we still have any. In fact, I don't know that they even have to report the sale anywhere. For the goldbugs. I had read this piece many years ago, and I could not find it. Tonight I saw that Dave in Denver had linked it. This might be the most enlightening piece you will ever read about U.S. gold especially in light of the fact that the U.S. is not returning the Bundesbank's gold back immediately. Very. Good. Stuff. -

The Boeing Engineer Strike: Heard of It?*Updated

No, of course you haven't. *The latest. All I've been reading this week is "Boeing Dreamliner" bad news. The reason you haven't heard anything about the Boeing strike is simple. The crony capitalists at Boeing, along with our "everything is wonderful" government regime and state owned media- don't want you to hear about it. Why not? Because Boeing has huge problems with the grounded Dreamliners at the same time it has labor problems. Boeing has big time ties with this administration. Boeing is the face of American success- real or imagined. The engineers at Boeing have already lost a couple hundred bucks worth of salary each month due to tax hikes. Now Boeing wants to cut their salary. Engineers have had enough. I am attaching the only weak ass story I could find. I have direct t

Theft By Conversion- How the USA Routinely Ignores the Law

Am I the only citizen scratching my head over the obvious? How can our government continually break the law with impunity? At what point is someone with some courage going to try and enforce the law? Have we become a nation of thieves and cowards? This story is about German gold- gold allegedly held in New York. Please allow me to elaborate on the facts as contained here- in my own special law enforcement way. Germany is going to keep 37% of it's gold in the US and 13% of it's gold in London. All French held gold is coming home. The other half of their total gold hoard is coming home to German soil. So the math is pretty easy. Germany wants a measly 275-300 tons of their gold back and it's going to take 7 YEARS? German gold is supposed to be stored, unencumbered and free, for German trade. Like a safety deposit box. A box that you have every right to op

Gold: Who Wants To Bet On the U.S. Government?

Germany knows what de Gaulle knew. Who wants to bet on government? Last night, I saw my first article on Germany repatriating their gold from France and the United States at TF Metals' website. Today it was all over the internet. Gosh, it might be true. Germany Value of reserves: $174.7 billion Holdings total: 3,743.7 tons The Deutsche Bundesbank, Germany's central bank, has 3,743.7 tons of gold reserves, which are valued at about $174.7 billion. According to the World Gold Council, Germany’s gold coffers account for 73.7 percent of total foreign reserves. Remember that old saying? Possession is 9/10ths of the law? Well, apparently Germany remembers that old cliche'. The Bundesbank wants it's gold back. As it turns out, the first guy to pani

Please Help Me Annoy The Government, Sign This Petition

This is a petition that seeks an audit of the United States Gold reserves allegedly held in various locations throughout the U.S. This is the gold that nobody has seen for 40 years. It's not like it's your gold. It's the government's. Please sign this petition. You have to provide your name and an email address and verify it- but what the hell... If we get 25,000 signatures by early February- at least we can get a rejection slip with some lengthy line of bullshit on why an audit is un necessary from the White House. So there's that. What more do you need?

Decoding Obamamath and Other Deficit BS

Obama never lets me down. I can't bear to listen to him talk anymore. I passed on his speech today. I don't mind liars particularly- except when their lies impact my country and my pocketbook and insult my intelligence. I kind of think that's why Obama doesn't insult his base- I don't think they're smart enough to realize that he is lying to them. So here's my rule for the Won. Believe the exact opposite of anything he says, especially if it is important. Juliana Goldman gets it. Here is her question today to President Doublespeak.   Julianna Goldman?        QUESTION: Thank you, Mr. President. I just want to come back to the debt ceiling, because in the summer of 2011, you said that you wouldn't negotiate on the debt ceiling, and you did. Last year, you said that you wouldn't extend any of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, and you did. So as you say now that you're not going to negotiate on the debt ceiling this year, why should House Re

FG Makes Startling Discovery, Finds Lost Dutchman of Stupid

Sometimes, my ego gets the best of me. Forgive me Father Des. It was an honest mistake at first. I clicked on a Huffington Post feed thru my blog only because I wanted to see what people found so fascinating about Katie Couric (with accompanying photos) and her lack of makeup that would cause over 300 people to comment. That's when I stumbled onto the Lost Dutchman of stupid. This is what fascinates America. Earlier this week I was reading a poll about how other countries detest Americans. Thankfully, I am not required to choose a side. I have to tell you, I am a shade embarrassed at my countrymen. These are the great minds of tomorrow. People were taking the time to comment as though Katie Couric's makeup is important. Most were just saying the usual, nasty shit about Katie that they might say about anyone else. A few were making comments similar to mine, minus the profound sense of respect and tact that I usually display. The link is below. I am fascinated by Huffpo. It