Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I Don't Apologize for Exercising My Rights*Updated

Nothing bothers me more than two things.

People who are chastised for exercising their GOD given human rights in some pre-emptive fashion or people forced to apologize for exercising those rights, particularly when they have done nothing wrong. With all due respect- screw that. If I wanted someone to tell me what to say, or how to say it, I'd get a job working for Vlad Putin.

We are supposed to be a FREE country.

The rights enumerated to you via the Constitution and more specifically, the Bill of Rights, were not given to you by men. You were born with them and they are God given. They were not meant to be filtered by a bunch of cowardly liberals with their chicken shit "politically correct" dictionary from  Berkeley. And exercising free speech, including the truth, is not something you should ever apologize for.

I don't.

Three times this week I have commented on Huffpo about the statists' half baked opinions as viewed through their pink lenses. Three times they have censured me. No profanity, no personal attacks. I simply called them on the ridiculous rubbish that they write. About Katie Couric and whether she is wearing makeup or not. That kind of idiocy.

Liberals are the very first class of folks to censure free speech, especially if it doesn't agree with them. They want to control the dialogue. Tell you what to say and how to say it. I know a couple folks like that.

I didn't send them a meat and cheese tray for Christmas.

Today, Wes Welker's wife (New England Patriots) apologized for some comments she made about the Baltimore Ravens and Ray Lewis. Ray bashed the Patriot organization- and so Ms. Welker gave him a taste of his own medicine and mentioned Lewis' has 6 children from 4 women and has never been married. On Facebook.  Ms. Welker also mentioned Lewis and the two people that he may have murdered, was indicted for, but never convicted of killing. It's not that he is innocent- it's just that they couldn't prove it. Kinda like OJ Simpson without the circus trial.

All of that is true stuff. So if Ray doesn't like people talking about it- well that ship left the harbor a long time ago. Here's the apology piece. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/blog/eye-on-football/21594941/wes-welkers-wife-apologizes-for-ray-lewis-facebook-comments

Next up on the apology tour is Phil Mickelson apologizing for stating his new tax rate is 63%. Who in the fuck should apologize here? How about a government confiscating 2/3rds of your money and mis managing it? When do they apologize? Pete Reilly at Forbes thinks Phil is "dumb." I think Reilly's dumb. You decide. http://www.forbes.com/sites/peterjreilly/2013/01/23/why-phil-mickelsons-remark-was-really-dumb/

Et tu Phil?

So I've been having a little back and forth today- with what appears to be a semi liberal person who somehow thinks that the First Amendment has some provision that requires people to be "kind" when exercising their free speech rights. I must have missed that part.

So here is the last two bits of a little back and forth: (A decent commenter, thankfully)

Critical Thinking  •  24 minutes ago Report Abuse
Not shaping the Amendment or interpreting things that are not there, but I do believe that people misinterpret it. "People have freedom of speech, but there is also accountability that accompanies misuse of the right". (I found this on a website regarding the first amendment) I am just stating my opinion just like you are stating yours. And you are right, if he feels that he has a case for slander or deformation of character, he can hire a good lawyer. He has the money to pay for it! Have a nice evening Brian!


There is nothing to "interpret." Accountability occurs when laws, both civil or criminal, are broken. There are legal remedies for that. My statement is not an opinion. It is a statement of fact. There is nothing in the First Amendment that says you will be held accountable for mis-using your free speech right. Free speech as written, is a God given right. It is not conferred on me or to me, with stipulations or conditions by men. I don't apologize for exercising free speech. Ever. I am not always nice either.

What happened since the founders put the Constitution and the Bill of Rights together was that the Supreme Court has "abridged" free speech any time it interferes with the survivability of this government. Certainly you would expect the Supreme Court to rule against anyone trying to get rid of our existing government which would include the Supreme Court. But we're not talking about overthrowing a government or whether or not the court erred. (I'd love to bet on whether the founders, after freshly kicking some British ass, would have thought free speech regarding toppling a government was an exception to the first amendment- I am gonna hazard a guess that they wouldn't agree)

What we are talking about here is whether or not Wes Welker's wife had the right to say what she said about Ray Lewis.

Clearly she did.

I am sorry she felt the need to apologize. Ray opened his yap first. I have not read where Ray Lewis apologized for any of the shit he has pulled- talking trash about the Patriots, fatherless kids, or murdered party goers not withstanding.

You have a right to state your opinion in this country. You are not entitled to dream up some fictional set of facts because you don't agree with the manner in which someone exercises their right. If that were true- literally nothing would exist. No art, no music, no books, no movies.. somebody would always object to someone else's use of free speech.

I don't apologize for stating the truth. I damn sure don't apologize to statists who think they can tell me what to say or how to say it. Or maybe hang a few derogatory labels on me when I don't agree with their views.

I apologize when I have mis-stated a material fact, been duped, or inadvertently hurt someone. Sometimes I state the truth in an effort to actually knock some sense into a person carrying number 9 pine ( a very dense wood) on their shoulders. Mostly, I am not going to apologize for breathing air, walking upright, or stating some inconvenient truth. That's just tough shitski.

I hope you don't either.


SB said...

Types of Unprotected speech (at least as far as the "state" is concerned) include obscene speech, child porn, defamatory language, dangerous words (fire in a theater maybe?), fighting words (wtf?), and speech that incites the violent or revolutionary overthrow of the government (I can see why they wouldn't protect that). However, as you stated, you're certainly entitled to state the truth (especially if there's a fire in a theater). I was encouraged by Mrs. Welker's comments and am now saddened to here she pulled back. What the hell is wrong with this country? Ray Rice is a db and most people know it. There's no apologizing for that.

Anonymous said...

If a man cannot criticize his own government (or anyone or anything), then what the fuck good is free speech?