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Friday, September 28, 2012

Free Speech, Well Maybe...

A little rambling...

Nobody likes to poke fun at Islam more than the CEO of FG.

It's like this for me. If you believe in a God that practices fear, hate, repression, isolationism, and punishment....then by all means please sign up with your nearest Islam recruiter and get some of that.

As for me, I'm out.

I have actually read the Quran- not all 114 books- but a majority of it. It is online. The beauty of having read the Quran is that when I am engaged in a conversation with some pro-Islam person (oddly, usually an atheistic liberal) that becomes the first question I ask. I end the conversation when I realize that the person I am engaged with does not know anything about Islam.

You see liberals pretend to practice tolerance but they really don't. What they really practice is telling others how to speak and act. I always think- if liberals knew anything- they wouldn't be liberals...

So at any rate, I am reading about this fall guy boob who put those horribly done anti-Muslim film clips and trailers on You Tube. Authorities, maybe as high as Obama himself, have now selected him for "special law enforcement attention." He is in jail. This happens when some moron pisses off the liberals  enough that they feel compelled to target him. When that free speech amendment becomes problematic- the liberals focus on anything else they can get their hands on. In this case, several "alleged" probation violations and a little smearing in the evening news.

It doesn't really matter whether any of that is true or not- in the court of public opinion- he has already been tried and convicted. Libs don't really care that the law was broken so much as they really want to teach this narrow minded man a lesson and show the world how fair and open minded they are. This while secretly being atheists, hating God, conservatives and the old white guy party.

This methodology was first used on Al Capone. When the Feds couldn't nail Al for being a murdering piece of shit- they opted for tax evasion instead. Prosecuting Al for that was far easier. Probation violations are easily imposed because the prosecutors California leftists have their fair minded and politically driven agenda and they are going to find something wrong with this sap. This is easily accomplished when all you have to show is a 51% likelihood that your target violated the terms of his probation.

This guy presents a target rich environment and as luck would have it, the libs needed a scapegoat for all of that mideast violence that they saw coming and ignored. Not good for the man with many aliases.
Free speech, well maybe, if you are lilly white.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Obama Spent 1.4 Billion of Your Money. On Himself. Last Year.

Wow. Nothing like a fox in the henhouse. From Protein Wisdom.

How 12 Unelected People Are Robbing Us Blind

I started this blog in 2008-09 as I watched then President Bush and Treasury Secretary Paulson pull off the greatest theft in the history of the world. The lame ducks needed help. They needed a complicit Congress, bought and paid for well in advance- by a banking complex so corrupt that it makes the Italian Mob look like pikers. I have never really gotten over what happened. I think it's the cop in me.

In fact, I marvel to this very day at a distracted and indifferent citizenry. Citizens so intellectually removed from the process for whatever reason- that they truly can be described as sheep.

Throughout the history of the United States, knowledgeable politicians knew the dangers of a central bank. Most citizens did too. President Jackson single handedly destroyed a central bank. Up until 1913, Americans were able to repel the efforts of scheming bankers. Eventually the bankers snuck through the back door and for the past 100 years, they have been waiting. Their destruction of financial markets has been so complete- you can hardly believe it even as you witness it.

Here then is the story of the 12 member Federal Reserve Board. One man and 11 patsies, unelected and  accountable to nobody, stealing the wealth of every hard working American. The video is 35 minutes long. You can load it and cut off the first four minutes. (introductions) Well worth your time and not too dry... as these things tend to be.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


My absolutely favoritist Carole King tune ever. I wouldn't even get out of my car until the song was over. People always mention the sax player... Carole and that guy on the guitar... not too shabby either.

A Post It Note From Moonbat Valley

Local politics can be some of the nastiest stuff you'll ever see. Today is no exception.

Every Wednesday and Friday, I get online and read the "Idaho Mountain Express." This is a small weekly paper that serves Moonbat Valley. Unfortunately, it is the only paper that serves Moonbat Valley and it does so without any real regard to objectivity.

Moonbat definition found here.

The Idaho Mountain Express employs a number of hostage employees who are forced to write what they know the owner/editor will allow. To survive at the "IME" you must be a compliant and obedient worker/writer/editor. The reporters used to tell me that. Several of them. Formerly employed types too.

Some disclosures here. I have a friend, a man who I hired many years ago, running for Sheriff. Every four years, Steve England has run for Sheriff in Moonbat Valley. Unsuccessfully. I applaud his willingness to go through this human meat grinder every four years and subject himself to a non lethal dose of ridicule. Ridicule, or the fear of it, most certainly keeps others from running for Sheriff. In Moonbat Valley, the Idaho Mountain Express very subjectively supported the last Sheriff. It also supports the new Sheriff who worked for the old Sheriff.

Here at Frankenstein Government, I own my own printing press. I am not forced to kiss anyone's backside nor remain silent. That is a beautiful thing. I get to state my truth and I will tell you straight out- that I do not allow personal attacks. They get deleted, chop-chop.

Most everyone in Moonbat valley reads that little paper with it's biased spin and undisclosed agenda. The owner exerts complete control over editorial content. It reminds me of the days when as a young reader, growing up in Butte, Montana, the local paper was owned by the Anaconda Copper Mining Co. When a miner died on the job- you would never see the cause of death printed in the obituary. Apparently miners all died of natural causes just prior to being run over by another hungover miner backing a 200 ton truck up or setting a dynamite charge. Tactically omitting bits of information keeps each culpable party and their agenda hidden from public scrutiny. Not much has changed over the years. So I wasn't surprised to see this letter to the editor which has now landed in the public domain.

England’s signs are offensive

Since August, especially while driving around Hailey, we have been sign-bombed with sheriff candidate Steve England’s placards pleading with distracted drivers to “restore integrity” to the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office.   

This slogan is a pointed insult to incumbent Gene Ramsey and a new low in England’s umpteenth bid to unseat a current sheriff. Indeed, England’s unending runs at this office look more like a hobby than qualified earnestness. However, to throw muck on Ramsey with such a provocative summarizing tag line is both careless and untrue, speaking volumes about England’s candidacy.

Restore integrity? Really? That’s all he could come up with? Well, if that is the mission, then it is already completely and resoundingly accomplished with the genuine, dedicated, experienced leadership of Sheriff Gene Ramsey, demonstrated daily during his decades of stellar service to Blaine County citizens.

In fact, if you look up the word “integrity” in the dictionary, you’ll actually see a picture of Ramsey. 

It is way past the time when we tolerated ambitious candidates throwing meaningless statements against the wall without justification. England’s slogan is a case in point and he ought to pay for the misstep at the voting booth.
Scott Carter

I know this author. He is married to an employee of the Sheriff. Somehow, that information is not available to the reader. The second thing I note is that there isn't a snowballs chance in hell that a letter that is this malicious and directed toward the existing Sheriff- would have ever gotten past the vigilant eyes of the paper's owner and into print.

Here is Saul Alinsky's Rule #5 for radicals. RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.

Moonbats and liberals love to attack people personally. Smearing people is so completely a function of liberals- that I think they should include the methodology in their platform. Decent people and conservatives will generally behave in one of two fashions. They tend to attack the flaws in a subject rather than target the person supporting any given side of an issue.

But most importantly, when a conservative doesn't like something they simply refuse to engage in it or they ignore it. When a liberal doesn't like something, they launch personal attacks and then try to force everyone else into some form of compliance or agreement. Remember, Alinsky was an organizer. Very often, I apply this screening technique to speakers and writers. It is nearly fail safe. It allows me to identify hidden agendas very quickly. Derogatory speech and inflammatory adjectives speed things up.

Ridicule is almost always fear based. As soon as I see it, I ask myself what does the writer or speaker have to lose? Irrational fear makes people behave and write...well...irrationally. Go figure.

Here's the big finish. I left Moonbat Valley over 5 years ago. I wish I could tell you that I was above all of that nastiness- but I wasn't. There are only shallow degrees of separation here. I could not have been proud of such a letter back then although I might very well have written something similar. Most folks cannot be happy writing things like that. So I left that place trying to find the value for "x."

Today when I read that thing- it transported me back like a time machine to an emotional place that I haven't wanted to return to or visit. Not because that place is bad- but because it was a necessary part of my evolution and development into the person I am today. So letters like the one above- are reminders of where I came from. Like an old post it note starting to lose some of it's adhesive qualities. I remember what it was like.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"They Pretend to Pay Us and We Pretend to Work"

In addition to running a wildly successful family blog, I've decided to wade back into equity markets with some of the other captives and hostages.

I was once a wildly successful trader. Not in the sense that I actually made any money mind you, I was just a wildly successful trader. I could make more trades in one day than most people do all year. And then I would have to list them, one by one, pages and pages of them on a 1040 for the I.R.S. I didn't do that because I had capital gains. I did that because you can deduct losses, only 3 grand a year, which in my case means- I am rock solid in the capital loss department until the day I die or the end of mankind, which ever comes first.

I haven't wanted to wade back into the market for a couple of reasons- mostly QE3 ad infinitum and this zombie banking sector that makes up it's own accounting rules. If that weren't bad enough, we've got the elections, the whole Mayan thing going on, and the polar shift. The end of mankind. I'm talking less than 90 days away.

And people are driving around, yakking on their phones, acting like they could care less.

I've been away a little more than 5 years. Now the truth of the matter is, I made money in the markets over the years. Not enough to buy a house or anything like that, but I made a little on the long side. I made a hella lot more on the short side. I am the quintessential market timer- meaning I love to short markets but I am always 18 months early. As of today, I am back in. That means 546 days from now, or Mar. 25, 2014 the U.S. market is going to hell in a handbasket.

In the meantime, I will be long mining stocks, commodities, and ready to short everything else. I just can't buy into this FED charade on the long side although thats what the FED is trying to get us all to do.

The problem is that in an inflationary environment- with all that make believe money laying around in bankers vaults- prices rise as inflation cometh. That doesn't exactly bode well for a short sider like me, at least not until the cataclysm happens. In the end, when the cataclysm happens just how will they settle?With Zimbabwe currency? Marbles or baseball cards?  Here is an excellent piece on just such an event.

When you look ahead at the next cataclysm you begin to see what will have value. Hard assets. The things people need in order to live. That will not include worthless currency or stock certificates.

As the Federal Gov't and other layers of government seize your work product via taxes while the Federal Reserve simultaneously inflates the value of your remaining work product away by counterfeiting your currency, the public will become de-incentivized to work. This is happening now. That is why food stamp usage is exploding. That is why permanent disability claims (not to mention the Obama administration greasing the process) have been skyrocketing. That is why unemployment is lasting years. People will take free money rather than work at shitty jobs for less money. Desperate people will do what they have to do to survive- including using their time in a way that is beneficial to them.

It's not that people can't find jobs- it's that people will refuse to work jobs that do not pay enough to cover expenses. There is enough welfare available for many people to survive without working a meaningless job. For many it costs more for the car, insurance, gas, and child care to get to work- than the job delivers.

These shitty jobs that pretend to pay people are going to cause people to pretend to work. At some point, all of that pretending will turn real. If my own personal history is any indication- all of this pretending will become abundantly clear about 546 days from now.

Apple Should Start Searching For A New Labor Force To Exploit

I used to like Steve Jobs and truth be told- I still do.

The problem over in China is that eventually disposable workers begin to realize that nobody gives a shit about their welfare. Especially when there is a couple billion of you.

Sometimes, shitty working conditions and low pay result in unions. Maybe Apple should avoid all of that potential margin erosion and start looking for new labor pools to exploit. Maybe something on the African continent before those Foxconn workers do something really nasty. Like burn the place down and demand a decent wage.

Steve Jobs was emblematic of the extreme greed in America. Given the opportunity to employ American workers at a decent wage- or exploit Chinese workers at starvation wages- he did what all greedy capitalists have done throughout the life span of this country. Capitalists and the aristocracy exploit cheap labor pools where ever they can find them. It's just as natural as breathing air.

Why settle for 50% profit margins when you can make 200%? That's the big sucking sound that Ross Perot predicted oh so long ago.

Foxconn employes 80,000 people who put together Iphones. They had a big riot over the weekend and so far it's difficult to figure out what happened given how China censors every adverse news piece originating there. Foxconn's the place where workers make a buck an hour and swan dive off the buildings. Workers are often forced to live on the property as commute times are terrible and impractical when you are working twelve hour days- or too expensive to make given the big bucks Apple is shelling out.

I own an Apple computer and an Ipod. They will be my last Apple products. I am no longer supporting the Chinese WalMart nor any American corporation assembling shit overseas or in Mexico if I can help it. And I have to tell you- it is nearly impossible to avoid buying Chinese junk. I bought this Toro leaf blower the other day and I'll be damned if it wasn't made in Mexico.

So here's a piece on how Apple spends 170 bucks to build a phone and the sells it for 650. I arrived at the 200% profit by allowing for labor and building costs, along with transportation and shipping back to the U.S. It's also kind of hard to sort out how much cell phone companies/carriers subsidize Apple.$167.50-to-build-says-one-estimate/

Of course, all of those costs are passed on to the consumer in the form of 100 dollar a mo. phone bills with contracts. Instead of 40 dollar bills with no contracts. But no matter you've all got money to burn...

Get your Iphone 5. Every mutual fund, hedge fund, indexed fund, Apple and it's shareholders, and 80,000 Chinese workers are counting on you.

Keeping Portland Weird *Warning Male Nudity, Voodoo Doughnuts

I run a family blog here.

It's about 450 miles from Boise to Portland. That wouldn't be so bad if pilgrims in covered wagons weren't running the state of Oregon.

We left Boise on Saturday for Portland. It's an easy enough drive but woefully long- especially if you are carrying around an enlarged prostate and have to piss every 30 minutes. The longness of this trip is exacerbated by the ridiculous and sadistic 65 MPH Oregon speed limit- coupled with the most atrociously priced speeding tickets in the country. Tickets in Oregon are paid on an installment plan or with the aid of a large heloc or trust fund. They are legendary- especially in work zones.

For that reason alone, coupled with moonbats and helmet laws, I generally avoid Oregon like the plague. Every once in awhile, I go to Portland only because Portland is stuck between me and someplace I want to be. Maybe Cannon Beach to the south or La Center, Wa. which is a few miles north. Last weekend, Portland was the destination.

I don't know what it is about Portland, but I get lost every time I go there. Thank gawd for navigation devices. Our new Galaxy phones saved the day. I wonder what the hell we did before navigation devices. Got really pissed and wasted lots of gas- if I remember correctly.

On Saturday, we did the touristy thing and burned off 50 bucks in Portland's Japanese Garden. I was a little disappointed. Not only was the garden approximately the size of my front yard- but I did not even see one Japanese. Maybe a tall Korean and his wife. On our way out of the city, there was a small festival in the park. Portland is the land of festivus. These goofballs have a festival for everything. It reminds me of the "Trailing of the Sheep" festival in Moonbat Valley. For years, thousands upon thousands of smelly and stupid sheep make their way out of the mountains in the summer, down to lower ground in the fall. They travel right down the middle of state highway 75- blocking and annoying the hell out of motorists. Secretly, I always wanted to run over about 50 of them with my patrol car. Not only are they stupid, smelly, and noisy creatures but they leave a swath of sticky sheep dip behind them. Always the pessimist- I did not see the beauty in that event. I even sympathized with the hundreds of motorists who yelled at me about it. Eventually some wise moonbats, undoubtedly from Portland, decided to turn the sheep migration into an annual festival.

We stopped at Voodoo Donuts. The line outside was at least 100 people deep. That was at 8 PM- that time of day when people in Portland glance at their watch and say, "It's about time for a doughnut." At Voodoo we got a box of Dirty Ol Bastards and maple bars adorned with strips of bacon. To call Voodoo Donuts wildly successful is an understatement. I was impressed. I ate two of them right away.

The Oregon legislature passed a law many years ago- that forces gas station attendants to pump gas for motorists. You cannot do this yourself. Of course this makes gas about 20 cents more expensive per gallon- a small price to pay for such a high functioning and labor intensive task. You can't just let people pump their own gas in Oregon- or soon thereafter the neanderthals would be wielding squeegees and dripping bug water everywhere. At a station we stopped at- I offered the kid who pumped our gas one of those bacon covered maple bars. You'd a thought he hit the lottery.

Portland is weird. Really weird. It's something you just have to experience. I saw a guy standing on the sidewalk with nothing on but his tight fitting underwear. This might be his father.

Most of us just say "No" to crack- not in Portland

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Woman For All Seasons*My Version of Milfy Monday

Shade in the summer, warmth in the winter. Wow.

When exactly did this gal give up? When you weigh 1100 lbs, it begs the question...what do they use to weigh people of this size? They actually cut her out of her house. She had confessed to a murder.

Not going anywhere: Mayra (pictured with her husband Bernie) told police that she killed her nephew by accident by rolling on top of him while babysitting

Clearly people like this have mental health issues. Not surprised to see then that she lied to cover up for her sister- who had actually committed the murder. The rest of the story here.