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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another Hitler Parody- Obamacare

I used to have a girlfriend that liked Obama. She even had a poster of that POS on the fridge. Here is a parody for all of those idiot women, suckers, morons, lefties, moonbats, and statists who still haven't figured out that that Obama is a marxist and a muslim- and about as American as the Himalayan Yeti.

FDA Bans Unpasteurized Breast Milk

Hilarity at the link.

Obama Now Bombing the Friendlies In His War That Isn't Really a War Or So He Says

From Libya with love. Geezus.;_ylt=AowPmrtEGzLXjlNvYxsqfZcXIr0F;_ylu=X3oDMTJzaGNjb2l1BGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTEwNDAyL2FmX2xpYnlhBGNjb2RlA21wX2VjXzhfMTAEY3BvcwMxBHBvcwMxBHNlYwN5bl90b3Bfc3RvcmllcwRzbGsDbGlieWFucmViZWxz

Get Some Global Currency!

If there is one thing governments and banks hate- it is precious metals. Governments and banks cannot manipulate the QUANTITY of metal. (Corrupt futures markets aside)

Why do governments' outlaw something as harmless as the possession of gold and silver? Why throughout history, have they done that? Because throughout history, central bankers and governments everywhere have been manipulating the money supply. Monopolizing it. Stealing from the working stiffs. This game has gone on for centuries. It is traceable back to ancient Rome when the Romans starting removing precious metals from coinage. This is the same trick our government has been doing with gold coins, silver coins, and copper coins.

It is relatively easy to counterfeit a paper currency and flood the world with paper or in the case of coinage, issue some worthless pot metal such as zinc. If you are stuck with a bunch of debt you cannot pay- governments can simply counterfeit fiat to pay debts. Of course all of this excess supply damages your savings and buying power but that is a secondary concern of government and bankers'.

Imagine the power and wealth Burger King could create for itself if only it could get government to "outlaw" McDonald's hamburgers and products. By outlawing alternative and tangible competing products, like precious metals, central bankers and governments have been able to monopolize and steal your wealth by forcing you to invest in worthless paper that they issue. That QUANTITY thing again.

The price of precious metals and oil have been moving in tandem. I expect this trend to continue for the next couple of months. If only governments could find a way to counterfeit oil, they could do the same thing to OPEC that they have been doing to us.

Precious metals and oil have value because people want them. Governments and central bankers cannot stop that nor can they counterfeit those things. Every industrialized nation, including China, uses central bankers. They are flooding the world with debt. In fact, precious metals and oil are increasing in scarcity (that QUANTITY thing again) as more and more people populate the globe and look toward precious metals as wealth storage. Owning precious metals (or perhaps an oil well or two) is an absolute no brainer. A cannot miss investment opportunity in a bankrupt and debt fueled central banker run world. A world that cannot change anytime soon and that is doomed to get worse. That is excellent news for us.

Precious metals are the default global currency. They are recognized everywhere. There is not a damn thing the world's bankers and governments can do to change that. Sure they can try outlawing possession again- but nobody will comply. I sure as hell won't. I will simply move my precious metals to a legal and secure country. The absolute safest investment in the world right now, even at these prices, are precious metals. And until the alchemists and central bankers figure out a way to counterfeit gold and silver- they have about as much chance of winning that battle as Burger King does at outlawing McDonald's products.

I sleep well knowing that the thieving bankers and government cannot get their hands on my global currency or ruin it's value like they do with any dollar based investment. Go get some global currency- sleep well- you owe it to yourself.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Tall Guy Gets Booted Off Plane-

I am 6'4" and I hate to fly commercially. I am always stuck on some piece of shit connector flight where they have squeezed so many seats together that I must chew my toenails for an hour and a half. Rarely can I get those exit row seats. A hot commodity because all seats on a plane should be spaced like that. In this country, corporate America always gets what it wants.

They never kick a 400 pound woman off a flight and I am not shitting you...I think passengers should have to pay by the pound to fly. From the moonbats...

Get Your Obamacare Waiver Now!

If you screw around too long, you won't be able to get a waiver out of Obamacare. I mean after all, somebody has to pay for this shit. Get out now or be left holding the bag.

The United States, Now Shipping Busloads of Rich Elderly Women to Buy Homes In California

This is a state where dope smoking liberals have bankrupted the state and continue to elect more dope smoking liberals. 

I have a lot of friends and some family in California. They tend not to be delusional. I continue to laugh at delusional Californians who think that somehow- some miraculous event is going to happen and rescue all of them from real estate and tax Armageddon. I can hear the bus a comin'.

One of my favorite blogs. The California Canary in the Coal Mine and very well researched. Worth a bookmark.

Check this out. Fifty six billion short in public retirement funds??!! ROTFLMAO. Get the bong out Charlie, let's take care of this.

Ok Al, Here She Is

My friend Al wanted to see my new girlfriend. Sometimes, they run out of meat loaf at the diner. Once in awhile, all they have left is prime rib. When they serve up the prime rib instead of the meat loaf- my advice is to shut up and eat it.

This Article On Obama, Man of Mystery, Too Good To Pass Up

This may be the best piece I have read on Obama- the world's greatest mystery. I especially like the part about selective service. All of us had to sign up for the draft, citizens of the United States, that is.

Check this link out. How long can the fraud that is Obama's life continue?? Apparently as long as the Moonbats, the Supreme Court, and Obama are allowed to play obstructionists.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Obama Finally Creates Some Jobs- For Libyan Insurgents

In between golf outings and the gunwalker scandal (which he promises he knew nothing about) President Obama has now seen fit to sponsor another war.

Here's the latest news- breaking from Reuter's and falling all over the blogosphere. I picked this article because it has such a nice photo of our leader.

Here is a picture of that cracker jack fighting force. Absolutely inspiring.

Libyan rebels jump onto the back of their vehicle as they leave Ras Lanouf, 250 km east of Sirte, central Libya, Tuesday, March 29, 2011. (Anja Niedringhaus/AP Photo)

Concern looms over arming Libyan rebels

The U.S. grapples with questions about who the opposition is and if it can defeat Gadhafi. Covert forces authorized

I noted a few days ago that Obama as a Senator knew that the President does not have the right to declare a war, that only Congress does. President Obama has shown his contempt for the law over and over again. Whether his administration is ordered to open up drilling in the gulf, drop doesn't matter. Obama just doesn't comply with court orders. He is above the law. See how he has handled this Libya thing. Obama is the utter definition of contempt for our law and processes. If there is any way around a law, like recess appointments, that is the method Obama uses.

Well at least Obama can find something for all of those out of work Libyans to do. Give 'em some guns and part time work. He likes to hand out guns.

New Test For Alcoholism

No quizzes, no soul searching. Just a straight forward test. For men. Mostly.

New Age Inflation and Thievery

In addition to all of the inflationary pressures you feel at the grocery store and the gas pump, there is a type of inflation that nobody measures.

It's called taxes. And unlike the grocery store or the gas pump, there is no wiggle room. No escape.

Government doesn't stop consuming in a downturn. In fact, government generally consumes more. This occurs locally in city and county taxes, resort fees, higher licensing costs. Government also loves to take a big bite out of your ass with property taxes. Give any entity the power to consume more with little or no restraint- and see what evolves.

Homeowners may think they own their home once the bank note has been paid but the sad reality is that you are just renting the property from the government. While government imposes a 100-400 a month property tax- government has simply stolen your property and converted it to their own use. A fascinating and legal way of stealing your property and providing themselves with a never ending income stream. The higher the taxes- the less likely you are to sell the property. So not only does the government steal your wealth- but they also damage your ability to sell the property to another owner. I know- I certainly pay attention to tax rates in Boise. They tax the shit out of the more affluent areas of town. And people keep paying.

Here's a great post from ZeroHedge. Think government reduces taxes when property values go down? Think again. New age inflation and thievery-

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stagflation Nation!!

Welcome to the slow death.

This is what happens when you get an M.I.T. grad and a Harvard grad all rolled up into one administration. Two dumb shits- each lugging around a giant inflated super genius ego. 

So instead of just having the deflation part of the business cycle that the bankers wrought upon us- they have engineered a Japanese style stagflation cycle that will be with millions of us- the rest of our lives.

What Happens When You Blend Two of the Worst Presidents of All Time?

George Obama. Yale-Harvard grad.

File:George obama.png

Donald Trump Does What Obama Can't- Produces a Simple Birth Certificate

The grand mystery continues. Trump does the unthinkable. He produces a birth certificate with a doctor's name and a witness! Obama's birth certificate, not so much.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Blah, Blah, Blah...Obama Flapping His Gums Tonight

The banker's lackey is running his mouth some more. Usually, I am on the edge of my seat for this. However, the snow has finally melted and revealed a yard full of dog shit and loose paper.

So rather than listen to Obama tonight- I am looking forward to doing something useful instead. Gotta make use of that daylight savings time.

An Inconvenient Economic Truth

So tonight I fired up MSNBC to get a quick fix on gold and silver prices.

There on the screen is some dumb shit kid. Maybe 30. The dumb shit is telling CNBC's audience just how he thinks this economy is going to stand on it's own when QE2 ends in June. I think to myself, where do they get these brainiacs? Just who the fuck does this dipshit think is buying our treasury bills? Does he think that England and Japan have a spare 7 trillion to spend? Does he think China is going to waste a few more trillion buying our debt?

I know this kid must have a degree. Maybe from one of those Ivy League schools- you know the ones- the ones that teach better and different economics than the rest of the world teaches. Maybe he thinks he's special. Who knows?

This is what I know. There is no fucking way that this economy can stand on it's own without the FED interfering- non stop. We have a morally and economically bankrupt and corrupt system from top to bottom and this kid hasn't got a fucking clue yet. Just dumb enough to get some face time on the CNBC propaganda generator.

I can't wait for QE2 to end. I. CANT. WAIT.

In the meantime, ya might wanna hedge your bets with a little metal before June. Thinking I'm not ready to saddle up with this brainiac kid just yet.

More support for higher silver.