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Sunday, February 7, 2021

Let's Rig the 2024 Election!

 The election fraud of 2020 is never going to go away. More and more substantiated proof accumulates each day and over 1000 sworn affidavits of fraud and questionable conduct have been ignored by officials and the courts. These are from people like you and I.

I don't think I have ever seen anything like this since JFK was killed and they spent years trying to convince us that some lone, single, communist assassin loser killed the president.

Kennedy was shot from the front and side. That can be seen on the Zapruder film. I don't need some bullshit Warren Commission to tell me what anyone with warm blood and half a brain can see for themselves. Despite Zapruder's film our government, Johnson's government, still managed to convince a gullible America that some half assed communist was responsible. They went to HUGE lengths to convince us of that.

The cover up that followed was the single greatest fraud ever foisted on a naive American public. It would take nearly 60 years for yet another great fraud of the same magnitude to emerge in America. The 2020 election of Joe Biden certainly meets that criteria. Again, we have film and evidence.

For any crime to occur, there must be motive and opportunity. This is law enforcement 101. Let's examine briefly then, motive and opportunity.

President Trump was well hated on many fronts. The Chinese hated him for his tariffs and sanctions. Many of the middle east countries hated Trump for his pro Israel protections. Trump also wanted to restore order on our southern border- another slave labor pool- spilling across unprotected space. Trump was hated by the liberal media, it's members and by extension- the white oligarchy who own and run media. You simply can't ridicule and demean your President without repercussion unless of course you know well in advance- that your boss feels the same way. The new age robber barons, the Zuckerbergs (Zuckerberg "donated" 300 million to secure democrat votes in Georgia) and the Dorseys of the world (who see fit to ban people from Twitter with some arbitrary excuse) There are a lot of companies doing business with China which also hate Trump. We also have the cowards of the GOP, the election and propaganda ministers of the DNC, and the Free Shit Army promised handouts by Joe.

So clearly we have plenty of motive. We can see who benefits. Now what about opportunity?

We have an election. Untold millions want Trump removed. Under the cover of a covid 19 scare- officials set about the task of "protecting" the voting public by mail in ballots, absentee ballots, ballot  harvesting, anonymous drop boxes, and votes counted after the deadline. Web connected and hacked counting machines. Strange mathematical anomalies favoring Biden- all in the wee hours of the morning.

It begs the question. Did China release this virus on purpose to destroy Trump and rig his removal from office? It seems plausible. The timing is unquestionably coincidental. I see a wisp of smoke.

The larger question, the 64,000 dollar question, is why didn't anyone conduct an actual forensic examination of voting irregularities? That's how we determine truth in America. The short answer is- the owners of this country didn't want an investigation. They wanted Trump out and stealing this election was something they rationalized and justified. Cheating is acceptable if they get the desired result. China wins, the media wins, the corporate ownership seeking slave labor wins, the free shit army wins. The winners get richer, you get poorer.  

But America loses. So if these are the new rules, let's just get rid of actual results altogether and determine the winner by which ever side can cheat most effectively. Let's quit pretending. 

We will find some conservative hackers and use those Chinese owned voting machines that flip votes, we will banish DNC poll watchers from polling places, we will hire people to fill out ballots and transport them in the dead of night, we will promise all voters 5000 dollars a piece if they vote for our candidate, maybe 20 bucks an hour minimum wage, and maybe we will ask China to cook up another virus in that Wuhan lab and let er fly in late 2023. Instead of old conservative voters, the new virus will attack young mouthy voters. We will make sure that we ridicule and harass anyone that opposes us. We can have a big nationwide power outage for a couple weeks after the election and render the media more useless than they already are. By the time the lights come back on, we'll have a new President. Voila!!

Quid pro quo. What's not to like?

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Twitter: A Platform Where Cowards Call the Shots

 Wow. Two blogs in a week. You'd think I was retired with not much to do.

I've had this blog for 12 years. The only comments I've ever deleted, other than spammers, were three assholes that came in to say nasty things. I have always valued a person's right to free speech and quite honestly, if you write some garbage, then people should be entitled to comment appropriately. It seems only fair.

The first blog I was ever booted from was "naked capitalism" maybe 6 years ago. I had the audacity of questioning the author's conclusions (Susan Webber) about Modern Monetary Theory or MMT. Not only did she ridicule what I had to say, she ridiculed me. I instantly recognized that nasty sort of attack as the modus operandi of a liberal. Liberals aren't interested in any opinion that contradicts their own opinions. Liberals say stupid shit- like they believe in "unity" and "tolerance" yet they do not. You must toe their party line. Despite the fact that communications law expressly allows dissenting commenters and gives immunity to hosting platforms- we are seeing an absolute explosion of websites which are disabling and restricting comment sections. Yahoo was the first to disable comments. Some sites only allow commenters to comment if they have paid for a subscription. Facebook employs an army of "fact checkers" who apparently have determined that our recent presidential election was fair and allegations of fraud are baseless- primarily because their guy won. The fact that no credible investigation was ever conducted to determine the actual truth of the matter- well they aren't going to let truth get in the way of their opinions.  

They claim of course, their advertisers are demanding they clean up their comments. That's a problem when you have whored yourself out for money. You know what I'd tell an advertiser? These are my rules. You want to advertise here, accept my rules or beat it. If you have this fantastic, kick ass website then you can make the rules not your advertisers. That's why quite honestly, I think it's all just an excuse. The real truth is that the website owner doesn't like the content of the comments or it doesn't agree with their brand of politics. So that's the excuse they use. 

Here's the deal. If you are going to run your website like the Third Reich- then at least have the decency to post your rules. Don't be a pussy and modify the rules as you go, arbitrarily bouncing good comments and commenters because they hurt your feelings. If all that confrontational stuff bothers you, there is always gardening. Which brings me to Twitter. As you know, President Trump used Twitter and now that he has lost his influence on that platform, Twitter has erased him. That act of cowardice, censoring opinions contrary to your own, should tell you all you need to know about Twitter.

Today, I cut this out of a nationally syndicated article:

Twitter has permanently banned My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell’s account after he continued to perpetuate the baseless claim that Donald Trump won the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

Twitter decided to ban Lindell, who founded bedding company My Pillow, due to “repeated violations” of its civic integrity policy, a spokesperson said in a statement. The policy was implemented last September and is targeted at fighting disinformation.

It was not immediately clear which posts by Lindell on Twitter triggered the suspension of his account.

Lindell, a Trump supporter, has continued to insist that the presidential election was rigged even after U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration has begun.

Major retailers such as Bed Bath & Beyond and Kohl’s have said that they would stop carrying My Pillow’s products, Lindell previously said.


Perpetuate a baseless claim?? That's seems like an awfully rich conclusion where no inquiry or investigation was allowed to take place.  

Lindell had "repeated violations" of Twitter's "civic integrity policy" which is code for made up corporate bullshit and of course, they don't identify any of those specific, horrific tweets that kept them up at night.

Lindell, a Trump supporter believes the election was rigged. Unbelievably he still believes this even AFTER JOE BIDEN'S ADMINISTRATION HAS BEGUN! Who writes this shit? Do our opinions have expiration dates now? Are we required to change our minds about what happened- ya know like forgetting about Seth Rich, Brian Terry, or Benghazi now that the Obama regime has departed?

At any rate, Twitter permanently banned Lindell for the heinous crime of having an opinion. Lindell you might have noted- lost business to two huge retailers. This tells me he has courage and a pair of balls- unlike the Twitter platform and their CEO. So Lindell gets erased and...

I have the same problem here. Google and the flamers that own this outfit could kick me off anytime they wanted to. I know they have booted a few already. I simply don't generate the hits or the ad revenue for them to notice or worry about. I am a small fry relegated to the backwaters of writers who write for free because I can't sell what I write.

That might be but I don't write for money. I don't write for hits, or ego, or ad revenue. I write because I love to write. I am here just trying to spark a little brushfire here or there in the few readers that still drop by once in awhile. I value integrity, fair play, and courage. Those aren't novelties that will go away despite the cowardice of CEO's who see fit to censor users or delete them for no other reason that they are offended by a few words or an opinion or it seems fashionable to get rid of them. Twitter is a platform I simply can't use because I see myself condoning their behavior by doing so. I can't condone arbitrary rules, censorship, and the rest of that childish behavior and nastiness. I don't care how you justify it. 

If Twitter is going to abandon all sense of fair play and dump users for having the audacity of having opinions contrary to their own- then I have to ask the question. Why would you subject yourself to being erased? When will it be your turn? 

So yea, Twitter ain't on my list of must haves. Unlike Twitter, I've only got one rule. You'll see that rule anytime you open a comment box here. It's at the top. I streamlined it many years ago and it has worked for all but three people. Not too shabby.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Let's Impeach Obama!

 The democrats, vindictive little cowards, just can't accept victory. Not only do they cheat their way into an election day win but they have been very successful at stopping credible investigation into any number of innovative cheating methods.

So now the democrats want to try and impeach a former President. This is some rich shit. It begs the question. If Trump is eligible for impeachment after leaving office- can we impeach Barack Obama? Can we finish off Bill Clinton? Can we impeach a few dead ones?

So you've seen the obvious question next. What statute of limitations exists that would prevent this? I can't find one.

Let me present my case. Hypothetical of course. 

Suppose an American President scrubbed all evidence of his foreign past. All of it was done before he actually runs for office. You have to scrub it all or parts will remain exposed. You start with your 17 year old mother who sleeps with any number of men yet identifies one of them as your father. You are raised in a foreign country with a different father. You are raised Muslim but never mention it. You have a different name but never mention it. You have an Indonesian passport which goes missing. Your advanced college degrees were likely financed by foreign scholarships yet those cannot be identified. Even your master's thesis is lost.

The cop that was me- fantasizes about snagging one of your used cigarette butts and then submitting that DNA into a database. It would be entirely possible to prove who sired our 44th President. Wouldn't that be some shit?

Could we just polygraph presidents when they are done? Ask them if they ever had girlfriends in college or where they were on Sept 11, 2012 during the evening? We have well documented case law in the U.S. that states public employees have no right to lie. 

If we can prove any number of lies, it would be impeachable.

It would however, require an investigation and we certainly understand that democrats find investigations repugnant and distasteful- unless of course they are investigating mysterious Russians or duly elected Presidents who toppled their crooked offering. Like Trump did.

Now I'm gonna drop the F bomb here because I want to. It is necessary. If you don't like that- start your own blog.

The absolute antithesis to Barack Obama is Donald Trump. They are such polar opposites that the only thing they have in common is warm blood. However, they are both presidents. This means they are impeachable under the new rules. (Btw, nobody really knows what the rules are. Like most legislation now days, nobody bothers reading anymore. Politicians rely on word of mouth and lobbyists to tell them how to vote.) Now the new rules are all subjective based on which lawyers in Congress do the most effective talking. Even if they fuck that up, which seems inevitable, we have even more lawyers on SCOTUS to further fuck things up. The precedents for all this mass confusion, buggery, and fuckery were the Citizens United ruling along with the Affordable Care Act.

So we know they are fully capable of screwing this pooch.

The point of all of this is that absolutely nobody knows what the fuck they are doing in Congress or what they are trying to achieve- but not knowing what the hell they are doing has never stopped them from doing stupid things or letting common sense intercede. That's how we got Obamacare.

Even Reader's Digest can't figure it out, however their writer concedes that there is no law that prevents an impeached President from running again if eligible in all other respects.

That means the democrats would achieve absolutely nothing which is certainly preferable to those moments when they actually achieve something. 

So if the democrats, having rigged an election- don't have the common sense or the decency to let things be then I say- let's just impeach every ex President that we can. Even the dead ones. Sayonara Obama. Arrividerci' Bill Clinton. Adios FDR. 

Even JFK. Kennedy once said those that make peaceful negotiation impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. 

Surely that is inciting treason under the new rules. 


Saturday, January 9, 2021

Nancy Gets Her Beachhead

Several years ago now, I was introduced to the idea of a political beachhead. A beachhead is an established and somewhat safe landing area on a beach through which an attacking army can move troops and equipment. 

My introduction to that concept began while talking to a community organizer in the pre-lottery days (1980's) of Idaho. My organizer friend explained that although most people do not care for gambling he believed lottery officials would be able to sell state legislators on the idea that they would skim some of the profits from the lottery and return it to the state in the form of education costs for children and schools. States would also reap the windfall benefits of taxing lottery winners. The only losers would be the people playing the lottery. 

So the lottery officials established a beachhead by promising a little payola to the states. Since states and their politicians are always looking for new revenue sources, the lottery became an easy sell. We are now seeing the same beachhead being established for medical marijuana sales. Soon enough, marijuana for recreational use will be the norm and not the exception in most states.

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and other members of the Uni-Party have been desperately trying to establish a beachhead with respect to their hated rival, Donald Trump. They've been trying to land on that anti-Trump beach for four years and they have been repelled. They've tried Russian election hoaxes, personal attacks and ridicule, impeachment proceedings, and even a Chinese manufactured pandemic as source material for getting rid of President Trump. They were never able to establish a beachhead until January 6, 2020.

On January 6, pro Trump supporters gathered in Washington D.C. to support President Trump. Trump had established credible evidence of voting irregularities in several swing states. These states had manipulated their voting processes to such a degree that it enabled widespread cheating. I could run those processes down state by state, but it is not necessary for practical purposes here. As Trump enumerated those states and their practices to his irritated followers, the crowd grew angry. In a bid to observe or interrupt electors gathered to confirm the electoral college vote, the angry crowd stormed the capitol building. An unarmed woman was shot and killed. A capitol police officer died of injuries he received in the melee' and a few others were reportedly killed. Proceedings were interrupted for six hours, the capitol building was damaged. 

There it was. The beachhead. After four long years, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and all of the other members of the UniParty had finally found a safe place to land on Trump's well defended beach. Even Twitter, now seeing which side was winning, mustered the courage to suspend Trump's account.

With only two weeks remaining in his term, Pelosi, Schumer, and other members of the UniParty have to act fast. Anyone defending President Trump at this point will be hailed as an obvious idiot. There will be no mercy shown, no letting the clock run down. Will they try to fast track an impeachment in eleven days? I think they will. Impeachment may prevent Trump from running again.

Establishing this last beachhead reveals quite a bit about nasty human behavior. We are governed by classless, self serving, and vindictive human beings. With a win well in hand, we'll see if these leaders of the UniParty reveal themselves even further or just spare us the drama.

They should tread lightly here. Obama's third term is about to start and the UniParty has been scrambling to cover up all that bribe money Hunter Biden scrounged up from the Ukraine and China and delivered to the "big guy." It's all right there on Hunter's laptop. You shouldn't leave that stuff laying around. Hunter like his father, ain't the sharpest spoon in the drawer.

It appears Biden now has a beach of his own to defend.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Tesla Becomes World's Only Auto Maker....

 .....stock is up 40 bucks trading at 800 a share with a nosebleed p/e of 1500. 

Tesla has become the world's only automaker. It's founder and CEO, Elon Musk, has become the world's richest man.

The old legacy auto makers, as well as those 20 or so electric auto makers in China, have all apparently quit making vehicles.They have thrown in the towel. Instead of making cars, the old auto makers have simply purchased Tesla stock and gape at their astonishing returns each day. 

"Simply buying Tesla stock, while shuttering our factories and reducing our overhead to zero, has enabled us to become wildly profitable" said an anonymous source.

Based on the outstanding float, Tesla stock holders have now valued every Tesla vehicle coming off the assembly line this year at approx. 1.3 million per vehicle. 

Elon Musk issued another 5 billion worth of shares recently and rather than dilute the existing price, the stock has risen another 20%. Many industry insiders think that Musk should just keep issuing shares until the value of Tesla stock hits 1000.

With one foot in the grave, I've lived through some unbelievable bubbles and crashes. It's always different each time- that's what they tell investors. The market crashes of 2000 and 2008 had insane valuations on companies that never came to fruition. Those bubbles were blown by internet merchandising and then real estate in 2008.

You could call this bubble- "the everything bubble." It's the nuclear button. Here's how it works.

The Federal Reserve sends lending rates to all time lows. I can get a 30 year mortgage today for 2.37%. As the cost of mortgage borrowing becomes cheaper, the value of homes rise because now you qualify for a bigger loan so sellers just raise the price. It's essentially a wash sale between buying and selling especially if you stay within the same zip code.

As people cash out investments and real estate, M1 (demand deposits) begins to soar because nobody is making anything in savings accounts or CD's. So capital just sits in those M1 holding pens until it is redeployed. Thus the only path for all this excess capital is back into equities, bonds, and other hybrid investments like index funds and exchange traded funds. Some excess capital flows into foreign markets, real estate, precious metals, and even crypto currencies as every investor chases some sort of return. Federal, state, and other retirement funds have the same dilemma. They must chase return where ever they can find it. Which brings us back to equities like Tesla and Amazon- wildly valued v any metric or yardstick I can find.

So here's the dilemma. Do you get out and watch markets rise another year and lose out on potential gains, do you short markets hoping to catch the cliff dive, or do you cash out and stay safe?

Currently I am cashed out and safe. 

Remember the tulip bulb craze in Holland? Everyone was speculating on tulip bulbs, driving prices to insane levels, hoping to get rich and dump the investments on greater fools. 

That's where I think Tesla is. I also think that's where bitcoin is. I don't know when prices finally collapse but a lot of warning signs are flashing. I'm not worried about missing a few more months of gains. I accept that I ain't Nostradamus.

Tesla be damned.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Biden Bribes Georgia with Stimulus, and Voila!

Just bribe the voters with 2000 dollar stimulus checks if the democrats win and suddenly millions of Georgia voters have a reason to vote. President Trump didn't help matters either with his non stop threats and criticisms- justified or not.

The Georgia run off elections for Senate last night have both gone to the democrats. I cannot envision a worse scenario for the country.

Chuck Schumer will become the senate majority leader. The 80 year old drunk, Nancy Pelosi, will be speaker of the house. Our new Vice President has been scored as the most liberal voting Senator in either house, and our new President has taken bribes from the Ukraine and China via his crack smoking son.

Here's the good news. The markets today are pricing in new stimulus packages from these morons. Our debt levels will soon crack 30 trillion. With tax proceeds generously rounded up to 5 trillion per year we will have a debt to income ratio of approx. 600%. 

For most of us, 70% debt to income ratios require bankruptcy proceedings. We could never achieve levels of 600% debt levels because nobody would lend us one thin dime.

We will soon enter the closing act of a play that began in earnest in 2008. 

Secretly, I've wanted this for many years. There is simply no other way of restructuring this mess we've gotten ourselves into. We've elected these assholes, given them unlimited terms with which to elicit corporate and banking bribes via lobbyists, and now they will furiously line their own pockets. Markets will go supernova as the dollar loses value. Servicing 30 trillion dollar debt interest at current rates will cost Americans about 800 billion a year. The liberals will then think they can re-invent the wheel. They'll try some stupid shit like Modern Monetary Theory- only to find out that they theory may have worked at zero debt levels but does not account for the 30 trillion dollar debt levels we already have. Then they'll try taxing us in earnest- while trying to install medicare for all type programs. In the end, they'll simply try to inflate away the debt but that will fail also. 

Our currency will lose reserve status and China will announce they have secured enough gold to back the yuan. 

Our only hope will be to call a convention of states to address this pending disaster but I don't think anyone has the courage to do this. I wrote about it recently.

So the good news is that we can finally get this over with and start new again. I honestly didn't think I'd see it in the next 20 years or so but I think there is now a chance to see a dollar collapse in the next 5 years.

I believe that in the coming months and years- everything will be up for grabs. State pensions, social security, a dollar collapse. The things you take for granted may not exist at all- just a simple legislative vote here and there and your income may vanish. States like Illinois and California are already staring into that abyss.

It's time to start preparing. Last night I was looking at .223 ammunition on line that cost me 6.99 for 20 rounds. It is now 35.99. That's a 500% rise in just a couple of years.

I loved seeing everyone expressing how much they hated the year 2020 as though things were bound to get better in 2021. Unless they don't.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Can President Trump, Once Again, Snatch Victory From the Jaws of Defeat?

In the beginning, I didn't like Trump much. I saw him as arrogant, pompous, and self serving. Just another member of America's elite aristocracy. Then something strange happened. I discovered that his enemies- were also my enemies.

I have never seen anyone so thoroughly hated in my life. Ever. The media ignores and ridicules him. Obama and Hillary hate him. China and Russia hate him. (I don't think the release of the coronavirus one year before his re-election was a coincidence.)  His fired cabinet members hate him. Many in the Republican party, like Mitt Romney, hate him.The democrats and Pelosi hate him. Even the courts hate him. More importantly, several of my friends hate him. Or perhaps, ex-friends.

What is it about this guy that pisses people off? What angers them to the point we can't even discuss this crooked election like adults?

First off, Trump wasn't supposed to win. I can recall back in 2016, that every liberal media outlet, every liberal poll taker, virtually every talking head including Obama, thought Trump would lose to Hillary Clinton. The only person in America that had it right was Ann Coulter and a blogger that I read back then. (Taxicab Depressions) Ms. Coulter was ridiculed on several networks.

Trump was America's first walk on President. He hadn't wasted his life wallowing around the cesspool of politics like Clinton, Sanders, Obama, or Biden. He hadn't paid those political dues of ascending political offices. He built things. He created things. He sometimes failed. He was certainly no polished politician- blowing smoke up voter's asses. He tells things the way they are. He is abrupt and not well spoken. I often see him searching for the right words and adjectives when speaking or using Twitter. 

Now we know he had to overcome 4 years of Russia collusion horse shit and a scam of an impeachment proceeding that like the coronavirus- was hatched one year prior to his re-election. We know that Obama assembled a team and deep state operatives to spy on Trump. 

All of these "coincidences" are remarkable. In all my years and Presidents dating back to JFK- I have never seen so many enemies. Enemies that keep failing. 

So it was that the hateful democratic machine in several swing states found loopholes and ways to rig the 2020 election. They wouldn't need to risk getting caught if professional politician and bribe taking, Joe Biden was winning. But unfortunately, that didn't happen. Late night, there it was, Trump was winning once again with just a few key states in the balance. I went to bed- only to witness a miraculous mathematical recovery- by Joe Biden in the morning. Now I am somewhat math challenged, needing a tutor to steer me through any college level algebra. But witnessing a 700,000 vote lead disappear overnight with 2/3rds of the 7 million votes cast was truly a feat for the ages. A mathematical miracle.

I have a friend who noted that he thought it was suspicious that the media refused to call Pennsylvania for Trump with such an enormous lead. It reminded him of their refusal to call Florida for Trump in 2016. He opined that perhaps they were hoping for one of those mathematical miracles back then.

I have a liberal friend who simply can't conceive how this election was rigged. Here is what the Georgia Secretary of State is now conceding. Raffensperger joined his fellow Republicans last Wednesday to call for an end to what that state terms “no excuse absentee voting.” This law allows any voter in Georgia to request and submit an absentee ballot without providing justification for why they can’t vote in person. To wit it is noted: Raffensperger appears to have come to understand the vulnerability of unrestricted absentee and mail-in voting only after the 2020 General Election high voter turnout and a flood of credible vote fraud and ballot tampering claims.

In addition to fighting every crooked swing state, Trump has had to battle with a protective judiciary in those  states, compromised by everything from elections to endorsements. It's a vast and daunting task- fighting these hordes of like minded assholes but there's Donald Trump. Brawler. Tough minded and firing away. Never gives up. Who doesn't admire that? I'll share a foxhole with a guy like that any day.

We have seen the enemy- they are exactly what we thought they were.

It dawned on me months ago that Trump and I have something in common. We hate the same people and we dislike them for largely the same reasons.

The next two weeks, starting Dec. 27 through Jan. 6, is going to tell us what happens next. We are going to find out if Trump gets a stay of execution and whether or not Chinese/Ukraine employee Joe Biden will get inaugurated as the President of the United States. The thought of that stooge in the White House makes me ill just thinking about it. Even Obama wouldn't endorse his former VP until he was nominated.

Don't count out America's first walk on President. He's got the resources, the determination, and we know he will fight this sham all the way to the end.

And even though every liberal in the land thinks they have this in the bag and even if they do in fact prevail- it most certainly will be a hollow, pyrrhic victory. Be careful what you wish for. Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease. Joe Biden ain't the cure for what ails us.

Great link as the evidence continues to mount.