Friday, April 22, 2011

We The People

I am very careful to compartmentalize my government and political views from my personal life. In other words, I rarely allow them to mix.

When I began this blog a few years ago, I very nearly named it "We the People" and maybe I should have. What I never considered calling it was "We the Republicans", or "We the Democrats." I didn't consider calling it "We the Conservatives" or "We the Liberals." 

Why? These labels are the reasons we fight and argue. Those labels are no longer useful. In fact, no brand or flavor of politics should ever be allowed to trump common sense. The Constitution starts with the ultimate definition of power and common sense. It says...

"We the people"

We the people are supposed to be in control. Not democrats, not republicans. Not Bush, not Obama, and certainly not the Federal Reserve. We let these usurpers take our inherent power. They used partisan politics to distract us and now they think they are in control. They have succeeded in dividing us into two warring philosophies. Divide and conquer. That strategy has been working for thousands of years. On liberal blogs, on conservative blogs. Gawd these warring factions waste valuable time hating on each other- while we the people pay for it.

Please note the sub title of my blog. That philosophy has never changed.

How long will this bipartisanship warring last? Until it can no longer last. That time approaches quickly.

People hate and fear politics because two political parties have succeeded by dividing this country into two philosophical camps. They have distracted us just long enough to steal our strength and power. I pray there will come a day when "We the people" figure this out. When "We the people" take our power back from conservatives and liberals, democrats and republicans.

We the people can no longer accept or tolerate poor performance, regardless of the flavor or color. The next time someone asks you what party (or what philosophy) you belong to...tell them you belong to the only party that matters. We the people.


davecydell said...

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I was buying but nervous now.

davecydell said...

or did the holiday create a wonderful time to buy, i am going back in. Can find no news.
an example: 20 dimes, spot 67.54, sold for 66.72, including shipping, no state sales tax.