Wednesday, January 23, 2013

ReBlog: The Tyranny of the Majority and the Right to Secede


The difference between a republic and a democracy is an important distinction.

The United States was founded as a "republic" and not as a democracy. A republic follows a rule of law, a democracy is led by the majority. A democracy is simply mob rule. In a democracy, the minority is subjected to the tyranny of the majority. Here's a great link which distinguishes the two forms of government.

Here is a definition and a summary of the two forms of government. A Republic is representative government ruled by law (the Constitution). A democracy is direct government ruled by the majority (mob rule). A Republic recognizes the inalienable rights of individuals while democracies are only concerned with group wants or needs (the public good).

Unfortunately, if you ask 100 citizens of the U.S. what form of government they have, 99 of them will tell you that we have a democracy. Of course, this is wrong. It is also very emblematic of every thing that is wrong with this country. Quite honestly, the majority of the people in this country don't even have a clue what form of government we have. A republic protects the minority from the tyranny of the majority.

Democracies habitually fail as the majority gains the upper hand and ignores the rule of law. This is very evident as government has turned a blind on everything from the banking industry to Benghazi.

Last night, I was reading the "Coyote Blog" which is one of my favorite blogs. Our writer there poses this question, "How is it possible that the majority (mob rule) can subject the minority to taxes?" He used a wonderful illustration. The voters in California recently voted to tax the rich- the minority. When asked if they all wanted to share the tax burden- the majority, refused. He details the Nov. 6 election results very nicely- right here.

The question, "can the majority vote themselves largess at the expense of the minority?" strikes at the very heart of everything that is wrong in America. It is something I have written about extensively. We have abandoned the rule of law and thus the republic- in favor of mob rule.

The rule of law is what separates us from a banana republic. Law protects the minority. It allows capitalism to thrive because hard work is rewarded and protected. People succeed because the law provides a safe environment, it protects innovation, and with luck- it delivers the reward. All people have a fair shot and a reasonable expectation that if they work hard- they can succeed in a Republic.

Realistically, I think that is the best we can do. Until it gets short-circuited.

All of the good things that a republic is designed to do-disappear when a government decides that it can simply confiscate the proceeds of your work product. The government is not subject to the rule of law nor do they employ any due process when confiscating your property. They just do it with implied threats of force. Individuals seeking judicial relief are castigated and crushed. The government has it's own judiciary which consistently votes in favor of government seizure and expansion. The rights of the minority, especially the "rich" minority- are no longer a concern.

We now have mob rule.

Under those circumstances, secession becomes a viable option. There is no other way- short of a bloody revolution- to dissolve a government that has left the rails like ours has. As 2013 approaches, people in the United States are about to feel the pain of a government gone wild. A confiscatory government is going to do what it does best- it will continue to seize your money until it has all of it.

Secession is the right to leave the union. Time and time again throughout the annals of history, some sort of secession consistently occurs when government in whatever form- decides to seize the assets of it's citizens. That was the essence of the Magna Carta, it was also the foundation of the Boston Tea Party and our secession from England. Thousands of people are expatriating. Eighteen hundred people formally surrendered their citizenship last year. The United States is no longer the beacon of freedom for the world. It has devolved to mob rule where being successful means you have to suffer the biggest penalty. That is all Obamacare is. Another success tax to give to the mob.

The minority, the producers, will now be subjected to the will of the majority. Those with the means to do so will begin to look for greener pastures. The rule of law works but it cannot be abandoned. The rule of law and the Constitution used to guarantee all citizens a shot at success. All a mob rule democracy guarantees is that your work product will now become property of the state.


conservativesonfire said...

Y\The rule of law still works in Switzerland and Singapore, but the cost of living is high.

Anonymous said...

I cringe when I hear politicians, and other prominent people in the media, talk about exporting democracy. Misery loves company, I suppose.