Friday, January 25, 2013

Why I Can't Wait for Obamacare!

The greatest tax increase of our lifetime cannot get here fast enough for me. The beauty of Obamacare is that nobody really knows how much it's going to cost- I've got a pretty good idea.

I am a 52 year old non smoking male. Mandatory Obamacare sold through state exchanges starts Oct.1. My best guess via this website- for the CHEAPEST plan- will be 300 a month. Probably 400 a month for the CADILLAC plan.

Here is a site that tries to break Obamacare down. The problem now is that health insurers are cranking up premiums just as high as they can possibly go before all of this starts. So these figures have to go up.

I am precisely the type of person that the government is targeting. Anybody who is reasonably healthy or young who has opted out of health insurance and is not supplementing the bad health choices of all of those buffet dwellers and drug users - are being forced back in.

Forcing healthy people back in- is actually going to keep costs down dramatically- while the health care system receives a giant shot in the arm. In reality, the greedy bastards will never reduce premiums, they will simply steal more.

Seat belts save lives right? After all that life saving, did your auto insurance premiums go down?

Incidentally, this is a fantastic example of how corporations privatize profits and socialize losses.
It's how crony capitalism works. Corporations and government keep people enslaved- taking the lion's share of the profits and taxes and leaving workers' some crumbs. There will always be more workers. They are cheap.

The government and the insurance industry are trying to recapture all of those lost premiums over the last 5 years. That's all this is about.

In addition- the statists are going to try and price all smokers out. How does a 5000 dollar penalty sound? That's 800 a month (net) and now as the premiums take shape- the realization that you just lost 20% of your disposable income or greater under penalty of law- will come into focus. Can you imagine a 52 year old smokerpaying 800 dollars a mo. in premiums?

I'd love to see penalties for dope smokers and drinkers. Can you imagine the collective howl that would go up?

So what's America going to look like by the end of this year?

Broke. I can't wait.


Chris said...

I actually agree. When some of these nimrods finally see a serious chunk of their own incomes disappearing, with no increase in benefits or quality of life--and a .gov gun to their heads-- I don't see 2014 going Obama's way.

With his name on the legislation it's impossible for him to shift the blame here. We might end up broke but it'll be an amazing transformation in public perception to watch.

Anonymous said...

Here in Ontario (Canada), we've had a version of Obamacare for the last several years when the Liberal Provincial Premier, Dalton McGuinty, introduced a $600/person annual healthcare tax (after specifically promising during his campaign that there would be no new taxes). It wasn't bad enough that we the people were already paying huge taxes to begin with and that those taxes were supposed to fund the healthcare we were already receiving, now there's an added $600 annual burden. Long story short, the end result is just like Chris said: no improvement in healthcare services (they've gotten much worse, in fact) and less disposable income for the average working family. America, you will love Obamacare, yes you will.

PS. To show how idiotic the people are up here, they re-elected McGuinty not once, but twice (and during that time, he's managed to drive the provincial debt level to astronomical heights alongside an unemployment rate that's higher than the national average). People really are stupid, or they're masochists who enjoy taking it up the ass. I can't figure out which.

Brian said...

Thanks for swinging by. Loved both comments.

My best friend and I are looking for countries to move to. Canada, Vancouver to be exact, was high on our list. After reading your comments- I am pausing that plan. Prob not warm enough anyway.


Anonymous said...

Checkout Ecuador and Panama, Brian. Very low cost of living. Lots of gringos, too.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Look into Costa Rica and Chile, that's where my radar is right now.