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A Perfect Life

It's been about a year. Back in the old days, I used to see Jack running around town. That was before I met his mom. Jack never met a human being he didn't like. On some days when he disappeared, his mom and I worried about two things. Whether the dogcatcher had come by for an easy score or more likely, whether Jack had gone downtown to find some people to pet him. It was not at all uncommon to find Jack near the entrance of the grocery store, greeting people as they came out. Jack was my ex-girlfriend's dog. He was a golden retriever with a giant "mombo" head. I met him in 2006. The great thing about Jack was that he lived up to all of my expectations. We expect good dogs to hate cats and Jack did. We expect good dogs to love to go for rides and Jack did. We expect good dogs to play fetch and grab toys. Jack did better than that. He loved giant river rocks. Anytime he saw one, he would grab it and cart it around in his breadbox sized mouth. Gawd, I would gi

More Obama Love


This Mystery Solving Is Hard Work

Trestle where they hanged Frank Little, Aug. 1, 1917 Well all three of my battle plans were rendered useless by 11 A.M. Silver Bow County DMV was no help, the Coroner wasn't in, and some of the records that I need are in Deer Lodge. This picture is a head frame. I trespassed to get the shot. A neighbor watched me the entire time. Probably thought I was going to spray it with gang graffiti or steal some wrought iron. Who knows? Head Frame, Used To Wrench Men, Equipment, and Rock To The Surface Perhaps I will just stick to shooting pictures. Forest fires causing a lot of smoke. This is a sweeping view east of Butte. Note the smoke. I had breakfast in the M and M Bar. I would give it a 6 on the 1-10 scale. I was kind of underwhelmed. I left there and walked up the street. I did manage to bullshit with a gal in the Hennessey building for about an hour. We had a lot of childhood friends in common as it turns out- so I had to get caught up on some of the scandals

The Mystery Of Frank Little's Death Was Never a Mystery in Butte

The problem with solving a 95 year old murder is that it was solved days after it happened. The real and subsequent problem, was that nobody prosecuted it. More on that in a bit. I made the trip from Boise, from the Broadway Exit to the Excelsior Exit in Butte, Mt., in 5 hours and 50 minutes. On a heavily congested day, with road destruction and one stop, that is flat hauling ass. I have the trip at 475 miles. I have always kind of viewed extremely rural speed limits as...suggestions. I will say this. The Elantra will go 118 MPH and no more. That bit of highway butchery was conducted in Montana. Upon arrival in Butte, I spent 2 hours in the Butte Archives and 3 hours in the Butte Library. Then I ordered two "John's Pork Chop Sandwiches" and I ate them both. Tomorrow I will eat Pasties. At Joe's Pasty Shop.  Butte is my childhood home. I come here often.  It is historic, fascinating, and you will never see another city like it. In your life, anywhere. It is one

Presidential Dishonesty

I am not sure that I have ever seen more dishonesty from a President in all of my life. That includes Nixon. Now even his former Press Secretary is on national TV calling for him to release his college transcripts. Why does he hide everything? Because he has plenty to hide. He is also a coward. See adjoining blog. I will attach one other little piece of extreme BS from Obama here. In 2009, the most dishonest President ever- vowed to cut the deficit in half. What happened? The exact opposite.