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Friday, April 22, 2011

We The People

I am very careful to compartmentalize my government and political views from my personal life. In other words, I rarely allow them to mix.

When I began this blog a few years ago, I very nearly named it "We the People" and maybe I should have. What I never considered calling it was "We the Republicans", or "We the Democrats." I didn't consider calling it "We the Conservatives" or "We the Liberals." 

Why? These labels are the reasons we fight and argue. Those labels are no longer useful. In fact, no brand or flavor of politics should ever be allowed to trump common sense. The Constitution starts with the ultimate definition of power and common sense. It says...

"We the people"

We the people are supposed to be in control. Not democrats, not republicans. Not Bush, not Obama, and certainly not the Federal Reserve. We let these usurpers take our inherent power. They used partisan politics to distract us and now they think they are in control. They have succeeded in dividing us into two warring philosophies. Divide and conquer. That strategy has been working for thousands of years. On liberal blogs, on conservative blogs. Gawd these warring factions waste valuable time hating on each other- while we the people pay for it.

Please note the sub title of my blog. That philosophy has never changed.

How long will this bipartisanship warring last? Until it can no longer last. That time approaches quickly.

People hate and fear politics because two political parties have succeeded by dividing this country into two philosophical camps. They have distracted us just long enough to steal our strength and power. I pray there will come a day when "We the people" figure this out. When "We the people" take our power back from conservatives and liberals, democrats and republicans.

We the people can no longer accept or tolerate poor performance, regardless of the flavor or color. The next time someone asks you what party (or what philosophy) you belong to...tell them you belong to the only party that matters. We the people.

Hunk of Burnin' Love

Thinking I should put this photo of me on the profile page. Maybe one of those dating sites. Or on the bulletin board at Wal Mart.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

We're the Government- We View the Law As a Suggestion When We Are Concerned

Here's the problem in a nut shell. The treasury has to auction off 99 billion dollars in debt next week. That amount of debt will take us 4 billion dollars beyond the legal debt ceiling. Who forces the government to adhere to it's own rules, laws, or debt ceilings?

Nobody, of course.

ZeroHedge showcasing the math.

As I Lay Dying on Good Thursday

I got some nasty bug on Monday. I've been sick as hell all week. The good news is that retired guys don't have to call in sick.

Every morning, I get up and turn CNBC on so that I can hear the latest glass "half full" spin from the media and our politboro. So today I was not shocked to see that Komrade Obama tried to suppress the Standard and Poor's report and downgrade of our 14.3 trillion debt last week. That is the same modus operandi he uses when he is asked for birth certificates, school transcripts, or passports.

I turn on CNBC to see the price of gold and silver. You see gold and silver prices reflect the worldwide village. One big collective voice that says "fuck you" to central bankers, fiat currency, a world that has been monopolized by central bankers, the dollar, lies, and inflation. Say what you will about China's government, but they encourage their citizens to buy gold and silver.

So I am not shocked to see gold and silver making new highs every day. The world is buying gold and silver, the dollar is toast (trading below 74.50) and we haven't even seen the big inflation yet nor has our FED controlled government announced QE3 which they will have to. At that moment, gold and silver will go parabolic. I still see 2000 gold and 75-100 silver by years end. There will be dips and pullbacks.  It won't be straight up, but there is simply nothing materializing politically to change my view.

For years, I was a practicing agnostic. I simply could not get my arms around Christianity. Like I had been left behind or something. That all changed for me about 3 years ago. It is Easter weekend. Today I woke up, sick as hell, gray hair sticking up everywhere, gut poking out. I looked in the mirror and asked, "Is this the greatest power in the universe?"

Thankfully, for all of us, I can answer no. All men should know the answer to that question. Most don't. Don't tease the unconscious. Just buy a little silver and gold and put together a plan. If you are counting on these "masters of the universe" in D.C. to save you- well, good luck with that.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Obama's "Job Czar" Is So Wrong On So Many Levels

The other day, I was looking at appliances at Home Despot. I damn sure won't buy any with the GE label on them.

I am no fan of GE. Like every other greedy corporation- they threw American workers out with the bathwater. GE still owns a huge piece of NBC and CNBC. And I am truly sick of listening to those bastards putting lipstick on this pig of an economy and waxing poetic. I turn CNBC on to see daily trading information. I ignore every piece of commentary. I think Mark Haines and Steve Liesman are two of the biggest idiots on TV.

That Obama would select GE CEO Immelt as his jobs czar is interesting. That Immelt promised to buy government owned GM Volts for GE is fascinating. Mr. Obama essentially bought a network of his own with that single czar appointment. Cleverly done just before the campaign grind. This while GE is outsourcing American jobs. What a ridiculous contradiction. Obama's decision has a lot more to do with buying campaign support than it does with creating American jobs. This is just so wrong on so many levels.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Great Mechanical Satan


The "Atlas Shrugged" Review* Updated

I have been looking forward to the "Atlas Shrugged" movie. It has only been out about 5 days and if you haven't seen it yet- I thought I'd render a Frankenstein Government review of the film. I saw a matinee version (Tues) and there were about 30 people present. Only one young couple. That's too bad.

I am going to review it here and make the assumption that you might not have read the book. 

The movie is a little confusing in the beginning but sorts itself out within the first 1/2 hr. Character development is slightly better than average. It is slow. This is not a movie for children or anyone else prone to ADD or ADHD. This is an educational movie. It is about business, politics, and a government completely mired in collectivism, mediocrity, and regulation. Precisely where we are now. It takes awhile for the themes in this film to materialize, but they do. In fact, I had fantasies about chaining the President to a seat and forcing him to watch this- but like most collectivists- it would do no good.

The name John Galt is introduced several times in the movie with an air of mystery. I found those introductions a bit over dramatic but tolerable. For the uninitiated..

I am one of those guys that doesn't really give a shit about critics and movie reviews. I knew I was going to go see this movie no matter what anyone had to say about it. I have just finished reading a slate of hateful reviews and it is completely predictable to see lefties and statists panning this flick. People simply cannot give objective views anymore with out inserting their personal spin.

All in all, I'd give the movie a B...maybe a B- if I was going to compare the movie against the book. Not bad. The acting is decent, not spectacular.  Go see this movie if you'd like to learn something and remember this "script" was written 60 years ago. Ayn Rand is not exactly Nostradamus- she is far more accurate in her predictions. I am not sure when Part II is slated- but I'll be waiting for it.

Another Good Hitler Parody

This time it's silver. Pretty good. I shamelessly swiped it from "Along the Watchtower."

President DoubleSpeak Now Saying Nation's Debt is a Problem?

Ok let me get this straight.

This is the fucking guy who hands out money, healthplans, and banker get out of jail free cards. The same guy who extended the Bush tax cuts for the rich and elite and fought tooth and nail against Republican measures to cut a paltry 61 billion from the budget? He has ignored the greatest economic Fraud/Crisis EVER for three years and now on the eve of re-election... he is talking about the nations's debt?

Let me steal a line from KLane, Wirecutter. Fuck you Obama.

Chevy Volt at 45k, Costs Slightly More Than Kindling

On April 15th, I read an online story about a Chevy Volt suspected of causing a house fire.

Almost immediately, GM has done everything to spin the story the other way. The following link is GM's take on the fire. Can you imagine what might happen if a few more Volts under go spontaneous combustion?  GM will say that for some odd reason, only people with poorly constructed houses seem to be buying the Volt. Weird. Strange.

Great American Tax Cheats Broadcast Program on Tax Cheats

A couple of weeks ago, I saw the first previews for CNBC's program on "American Tax Cheats."|taxcheat|&par=vty

CNBC, or the "stock channel" as my ex-wife used to call it- is owned by Comcast (51%) and GE (49%). For the record, GE once again paid nothing in taxes on the 5 billion they made last year and in fact- obtained a tax credit for a few billion more.

Comcast as it turns out- paid 2.4 billion in taxes on gross revenues of 38 billion for 2010. That's a pretty nice bracket. I'll take the 8% tax bracket anytime.

That's how crony capitalism works in America. Corporate America has convinced our Kleptocracy to pass IRS rules and regulations that allow corporations to escape paying taxes. Corporations use cheap foreign labor and raw goods and then hold foreign earnings- currently beyond 1 trillion- offshore to avoid paying taxes. That's how the elite work.

So what could be better than watching a show about tax cheats put on by two of the greatest corporate tax cheats in America? 

Here's the big finish. I used to get worked up at TV programs like that. I am a retired cop. I am supposed to not not like tax cheats and criminals. But then you have to ask, just who are the criminals? Just because corporate America can write 6 figure campaign contribution checks to politicians- should corporations be allowed to buy sympathetic politicians, laws, and regulations? And because they can and do- does that make their "legal" cheating any more morally correct than some guy without bribe money or access- a guy who cheats not because he wants to- but because he has to?

I don't think so. We are talking about semantics. Our government threw it's powerless individuals and citizens out with the bathwater long ago. Individuals are easy to target, prosecute, vilify, and label. And you can damn sure bet you'll get a bunch of sympathetic and honest taxpayers that are pissed about having to pay their share while their neighbors cheat. So why don't those honest taxpayers get pissed at Congress for letting GE skate on 1 billion dollars in taxes last year? Because our Kleptocratic Government and Corporate America have all of the power. They are untouchable and a typical US taxpayer can't even relate to those monstrosities and their armies of accountants and lawyers in any kind of meaningful way. But Americans can get pissed at folks like Wesley Snipes, movie star. That bastard doesn't pay. He deserves to go to prison. The government has to make an example out of people like Snipes or pretty soon- everyone will quit paying taxes and head for the exits.

They are using you. They are distracting you with cases like Snipes' while billions of dollars escape out the corporate back door and find their way into campaign contributions.

Truth is, I could care less whether some poor working stiff cheats or not. They are just trying to make ends meet. Am I supposed to get all lathered up because the working class in this country are forced to barter, trade labor, and pay cash to avoid the government bite? Am I supposed to be pissed at my roofer friend who works for cash because he can't hire employees anymore, pay small business taxes, or buy compulsory workman's comp insurance?

Sorry. I know who the enemy is. It's not your neighbors and it's not Wesley Snipes. It's not even Tim Geithner. It's a giant Kleptocracy that has raped the working class for the sake of it's elite cronies and campaign check writers. It's Corporate America who sends TV programs out through mass media about small time tax cheats so that it can focus anger on individuals rather than risk self examination about how they were able to bribe a system of morally corrupt law makers. It's about Too Big To Fail Banks who are allowed to literally steal trillions of dollars and transfer the losses to taxpayers.

Trillions stolen. And you have the balls to call individual Americans tax cheats? That's some really rich shit.

Monday, April 18, 2011

If You Want To Know the Economic Truth About America, You Must Read Things That Are Not American

Right after Standard and Poor's issued the debt downgrade on the U.S. today...spin and damage control went on high alert. Moody's immediately was contacted and they gave a status quo- all is well report. Of course.

I note that PIMCO's Bill Gross just coincidentally, liquidated all of the US Treasury Debt  in his bond fund just one month ago. 

Shortly after the debt downgrade- I was watching the non tax paying GE subsidiary CNBC. On Fast Money they had some troll stating all is well...and then he said, "Who died and made Standard and Poor's- God?" Apparently- the troll's opinion is the only one that matters.

I've known about United States' debt quality for months. How? I follow Dagong. They are a Chinese debt rating agency that is not co-opted by American greed and politics. If you want to know how bad our credit quality this link.

More here from ZeroHedge

United States Debt Situation Finally Gets "Officially" Recognized by Standard and Poor's

With lightning speed, the rating agency- Standard and Poor's- has downgraded the United States debt situation.

This situation has existed for the last 3 years ever since corrupt and criminal bankers managed to extort a few trillion from the American taxpayer. Now that bill is due.

This is the first actual financial shock wave of the year and still may not jolt this country into the appropriate awareness of just how bad our economic/debt situation is. It is fucking horrible. However, I have good news.

As an individual, you still have time to open a margin account and short the shit out of American equity markets. Because sooner or later, someone has to pay that ginormous bill. That means higher taxes or bankruptcy/default- either way- corporate profits have to suffer. Collapsing equity markets most likely will occur before the 600-800 billion dollar POMO FED counterfeiting scheme grinds to a close in June. The smart money knows this- they will be looking to unload over priced equities onto unsuspecting investors. Do not feel one ounce of guilt shorting American markets or profiting from "make believe financial recoveries." We did not create this situation. Your FED did. Now even Standard and Poor's is recognizing it.