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Legally Armed and in Full Public View

A few months ago, I was eating at a very busy restaurant here in Boise when I watched an older gentleman get up to leave with his family. He had a Glock handgun holstered on his right side.  He was probably too old to be a police officer of some sort and I saw no accompanying badge or identification. I was a little shocked at his candor and willingness to draw attention to himself. I think maybe, he was making a statement. I instantly scrolled my law enforcement memory banks but I could think of no law in Idaho that would prevent someone from carrying an unconcealed handgun. In fact, were someone to walk around with a rifle or a shotgun- I am not sure that any law would prevent that either. There is a law about carrying an uncased firearm in the field- that is the law which requires Idaho citizens to purchase a hunting license. In the strictest sense of the Second Amendment, Idaho's law infringes on the citizens right to bear arms. As my dinner companions were yakking away, I