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Saturday, September 25, 2021

The Iver Express

 It reminds me of the movie called the "Dallas Buyer's Club."

The most effective and safe treatment for covid is Ivermectin. It literally cured and wiped out covid in Uttar Pradesh in 6 weeks. Yet, here in America all talk of Ivermectin is blacked out. If you see it mentioned, it will be by some large media source and it will always be derogatory.

My opinion at this point is that the handful of billionaires that own big media also own big pharma. They have been paying off our Congressmen for years. So between the media blackout, the billions that big pharma stands to gain from emergency use authorizations for "vaccines- a term I use loosely, and the government's complicity from being co-opted we have this three headed hydra. The hydra doesn't give jack shit about your health. They want you sick. They make money that way.

I first discovered Ivermectin on a page in a South American health journal in late 2020. I did a lot of research because Ivermectin was relatively new. It looked like it worked pretty well fighting covid. Not only that, it had been around 50 years, it was safe, and cheap. It cures everything from rosacea to cancer. A wonder drug. It was a true turd in big pharma's punchbowl. (Since then I've easily read 200-300 articles and studies on Ivermectin)

By January of this year, I had convinced my doctor of this and obtained my first prescription. So did my doctor.

In February, I had two friends- one with horses- tell me he was just going to use horse ivermectin. No prescription, no arguing with doctors, just grab a tube at the local feed store. About 7 bucks.

So I studied up on that. My doctor wasn't too keen but after studying the Ivermectin doses and the 98% remaining delivery agents that I believed were safe- I bought my first tube of Ivermectin at a local farm store. It was the only one left on the shelf.

Here's the real problem- most doctors don't know shit about Ivermectin and nearly all hospitals refuse to use it for covid. If clearing those two obstacles weren't difficult enough- Walgreen's and CVS have reportedly refused to fill prescriptions for Ivermectin. So people just keep dying and nobody seems to give a shit and now we find pharmacies getting between patients and their doctors. This started to worry us- what if they took Ivermectin right off pharmacy shelves?

Then I began noticing that the farm stores started putting up these bullshit warnings about Ivermectin and in some cases, they took it off the shelves. Here's a gal that addresses that nonsense quite well.

Thus, the Iver Express headed for Montana. We found horse ivermectin for 6 bucks a tube. I bought ten tubes in two different stores. I should have bought more.

On Wednesday night, I started to feel sick. My wife had already been sick with covid symptoms. My temperature was going up. I took a dose of Ivermectin from one of the tubes. Then I discovered a friend of mine with covid had not received some Ivermectin I had arranged for him. He was one week along and so debilitated he could not drive. I woke up the next morning feeling a little weak so I took another dose of horse iver. Then I made the 320 mile round trip, delivered two tubes, came home and went straight to bed. 

Yesterday, I got up feeling pretty weak. I took another dose of Ivermectin and about an hour later I was feeling pretty good. Thus I began our 540 mile trek home. I was pretty wiped out last night.

This morning, I felt a little better and I just took another dose. So here I am on Day 4 feeling pretty good, maybe 8 out of 10. 

When is comes to the safety and efficacy of Ivermectin- there is simply no comparison with big pharma's "vaccines" which do not vaccinate.

I am reminded of this timeless quote.

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer

Friday, September 10, 2021

Biden Doubles Down on Stupid, Now Going For Broke

 A mere 9 months into his stolen presidency, Joe Biden has already shown us what a special kind of idiot he is. And it's not like he was fully equipped to begin with- what little sense he had seems to be circling the drain.

Joe Biden is a fool and an idiot. As a President he is a complete disaster. 

The stolen election should have been able to bear the scrutiny of an investigation. Ordering an investigation would have been the right thing to do. But like most of us, Biden knows they ripped the election off and like the little coward that he is- he knew the election results were rotten.

Then there is his kid. This kid is a full blown criminal. Not only does he solicit bribes and funnel part of the loot to his father- he leaves an old laptop behind in a shop somewhere with all the incriminating evidence on it. Besides bedding strippers and smoking crack, Hunter's IQ seems to have seen little improvement over the man who sired him. Of course he will never be prosecuted in this banana republic we've become.

Then there was the Afghan military disaster wherein Biden pulled the military out of Afghanistan leaving all sorts of people at the mercy of the Taliban. Many were killed. He ordered some sort of drone strike and managed to kill some women and children and never did disclose who the intended targets were.

Yesterday, our brainiac President has called for forced vaccinations of all federal employees (except 600k postal workers, go figure!) and is targeting companies with 100 employees or more to force vaccinations on their employees.

It's no wonder in our corporate run country that Biden thinks he can pull this off, but I will say this. If he really thinks he can do this- the apathetic conservative side of our political ledger are about to recognize their hill to die upon. You can only push stupid so far. 

This matter, forcing vaccinations on people, has been litigated previously. The government lost.

Perhaps Biden thinks he can force vaccinations on everyone. This piece asserts the President might have the authority to force vaccinations on the military (and I truly doubt that) but it doesn't say squat about the public at large.

It's hard to imagine anyone being this careless or stupid. We know the guy plagiarized and cheated his way through college and still landed near the bottom of his class. We all knew people like this.

But I never thought I'd see one running the country. 

Sunday, August 29, 2021

A Simple Users Guide on How Not To Get Covid

 The only year I ever got the flu was the year I signed up for and received a free flu shot paid for by my employer. So, that was a one and done operation. No more of that shit. 

For the past 18 months, and virtually every day during that time, my wife and I have managed not to get covid. We have gone everywhere, from stores to restaurants to state and national parks. We have been in casinos for hours on end perhaps three days a week. Touching counter tops, touching slot machines, watching people blow a cloud of smoke on us. We have been camping for 7 weeks total- in close proximity to other campers. We have gone out to eat at least 100 times in that 500 day total. We have had hernia operations, tooth extractions, gone grocery shopping a couple days a week, handled gas pumps and shopping carts. 

Not to mention hugging family members. Many of them.

Still no covid. So how did we manage?

First off, if you look at the raw numbers, only about 10% of the population have gotten covid. That means 90% of us haven't been exposed to it. So math is on our side.

Secondly, we have socially distanced ourselves from strangers. That's right. We expect our family members to be covid free and socially responsible about telling us. That doesn't mean we couldn't get it that way- we just believe the chances are greatly reduced. So we allow family into our personal space. We wash our hands frequently, at least four or five times a day. 

That's it. If we were really worried about covid- We'd simply stay home but the truth is- we have about two years worth of history to draw on. For the vast majority of us- covid isn't much more than a shitty version of the flu which we won't likely get but if we do- we can mitigate that as well.

During this crisis, I was determined not to take a shot or vaccine. I wasn't gonna fall for that shit again.

I navigate 100's of sites a week. I am a news junkie and I stay current on just about everything. Another thing I have going for me is that I have a healthy distrust of our corporate governance and co-opted Congress and President. I don't believe anything they say and I will tell you- this has worked very well for me.

I no longer believe America is in a credible leadership position with regard to anything including healthcare and our greedy penchant to sell worthless vaccines and try to keep everyone scared. If you wanna fall for that shit, that's up to you.

I stumbled onto a South American website where doctors had been prescribing Ivermectin with great success while treating covid. This kicked off a two week research trip capped by  Dr Pierre Kory's video testifying in front of the Senate which You Tube has since removed. You Tube, owned by Google, which is owned and governed by a who's who of greedy liberal billionaires and fear mongers.

During my dive down the Ivermectin rabbit hole, I realized this stuff worked. It essentially provides a barrier between a human cell and an invading parasite or virus. It worked well taken in advance or shortly after people developed covid symptoms. It was dirt cheap, had no side effects, and had been around for 50 years. India wiped out covid using Ivermectin but big pharma, big media, and big government don't want you to hear or read that. So it's been blacked out and badmouthed in the United States.

That's precisely how I knew it worked. 

If these billionaire pricks that run everything hate it so much- then it must work. If you find any talk of Ivermectin on the billionaire boys club media sites, it will always be derogatory. 100% of the time. Here's one link I book marked.

So here's what I've done not to get covid and the steps I've taken in case I do.

We socially distance strangers and hug our family. We wash our hands frequently. If we go to a Nevada casino- we wear some bullshit scarf to keep security away. Our state (Utah) is not requiring face coverings. Even the communist run Costco in nearby St George has finally thrown in the towel.

We take our temperatures every morning. We have a 60 tab total prescription of Ivermectin. We also went and bought some horse Ivermectin as a back up plan- the fear mongering really intensifies when you suggest taking that. Especially because the injectibles and the paste are absolutely dirt cheap. About 7 bucks at a farm store.

Here's a great piece on how to take the animal form of Ivermectin. I would only suggest this if you find yourself in an emergency situation where you have contracted symptoms or have a doctor that refuses to prescribe it. This is a kind of funny, no bullshit piece. 

Live your life. Fuck Fauci and our government which is owned by big pharma and big media. There are sound alternatives for dealing with covid without listening to the non stop fear mongering of the leftist lackeys who work for corporate America. 

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Gettin' Ready for Kamala!


Today's piece is written by a long time associate and friend of this blog, 
Alan R.

Guest Column


August 24, 2021.


The media outlets that would normally shuck and jive to help Creepy Joe out are just as readily throwing him under the bus (just as the usual suspects on the right are) in regard to Afghanistan.


Why is that?


They aren't calling him out for my benefit (they never talk to me) people of my thinking knew Sniffy Joe was a sleaze ball back when he lied about his grades, lied about his degree, and plagiarized speeches word for word. But to their regular audience, I think the hammering on the Big Guy is for softening their readers up. As though to say, 'We've pounded Trump-hatred into you, you've been programmed to such an extent that you would stick with Uncle Joe if we told you to but we are no longer telling you to.' It's okay to admit and accept that Sleepy Joe, the demented career influence peddler and hair sniffer, is finally past his prime.


They are readying their audience for the next charade where Joe leaves office and Kamala pretends to be president. They've moved whatever machinery they've been shifting into place and are ready to implement the next phase of control. Perhaps it's giving DC statehood status or packing the Supreme Court with more seats. Maybe they'll create an apparatus to have gun owners deemed mentally competent--or not--by people who think the woke way. Perhaps they'll separate dissidents by vaccination status while continuing to mandate and legislate thought control regarding the evils of being white, implementing CRT in schools and work places and readying whatever hooligan force they employed last summer to foment upheaval where they encounter any form of resistance.


The media will continue to play along, applauding Chicago Mayor Lightfoot for 'courageously allowing' Lollapalooza to happen while condemning Trump rallies as super spreader events, and so on.


Come along quietly, or we'll make it look like you started it--the way they have tried to do with the staged event on Jan. 6. The same way Hitler did with Czechoslovakia. We'll keep mocking your belief in a sky daddy, your bitter clinging to bibles, guns, and other freedoms, your patriarchal attachment to two sexes. And let's not forget the tried and true method of making the currency worthless with more trillion-level porkulus spending, far from anything the founders allowed into the constitution. (So overtaxed that you need daycare? We'll tax people more to give you 'free' daycare.)


We'll have to have more variants of covid to justify more lockdowns and mail-in-balloting, to ensure that if an election were to be stolen, it would be nearly impossible to find anyone willing to stand up against it, to be pilloried and vilified by the media and the apparatchik.


I don't think I'm just suffering from tin foil poisoning. I've heard every one of these concepts floated or promised by someone on the left, and the wheels, as they say, are in motion. Will good sense and truth prevail against this obvious full-on assault on nearly every aspect of our sovereignty? I haven't even mentioned the border yet. Apparently the umbrage over kids in cages was temporary.


The opposite of freedom is government. We can still possibly get our government back in control but it's going to take something big. And just maybe they have a plan to get the folks on the right to join the folks on the left against a greater, common, uniting enemy.


Monday, August 9, 2021

A Hill to Die Upon

 Every morning I get up and the first thing I see on Yahoo is some ridiculous fear porn about covid. Stories about how all these dying people wish they had been vaccinated. Of course there are other articles as well, click bait for scantily clad women. Yahoo is always chasing advertising dollars like little whores.

This is what passes for "news." Yahoo of course stopped all commenting on their propaganda pieces and leftist editorial writing. Thus when people die of covid, I can't ask why they weren't given Ivermectin.

It's clear what the agenda is and coming from a billionaire owner who lives in Woodside, California- this all makes sense to me. I am taking Yahoo off my home page.

The liberals you see, can't simply stop at trying to scare you into taking experimental vaccines. That ain't good enough. You must comply with them. If they want abortions, they say keep your hands off my body. If you don't want an experimental vaccine in your body- they say tough shit you are getting one anyway. The hypocrisy of liberals is sickening. 

You see liberals are like little babies who when they don't get what they want, they throw temper tantrums, ridicule people, and demand new sanctions. So it is, we are seeing the mask rollouts all over again. Now they are demanding covid passports and closing crowded venues to anyone who is not vaccinated.

Now the Pentagon has chimed in on behalf of that idiot who is running the country.

I am tired of these liberal pricks telling me what works and what doesn't. Goofball people with scarves on their faces and those ridiculous shields on their heads. 

My sister says she has found a hill to die on. I have too.

Last week I was betting horses in the casino when I struck up a conversation with a plump and retired investment banker from Hawaii. Everything was going well until my banker friend brought up covid as a masked cocktail waitress walked by. He mentioned how if everyone would get vaccinated this stuff would go away. I countered with it's never going away and not only do the vaccines not work, but I think they are damaging quite a few people. The fight was on. This guy was adamant and so was I. When I brought up the only safe cure, the censored and blacked out FDA approved Ivermectin, I could tell he had no clue what I was talking about. We argued for about five minutes before mutually realizing that we weren't going to change any minds. 

I thought a lot about that conversation and how adamant he was that the vaccines work. That is the weaponized response of a man that thinks Dr. Fauci and the government tell the truth and that they can be relied upon. Beyond that, it was clear to me that my investment banker friend had not done a lot of research on the topic. 

Today's shot across the bow. The Pentagon is going to require all troops to take the experimental vaccine by Sept. 15. If you know anyone in the service, tell them to fight this shit. We've had enough.

I'd take the court martial before or after I filed my lawsuit.

These assholes just won't quit. I cannot think of anything more un-American, more un Constitutional, than forcing people through coercion to become implanted with a virus with unknown side effects. The lunatics running this asylum are even violating the Nuremburg Code. 

I think we've found our hill worth fighting on. I've had it with these assholes. I am done playing nice.

Two links. Best of the web. First discusses why Big Pharma silenced any talk of Ivermectin.

Second link discusses all of the potential damage caused by vaccines (including death) from a pathologists' perspective.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

The Media Blackout of a Covid 19 Cure, the Strange Story of Ivermectin

Being retired with an insatiable desire to always learn more leaves me with a lot of time to follow links and research topics on line. This then, is how I stumbled onto the drug, Ivermectin.

About the time covid 19 filled the nation with hysteria, I was on line every day for hours. I was researching the number of cases, the mortality rates, and other effective means to avoid getting covid.

I stumbled across foreign reports of the Wuhan Virology Lab going "dark" in October of 2019. Spy agencies had been monitoring that site and the Germans noted that the lab completely shut down in October of 2019 for a little over 14 days. No phone calls, no light switches, dark. This of course is corroborated in time by reports from Chinese citizens reporting a new and deadly disease. 

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that covid 19 escaped from the Wuhan Lab. The only question I have is whether or not it was done on purpose- the Chinese having such a wonderful track record of valuing human rights and all. Precisely one year before Trump's re-election bid.

I also realized early on that covid was never going away. Like a deadlier form of the flu, I prepared for the long haul knowing that we were going to have to deal with this shit for a long time. So I researched how to not get covid, I understood the social distancing aspects and washing your hands but I really didn't understand how anyone thinks that a particle of covid, smaller than an n95 filtering system, couldn't penetrate a mask or at least adhere to one. Never mind these people with bandannas wrapped around their cake holes- I suspect mouth coverings are a lot more useless than most people think.

To this day, I still see people running around with masks on and not n95's necessarily. I'm ok with that- but I pray those good little sheep don't start imposing their mask tomfoolery on us all over again.

I began monitoring vaccines and vaccine information. As the vaccines became available, I realized how dangerous they might be and I also realized that I was in a class of folks who would not be moved to the head of the line to receive them.

President Trump took hydroxychloroquine early on. Of course the media ridiculed that move like everything else President Trump did. Ivermectin wasn't on the horizon and subsequently I believe, Hydroxychloroquine and Remdesivir have since been proven ineffective versus covid.

It was about that time that I stumbled onto Ivermectin on an Argentinian website. Doctors in South America were using Ivermectin with amazing results. Originally developed for river blindness and other parasitic borne diseases, Ivermectin blocks a pathway into the cells and prevents the entry of parasites and viruses. What's more, Ivermectin has been around for 40-50 years, it is generic and was dirt cheap. (Now that it has been proven effective, big pharma has recently been price gouging customers)

Another huge plus for Ivermectin was that you could take it after you noticed a few symptoms of covid and Ivermectin would knock it out anyway.

So rather than wait for the government's approval, it dawned on me that if I could get some Ivermectin, monitor my temperature daily with other potential symptoms, that I could travel freely about the country without worrying whether or not I could get Ivermectin if and when I needed it. Ivermectin is not well known in the United States but it is prescribed quite heavily in South America. 

My doctor is a very young and progressive guy. I forwarded him a copy of Pierre Kory testifying in front of Congress about his research group's findings on Ivermectin. After reviewing that and some additional research, not only did my doctor prescribe Ivermectin for my wife and I, he obtained some for his family. In this way we could live our lives vaccine free with a huge measure of protection if we needed it. 

We added daily doses of zinc and 10,000 units of Vitamin D so that those things would be present in our systems if we needed to suddenly use Ivermectin.

Time and time again as I tried to research Ivermectin in America, I noted anti- Ivermectin media reports. Some said it was unsafe, the CDC said Ivermectin hadn't been approved for covid use, other sites warned of damaging side effects.

Today I read a Pfizer business contract with Albania which suppresses the use of any competing drug and forces the buyer to use Pfizer doses and prevents the return of any purchased doses for refund. The Pfizer contract for all practical purposes reduces to near zero- any incentive a buyer might have to try something more effective once the contract is signed. It is unbelievable that Pfizer has similar contracts worldwide, does not have to disclose contract terms to the public, and gets away with this monopoly. Those lobbyists Pfizer employs have been quite effective at greasing Congressmen. Read the Albanian contract here:

As that was taking place, videos promoting Ivermectin started disappearing from You Tube and other social media locales. Dr. Pierre Kory's video disappeared. Recently, Dr Tess Lawrie's videos have disappeared from You Tube and Linked In.

Every time I extolled the virtues of Ivermectin on Facebook, those assholes placed some unauthorized warning banner on my posts.

It was as though the liberal media and the billionaire boy's club were censoring our ability to talk freely about Ivermectin. Big Pharma and Big Media have become inseparable in this country. They conspire. More and more wealth for them, suppress any talk of competing products, and ridicule or remove anyone supporting a position other than the one they have taken. Free speech has become some ridiculous theory that must be approved by corporate and liberal Americans who tell me the only free speech I have exists between the government and a citizen.

The worst part of the media blackout about Ivermectin is that hundreds of thousands of lives might have been saved if these censoring assholes and their masters weren't so self absorbed with lining their own pockets and saving their jobs. I think it is absolutely criminal what they have done. Here's a video of Lou Gossett Jr. talking about how Ivermectin saved his life. Two minutes.

People don't know about Ivermectin. This was done on purpose.

A personal story to wrap this up. About ten days ago, my brother in law and his wife came down with covid- most likely the delta variant. They had it for several days and a test confirmed it. Doctors near him didn't know what Ivermectin was- let alone write a prescription for it.

I called my doctor, arranged a phone visit with them, and they were able to obtain some Ivermectin. They are slowly getting healthier and feeling better as I write this. 

Ivermectin does have some potential side effects although they look like the standard side effects that most drugs have. I would also get some vitamin D and zinc. 

You must do your own due diligence and be responsible for the actions you take. I will leave you with a video of Dr. Pierre Kory debunking another doctors claim that Ivermectin hasn't been researched thoroughly. Kory speaks at the end.


Friday, June 18, 2021

American Train Wreck

I was born near the end of the boomer generation in '64. America was a much different place then than it is today. Back then, life was good. We were all optimists. Everything that made America great was still intact. 

That didn't mean we didn't have skirmishes. We had the Vietnam War and the lies generated at the Gulf of Tonkin. We had one of our first mass shootings at the University of Texas in Austin. We had the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers and Martin Luther King Jr. We had real back of the bus racism. We had demonstrations, women's liberation, the pill, bra burning, and abortion. We had a President commit a burglary to gain intelligence on a political rival which resulted in a very public trial broadcast on every network. We all knew Nixon was guilty. Only a pardon by Gerald Ford saved him.

We've always had conflict in America. 

In 1967, the US dollar was still backed by gold and worth a dollar. We had the strongest currency on the planet. Mothers did not work. Our fathers worked. Mom stayed home and raised the kids. We had two parent families and single parent households were uncommon. This meant supervised and disciplined children. We weren't free to roam the city or get recruited by the Crips. People had good jobs, many of them union jobs. You didn't need a college degree to land a decent job or raise a family.

We went to church which as kids we all disliked. We weren't given a choice. We went to church as a family. Good things came out of those church days. We learned how to dress up, wear ties and tie knots, and shine shoes. We went to Sunday school, had confirmation or catechism, and we were taught the difference between right and wrong. We were given the tools to act fairly, morally correct, and we tried to be decent to others.

That didn't mean it always went that way.

A very bunch of bad things began to unfold in the 70's that would have dramatic and ill effects on America in the decades to come. 

Financing the Vietnam War created huge deficits and destroyed our currency. Although America had been warned by former President Eisenhower in 1961 about the dangers of the military industrial complex- American politicians plowed ahead with the Vietnam War anyway. Military contractors became rich, America lost 55,000 lives, Congress and President Nixon continued to heap on debt. By 1971, Nixon was forced to close the gold window and refused to honor US debt holders' demands for repayment in gold. This started the decline of the dollar, gas shortages, rampant inflation, and a horrible recession that lasted throughout the 70's. 

What happened over the course of those 50 years was like a slow moving train wreck. 

As the dollar continued it's steep decline, government began to raise taxes. American families were hit with a double whammy. High inflation, higher interest rates, and high tax bills. Mothers went to work to help triage the damage our government was inflicting.

The family unit, the one with two parents, began to crumble in the 80's. Divorce rates shot up, and the rise of one parent households complete with unsupervised children began to emerge in earnest.

Unions were busted in the era of Reaganomics and the 80's. Deficit spending began in earnest. American businesses, always in search of the cheapest labor, began hiring illegal aliens by the millions which kept a lid on labor costs.

By the 90's we were in bad shape. Ross Perot warned of the dangers of free trade agreements and how those agreements would cost millions of good paying jobs. His message, perhaps understated, was never taken seriously. One parent households with latch key kids were becoming normal. Inner city kids, many unsupervised, began selling dope and shooting each other. Crime rates skyrocketed and mass shootings emerged.

Oddly and sadly, Christianity began to decline. The morals and values taught to kids at church and Sunday school were in decline as well. Schools quit teaching civics classes. 

By 2000, all of the financial safeguards put into place during the great depression had been removed and just 8 years later we had another banker led depression papered over by bribe taking politicians. This time it was called the "great recession" as though it were an improvement upon the first one.

The American people were then subjected to full blown socialism. We were no longer given the freedom to choose our healthcare- our government would do it for us. They would fine us and demand payment for people who couldn't afford it. We stood in awe as our Supreme Court sided with a bill that hadn't even been read by the Congress which passed it. 

By then, somewhere around 2010, our country become cynical. The rule of law had been destroyed at the altar of nanny government. Laws no longer applied to the politically connected or wealthy- they only applied to the easily convicted working class. Now the race wars began to emerge, distractions from what was really happening in America. The same old haves sticking it to the have nots. A few thousand years of this and yet, people still forget.

The hollowing out and summary execution of the American middle class by the political aristocracy was a foregone conclusion. Invent a tax code which the aristocracy can use to avoid paying taxes- a tax code that essentially eliminates any deductions for the middle class except a nominal personal exemption and eliminate any other deductions for medical care, property and state taxes. That way you can force the middle class to pay for the free rent, the subsidized housing loans, the free healthcare, the free food, and all the other government assistance the poor can consume. 

It's a great plan. The rich can evade the burden of paying for the needs of the poor by screwing over the middle class and getting them to foot the bill for the poor. All the American aristocracy has to do is make sure their Congressional friends remain in office forever through any combination of campaign re-election contributions, corporate contributions, pay to play charitable write offs, backdoor promises and jobs (like Chelsea Clinton's 600k job at NBC in 2011) or any other form of bribery detected or not.

After using the American system of capitalism to achieve vast riches, the American aristocracy can then claim that they are in fact, charitable liberals who care about the welfare of all different races, LGBTQ folks, and the poor. The Giving Pledge and all that other horse shit invented by the aristocracy to make them look like nice people.  

The truth of the matter is quite simply the poor have been lulled into wasting their lives with cradle to grave assistance. The apathetic (I don't pay attention to all that bullshit) middle class have been used to pay for all that charity and plunged actual taxpayers like myself into a debt cesspool we can never escape. The aristocracy and corporate America, with their paid for politicians and Supreme Court shills, have us by the balls.

I cannot think of a better illustration than my own personal experience.

This past winter the IRS sent me a bill for 189 dollars. Although I've been retired for 10 years and I've always paid my taxes on the due date- apparently now our IRS masters have decided that we must pay in advance of the due date. If we do not, they levy a fine without any sort of due process or notification and send it to you. 

I actually used an online calculator to calculate what percentage 189 dollars would be when divided into our 28 trillion dollar debt. The answer was well over 150 decimal places. 

My tax rate is right at 20% of my gross income. Billionaire Warren Buffet paid less than 1% in taxes last year.

The beauty of 50 years worth of bad decisions is that our government and corporate overlords are running out of time. They will soon find themselves with an incurable debt level, horrid inflation, a collapsing currency, and a president with dementia. The overlords will demand more and the minions, like Atlas, will merely shrug. 

My prediction? Within 18 months but probably sooner.