Monday, January 21, 2013

FG Exclusive: Update On Boeing Engineer Strike You Haven't Heard About

The mainstream media doesn't report on anything that doesn't extend the Obama agenda of economic happiness and zero unemployment. Conveniently missing in media reports is the Boeing engineer's strike.

I think it's interesting. Apparently the media doesn't. Here it is.

SEATTLE – In a move that escalates its mounting problems, The Boeing Company today (Jan. 17) rejected union offers to extend existing contracts and instead gave its “last best and final” offers to the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA), IFPTE Local 2001.
Boeing’s actions reiterate the company’s growing disrespect for the engineers and technical workers who are essential to working issues and restoring confidence in the 787.While the company agreed to extend parts of the existing contracts, the offers put retirement benefits for all 23,000 engineers and technical workers, including retiree medical, at risk. In addition, Boeing’s corporate negotiator said the company will end the pension for future employees.
Although the offers contain improvements, both the Professional and Technical Negotiation Teams unanimously recommend rejection.
“We are profoundly disappointed the company is taking advantage of our good-will offers to push through unwarranted cuts, put existing retiree benefits at risk and eliminate the pension for future employees,” said Ryan Rule, Professional Negotiation 
Team member.
SPEEA members will vote on the company’s offers in the coming weeks.  Ballots are likely to include a request to grant the Professional and Technical Negotiation Teams authority to call a strike.
Boeing rejected SPEEA's offer after stating publicly that the company does not need SPEEA members for the FAA investigation or working the 787 issues. Last week, Mike Delaney, vice president of engineering for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, said managers and engineers from other areas of the company could do the work. Aerospace industry analysts scoffed at this assertion because the 787 engineering work is performed by SPEEA engineers and technical workers.
The company’s offers continue annual salary raise pools of 5 percent and maintain existing medical benefits. Boeing did agree to extend same-sex survivor pension benefits.

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