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California Passes Dream Act, Illegal Aliens Now Entitled to Scholarships

Wow. The bankrupt state of California passes the DREAM Act. This act entitles illegal aliens, under certain conditions, to obtain private taxpayer funded scholarships to college. It was really hard for me to find the precise funding source for this act. This was the best that I could do: The signing of AB 131 would supplement the passage of AB 130 , which allows undocumented students access to private financial aid in the forms of grants and scholarships. The second part of the bill expands financial aid to include state-backed funding. California Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 130 into law in July. Nothing from California shocks me. California is the "death star" of statists and central planning. This is a state which is limping along with a patchwork 21 billion dollar make believe budget. They cannot pay their unfunded pension liabilities

The Hate Crowd Is Out in Force- More Steve Jobs Churn

Ya wanna hear something funny? I used to hear people piss and moan that the rich could buy themselves out of a criminal charge. No shit. Like the Kennedy's hadn't done that a time or two, or OJ Simpson, or even Angelo Mozilo. Nobody likes our two tiered criminal justice system- most of all me. But what about the people who use their wealth to simply survive? When did that become a hateful offense? Steve Jobs was dying. According to this story, Jobs bought a place near Memphis, Tennessee and lived there just long enough to qualify for a liver transplant and got one. Did he commit a criminal act? No. Did he grease anyone's palms to make the transplant happen? Well, maybe... but this story doesn't allege that. Did Jobs do anything immoral, unethical, or reprehensible? No. To read this malicious piece, you'd think Jobs was the anti-christ. Let me make this simple. In a capitalistic system, the one we were born into and I guess by default, agree to support... suc

Absolute and Definitive Proof That Our Government Has Completely Left the Rails

In America, we once had these two concepts. The rule of law and due process. We thought these things were of value and we put them in place to establish procedure and define the circumstances under which a person could be prosecuted for a crime. Due process entitled the accused a chance to review the case, defend one's self, and appeal an adverse verdict. Tyrannical oligarchs don't have much use for all of that pomp and circumstance. It takes too much time. So now, government has it's own version of the Star Chamber.   Based on some highly secretive  and evasive mumbo jumbo spewed by government officials, the oligarchy now has the right to declare any of us, "enemies of the state and they can proceed forthwith to send us to a watery grave." Great. Now all of this back and forth comes on the heels of the decision to whack that American born t

Gal Tries New Baby Batter Flavored Yogurt, Gives It a Thumbs Down

Where else could you write about stuff like this? Topping the urine flavored Mt. Dew furnished to me by my cousin in junior high, and eclipsing the pubic hair submarine sandwich we enjoyed while having lunch in uniform one day, comes this remarkable gem. Not odd that I flashed on the "chocolate pie" in the movie, "The Help."

My Sentiments Exactly, Very Colorful Speech, "R" Rating

Thanks bruddha. For some odd reason, I don't even mind his language.

Two Critical Points, Coming Soon To A Country Near You

"A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can exist only until the voters discover they can vote themselves largess out of the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that democracy always collapses over a loose fiscal policy, always to be followed by a dictatorship."  “THERE IS NO MEANS OF AVOIDING THE FINAL COLLAPSE OF A BOOM BROUGHT ABOUT BY CREDIT EXPANSION . THE ALTERNATIVE IS ONLY WHETHER THE CRISIS SHOULD COME SOONER AS THE RESULT OF A VOLUNTARY ABANDONMENT OF FURTHER CREDIT EXPANSION OR LATER AS A FINAL AND TOTAL CATASTROPHE OF THE CURRENCY SYSTEM INVOLVED .” Ludwig von Mises – Austrian Economist 

He Who Dies With the Most Toys, Still Dies

Today was an odd day for me. Two deaths. Two men that I didn't know. Two men who influenced my life. One because of who he was and the other because of what he wrote. I have loosely followed the life and wisdom of Steve Jobs. Initially, I followed Apple because it was a company that I wanted to invest in- many years ago. Jobs has always been one of my heroes. He is the embodiment of the American dream. Jobs is what every one of us would want to be- if only we could find a way. Jobs had 300 patents assigned to him. He was a modern day Thomas Edison. I had read Jobs' 1985 interview with Playboy which was quite visionary. It is featured on ZeroHedge today. I was also one of the first to see the Pirates of Silicon Valley when it came out. I have also used Jobs' commencement address at Stanford many times. Embedded it on this site. In fact I think it is one of the best addresses, speeches, life instructions that I have e

I Have A Promising Future Behind Me

I retired from law enforcement four years ago. I slicked back my thinning hair. I punched two holes in my ears and I wear a lot of biker stuff including scarfs on my nearly bald head to keep the sun off. I ride a really gorgeous RoadKing with mini apes. I am rather large at 6'4" and 260, er maybe 270 and even at 50- I spend 5 days a week in the gym. I ain't the kind of guy who screams cop when you meet me nor do I ever tell anyone. Well, most of the time.  Every once in awhile, I run into some knucklehead who tells me he hates cops. That happened today. When that happens, sometimes I break my vows of silence. Today was one such day. "Do you know who hates cops?" I asked the knucklehead. He replied, "who?" I told him, "Criminals and mostly shitty criminals. The good criminals are the ones that get away, they don't tend to fear us so much. The real shitty criminals, the dumb ones, we catch those. Those are the ones who hate cops." He sai

Tha Last Fanatic

Tonight I read this story about another guy released from prison after a couple of decades of being locked up. Every time I see a story about someone else being freed because of DNA, I cringe just a little bit. It's not a capital murder case which is odd. For Texas. There must have been some mitigating factors. And although it wasn't a capital case, I find the whole capital punishment, DNA, and innocence projects quite fascinating. For years and years, I refused to talk about capital punishment. It is one of those arguments where there are no clear winners- just a bunch of fanatics. On both sides. They debate all of the usual topics. Justice, deterrent effects, costs of incarceration and space, biblical dogma and made up and subjectively interpreted dogma depending on which side you land on and what lengths you will go to when trying to prove your point. Dudley Sharp believes in capital punishm

Bank of America, Generating Love and Goodwill

So I caught a flash on my dashboard today about Bank of America calling the cops to prevent a run on the banks. Turns out that info was old and isolated. So while trying to verify that story, I came across this complaint log from Bank of America customers. On top of the latest gouging tactics, read some of these complaints. Why would anyone bank at at a Too Big To Fail Bank like this? Plenty of reason here to find a credit union with free checking.. .

The Idiots Are Out in Full Force Again

Liberals, lefties, libtards, moonbats, statists, are a group of people who believe government is the answer. Of course we know they are idiots- so many of us try to have a little compassion for them. Moonbats are simply unaware of their level of unconsciousness. Unfortunately, this unconsciousness coupled with their central planning stupidity, does not prevent them from writing. There are people who believe the following linked bullshit. This is a "Nobel prize winning" author?  Spend our way out of debt? Here's a newsflash for Stiglitz. We tried spend, spend, spend already- dumb ass. I got one word. Solyndra. Chew on that big thinker.

How Big Banks Have Rigged Silver Markets, Aided By the Comex and the CFTC

If you are a silver or gold investor-this is a must read. This is a well thought out and chronological piece that shows the downward manipulation in the silver markets by big banking interests. It details all of the evidence presented by investors and the actions of the CFTC after the lawsuit was filed. Is this a conspiracy? Absolutely and like every other crooked scheme in town, it's about to unwind and get exposed as well. Of course there will be no criminal prosecutions, maybe some big fines but hey...this is the new USA. Lotsa stuff going on today.

When Words Fail

Obama claims he is an underdog as he campaigns for re-election. Words cannot describe this level of unconsciousness.

Zerohedge Reporting 1/10th of a Trillion in Debt Added In One Day

Wow. This is jaw dropping. I think the charade and all of the encores are finally over.

Stolen From Doug Ross...This Is The Mind of America

In a nation consumed with incessant wanting, what a great pic. Perfect.

JP Morgan Now Overtly Bribing Police

I am very proud of the fact that I never took one "donation" from any elite and alleged do-gooder on behalf of the Moonbat City Police Department. I had opportunities in the land of jets and servants. That's how banksters grease law enforcement and government. They pay in advance. Cops probably shag Jamie Dimon's laundry from the cleaners in city squad cars. Fuckers.   Like Joe says. Two sickies do not make one welly.

California Politicians Now Addressing Penis Issues

You cannot make this shit up. Let's make sure and send all of our idiots to the golden state.

Trouble Commenting?

Jim over at Conservatives on Fire emailed me this morning and told me that for some reason he could not leave comments on my blog posts. This is the third or fourth time I have heard about that problem- this week. So tonight, I changed some things and imported disqus which is an enhanced commenting gizmo, I think. Anyway, I am hoping I have cured this problem. Please let me know if the comment thingy is working...I appreciate it. They should never let idiots like me- try to fic things on computers. Brian

Frankenstein Government Solves the US Debt Problem

Late last night, I was looking at the latest moonbat invention which is sure to catch on in the United States... the fat tax. Denmark is going to tax the makers of foods which exceed certain levels of saturated fat. This is absolutely the kind of tax that American statists will love. All of this fat taxing got me to thinking.... Not only can the moonbats regulate and tax all of those evil corporate producers that they hate so much, but they can now regulate the diets of fat republicans. They will stick it to old whitey. The leftists will absolutely love the fat tax. Imagine all of the money the statists can claim they will save us in medical costs. They know what is good for the rest of us. We will have a healthy, happy country. So what if we have to give up a little more freedom and eat celery sticks? Koom-by-yah Chris Christie! But why stop there? What if the moonies just said fuck it, we're gonna tax all