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Who Kills More Americans, Doctors or Cops?- The Sunday Collage

It's not even close. Of course you know the answer- but you may not realize the scope of it. Earlier this week, I posted an article entitled "I Cop" on the libertarian website "The Daily Paul." My reason for doing this quite frankly, is that I am fed up with sites such as the DP who continually post every anti-cop piece of propaganda that they can get their hands on. It's like a hate filled vacuum where like minded souls congregate to find some common enemy. At the DP, it's cops. So yea, I've been a member of the DP for nearly 4 years. I am not exaggerating when I say that I have read well over 200 various hate cop rants and videos posted there. I have read thousands of anti-cop comments posted beneath those articles and videos. I haven't posted one thing in defense of cops, which as you all know, I spent 25 years of my life doing. I'd like to think I didn't waste those years. My patience, as I waited for some modicum of moderation at

The Best Gold Piece You'll Read This Month

I stumbled onto this last night. Russia realizes that western bankers are manipulating and holding the price of gold artificially low- thus... Putin is using gold and gold manipulation to short circuit the dollar by buying as much gold as possible. Western bankers are trapped and there is no way out until gold supplies are exhausted. I read it twice. It makes you wonder if driving oil prices lower will slow Putin's gold buying down. Interesting.