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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Hating Liberals and the 5 AM Biden Miracle

Learning to love or learning to hate is a process that evolves over some period of time. A bit of an explanation. Please allow me to indulge for just a moment.

I don't think anybody ever woke up one morning and said, "I hate cows."  You have to learn to hate cows. You have to see them wallow in their own shit, stinking up the landscape, and bellowing at 4 a.m. You have to milk a cow with an infected udder, watch them blow snot everywhere, or slam into one on your motorcycle in some open range part of the west. Make no mistake about it. You either learn to tolerate and like all that or you don't. Whatever conclusion you land on- there was some sort of process that took place prior to you arriving at the opinion you currently hold. You should respect that other people may reach a different conclusion than you have. That concept absolutely baffles liberals.

My mother, a teenage milker of cows, hated cows. To the day she died, she would not drink milk. I asked her why once and she told me that milk from a cow infected with mastitis looked like foamy urine. Ewww. Lesson learned.

I drink almond milk.

Liberals call that a "learning curve" because they like to say stupid shit like that- mostly because they think it makes them sound hip, slick, and cool. The arrogant phrase, "a teachable moment" also comes to mind popularized by our Indonesian President and liberal genius, Barack Obama.

Prior to the current world we live in, the one where illnesses, taxes, and even Trump's hair has suddenly become politicized, I was this happy go lucky kid. Late one summer, I found myself in college trying to figure out just what I was going to do for the next forty years or so. That's when I got my first glimpse of dyed- in- the- wool liberals. The all knowing, enlightened, college professors. I fell for the indoctrination. I was young. 

My indoctrination was fast, just a year or two did it. I decided that I disliked anything that damaged the environment especially atomic bombs and nuclear reactors. I believed in unions and downtrodden working stiffs trying to collectively bargain for a livable wage and a few benefits. I was probably agnostic at that moment in my life which helped my new found liberal lean. Over the years, I found myself arguing over abortion and capital punishment, gay rights, immigration, gun control. All of the hot issues that we waste time arguing about.

After college I moved to this quaint little ski town. I have always loved the mountains more than the beach. I loved my new home and the sleepy little valley. Over the course of 20 years or so, our little town became over run with west coast liberal transplants. Folks from Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles. Very wealthy people cashing in their real estate and coming to our little valley. I began to notice something else I thought was very odd. All of these wealthy people were liberals. They weren't the crusty, rich Republicans with old fashioned ideas that I had been taught to hate back in college. These people were west coast flamers, famous actors, the nouveau riche from Redmond and Silicon Valley. These were nearly all card carrying democrats and their opinions were the only opinions that mattered. 

Most were well educated. They came into our valley, trying to park their starter mansions on mountain tops and river banks. They bought all the best land and slowly replaced the long time residents and locals who were more than happy to sell their real estate and businesses and go somewhere else. Those of us remaining were saddled with these trust funders and the nouveau riche who felt obligated to impart their opinions on the rest of us as though we were a bunch of hayseeds just waiting for a chance for our shadows to cross.

Liberals don't understand the utility of rural life. They have no respect for it.

The process of success, whether it comes via hard work, luck, or blind stupidity almost always brings with it a false sense of self. The financially successful assume that we all want to be like them. That we want starter mansions, indoor swimming pools, wine tasting parties. Many liberal minds are completely held hostage by an ego that believes it is far superior to others. Think of all the people who worship Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. Then there are the trust funders. I like to think of them as those who wake up on home plate thinking they hit the home run. They fall into this class- I have never met a conservative thinking, voting, trust funder.

Over a few decades or so, I grew to hate liberals. Not because I covet their lifestyles and possessions, their money, or their superior intellect. I learned to hate them because they have no humility, no gratitude. Their ideas are shit. They don't work. They don't believe in any power greater than themselves. The worst part of this is that they manage to pass laws to steal your money and pay for their insane ideas. Enabling poor people to stay poor. Letting them have an abortion or two. Free food, rent, and healthcare. Smoke a joint. They of course vote for more free shit.

I don't mind shitty laws like Obamacare- I would just like to see liberals pay for them. In other words, if you think wolf re-introduction is such a high minded and noble cause- then get out your fucking checkbooks and pay for it. Exclusively. Don't ask me to fund your useless programs.

Which brings me to one of the great distinctions between liberals and conservatives. When a liberal hates something- they whine about it, protest, form little groups  and then pass laws to prevent the rest of us from engaging in whatever it is that they dislike. When a conservative dislikes or hates something- they simply don't engage in that activity. 

Item last.

Donald Trump is our President. He may be direct, he may be a bully. He may be narcissistic and mean spirited. For all of his faults and they may number quite a few, he has courage. He refuses to back down in the face of an election which was quite literally stolen from him and conservative America. The liberal media, Trump haters to the core, were more than happy to declare Biden/Harris the election winners and offer them a coronation. They have effectively removed any mention of Trump and the electoral college process from the news. If the media mentions Trump, it is always done in some derogatory fashion.

And of course, they make us look like kooks because we don't buy into their bullshit anymore.

In America we agree to a few things. One of those things is that we agree to elect a President every four years. We agree to respect the process and the office of President whether we like the current office holder or not. Democrats and liberals everywhere have violated that premise. Conservatives sucked it up while Obama was busy lying to us, screwing us over with the ACA, and letting a few Americans get killed in Benghazi because it might hurt his re-election bid. 

If the liberals steal this election and they most certainly did in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia- then the battle lines are drawn. It is unbelievable that we could all go to bed with a comfortable 5% lead in every swing state- and wake up a few hours later only to find that we are now losing every swing state. That's a coup. I do not care one iota if every one of these states covers up this rampant cheating and whether the courts are going to look the other way. I do not care to hear any liberal rhetoric or the usual smart ass comments.

Hating liberals has never been easier. I'm not going easy on that idiot Biden or his affirmative action running mate selected because of her skin color. I'm going to show them the same level of respect that they have shown Trump and conservative America. My learning curve is complete.


Saturday, November 7, 2020

Hammer and Scorecard: This Is How the Election Was Stolen

Today, I'd like to offer up an explanation for what happened this week and how. I make no apologies for telling it the way that it is. I can do that because I have no employer and I have never accepted a dime from advertisers. My speech, is the free speech defined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The democrats have given us a low IQ dementia suffering President who has never accomplished anything and a somewhat black sidekick that former President Obama drools over. Fifty years of useless, bribe receiving public service with a drug addled kid and a woman who clearly knew how to use her vagina to receive any number of appointments by Mayor Willie Brown and his political machine. This is who is going to lead our country. It's hard to conceal my excitement.

Months ago I looked into the life of Kamala Harris and her affair with Willie Brown. I had also attempted to find out just who in Ms. Harris' life had contributed any black genes. It was so incredibly important for the left to select a minority ticket, qualified or not, that I began to investigate her life and qualifications. That's when I stumbled into report after report of her multi year affair with Mayor Brown. Harris had received several appointments and had the backing of Brown's extensive political machine in California. Her wikipedia entry has now been scrubbed and replaced so nicely that you won't even find Mayor Brown's name mentioned. These things always make sense.

The election circus is now grinding into phase two. We are now finding that vote counting software entitled "Dominion" is being used in 30 states to count votes. The software is not just "glitchy" as reported by the media and minions- it is simply corrupt. It is used in every swing state (30 total) including every state that President Trump lost during the week. Maybe the best link of the day.

Then there's this. Hammer and Scorecard. Software designed by the CIA which can steal votes in an undetectable fashion.

My phone this week has been eerily silent. My friends, virtually all card carrying conservatives, haven't called. My FB account has hardly been viewed. Only the hard core conservatives stop by and render a like here and there. Yes, politics in America sucks. I think my friends have been left gaping. We all went to sleep Tuesday night with a big lead- and woke Wednesday to find that somehow- that lead had vanished in virtually every state that was left. The swing states.

We knew we had been screwed once again by the liberals but how? The general consensus was that most of the damage was done by absentee balloting. Damage was also done by postal employees back dating late ballots, ballot counters with no oversight, and the aforementioned "glitchy" software which in one county alone- reversed 6000 ballots and a Trump win- into a win for Joe Biden. Not to mention the potential use of Hammer and Scorecard.

Thus we see the sweeping integrity of the American people. Are these the same people who have whined about Russian election interference for four years? Holy shit. Putin's got nothing on this crew.

Which leads me to item last.

The divide in this country was not caused by conservatives. The divide in this country began when liberals stole our healthcare and financially screwed over the working class on behalf of the welfare class. We have yet to find relief- paying fines and ridiculous premiums.

So yes, I'm angry. I'm angry at a class of people who think nothing of screwing over our country, cheating, stealing, and rendering insults. Offering up a weekend at Bernie's candidate with the obvious Harris implications. But mostly, I am angry at the absolute lack of respect for our process. For four years I've had to endure the left's constant whine when in fact- most of them are far better off financially than they were in 2016. And they gave us this package of shit.

I'm not likely to get over this anytime soon.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The Credit Reporting Industry Needs a Major Overhaul

 If there was ever an industry in dire need of oversight and regulation- it has to be the credit reporting industry.

For years, these credit reporting agencies have worked in the shadows gathering information without permission. They have little or no oversight with regard to the activities they engage in. They have no regulation other than themselves. I know of exactly nobody who publicly advocates on behalf of the citizen consumers they report on. The murky workings of creditors, collection agencies, and inherent mistakes, leaks, and flaws in their work- coupled with the absolute quirky nature of how a credit reporting agency arrives at a credit "score" is a mystery of Loch Ness proportions.

My first run in with these agencies occurred in 1987. I would work up loans and run credit reports. Time and time again, I found myself trying to sort out what was accurate and what was not. If you had a common name, say Susan Smith, you might literally have all sorts of derogatory entries on behalf of all of the deadbeats named Susan Smith in the credit reporting world. Once I had run a credit check- I would sit down with the prospective borrower and go through all of the true and false entries on the report. Sometimes it became a giant pain in the ass and a deal killer. I found so many flaws and inaccurate entries back then that I was completely flabbergasted that this system even functioned. Trying to remove a bad credit entry was tantamount to scaling Mt Everest.

Heaven forbid someone stole your identity and charged up a hundred grand under your name. I can bet those people nearly lost their minds and several years trying to restore their credit.

My next run in occurred when I was billed 1060 dollars for a standard 6 panel blood test in 2009. It hit my credit report after I changed addresses. I only caught it when I was turned down for a loan a few months later.  When I called the collection agency on the report- they said I had an outstanding delinquent account. Who pays 1060 dollars for a simple blood test? The collection agency didn't care. So I contacted the hospital, informed them that I have had the same test done several times for about 75 bucks. Where in the hell did this hospital get 1060.00? I was informed that was what they charged because of their giant overhead costs. I told them I would pay 2 or 3 hundred dollars as a compromise but that I in no way, shape, or form was going to pay them a thousand dollars. They refused. They sent my case to a settlement committee which also refused to reduce the amount. Ultimately, I called the credit collection agency, begged them to take me to small claims court and let a judge decide what was fair. They refused to do that. That derogatory entry sat on my credit for 10 years. I never paid it.

I was screwed out of a few loans, lower interest loans, and charged higher interest rates. I learned to become self sufficient. I began to pay cash for everything. In fact, everything I own- I own out right.

My next run in with credit reporting agencies is when I discovered that they were handing out my information to insurance companies. I very angrily told one agency that I was not seeking credit and that they had absolutely no right to disclose my information to an insurance company. I asked them if they intended to disclose my information to everyone who I did business with. 

My point is simple. Unless I am asking for credit- then there should be no reason for ANY company to seek out my credit score. Insurance companies raise rates on people perceived as bad credit risks despite the fact they pay on time and with their own money.

Of all the things that piss me off about credit reporting agencies- this one floats to the top of my list.

There was the hack and security breach where hackers literally stole millions of folks' information from credit reporting agencies. The settlement for allowing all of this info to escape was ridiculously low. As the puny sum that was set aside for settlement purposes was quickly exhausted- stolen by lawyers and the government- everyone else received free credit reports as compensation. I requested the 75 bucks when I discovered my identity had been stolen. That was years ago. Still nothing.

Yesterday, I received a collection notice for 229.00 dollars from a collection agency on behalf of Safeco Insurance. I have never been insured by Safeco. I called the collection agency. They said it was for homeowners insurance on a house I had never purchased. The purchase and sales agreement fell through I explained and therefore, I would never have sought a binder for the house. In fact I mentioned, it would have been illegal for the owner and I to each have a separate policy on the same house prior to closing the sale. She told me that I had to provide proof that I had not bought the house. Short of calling her insane- I asked her how I was supposed to do that and (b) why was it my fucking responsibility to provide proof?? Being the thickheaded woman that she was- she got all huffy when I used the F word and ended the call. 

So I called the insurance agency in Montana. I told them the story. I also told them it was their responsibility to make this go away since they originated the problem in the first place. "No sorry, I'll look into it." Just I'll have someone call you. I am still waiting. Tomorrow I shall call the manager and chew somebody's ass.

So how does all this happen and then continue?? Apathy... people simply don't care until their time comes. In the case of credit reporting- I've found that just about everyone gets screwed over sooner or later by credit reporting agencies. In a drunken stupor, I could devise an interactive system far superior and user friendly than this God awful monstrosity. I'd turn it over to the government but then it would really get fucked up- like the Post Office and the IRS.

Ultimately it might take a class action lawsuit with damages to force an overhaul of this clearly broken system. It is long over due.


Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Censorship in America, the N.A.C.A., and Hating Trump

I started this blog back in 2009. Here I can say any fucking thing I want to. I don't have to worry about advertisers, liberal cry babies, or any other member of pussified America.

In the 11 years and 2000 blogs that I have written here- I have removed a total of 4 comments that were not ads or spam. They were vitriolic and hateful attacks directed at me. Nothing more. Had they attempted to make a useful point- I would have left them up.

Those are my "community standards."

In America right now- you simply have no right to any sort of thing resembling free speech. Content publishers are quick to point out that your right to free speech is only a contract between you and the United States Government as defined in the First Amendment. You have no right to free speech apparently where any third party content provider has established a comment section. Third party publishers are quick to remove anything that they don't like under color of "community standards" or any other arbitrary excuse they come up with. We are seeing this all over Facebook and Twitter. 

In reality- this is really no different than the small town newspaper publisher that edits or removes editorials written by members of the community for any number of reasons. We have always been at the mercy of who ever owns the printing press.

The first blog I was ever removed from was "naked capitalism." Yves or Susan Webber or whatever she goes by- became angry with me for arguing with her about Modern Monetary Theory or MMT. I had read a number of things, including a manuscript or two, by various people who had written pros and cons about MMT.

Ultimately, I had reached the conclusion that in theory- MMT might work but not in an environment where you were already 25 trillion in the hole. The MMT theory never took into account a pre existing debt level that was out of control. MMT was hatched on a zero balance sheet. It would not work any better than the trillion dollar coin nonsense hatched years earlier. Yves was a big proponent of MMT at the time and certainly was not going to argue with some knucklehead from Idaho. She was far superior to that. So after a few condescending remarks meant to shame me- she bounced me from her blog.

I never went back.

I have always been a daily reader of ZeroHedge but I suspected that the blog had been sold months ago. However, I cannot find anything on the web supporting my theory. ZeroHedge had always been fight club and billed itself that way with the Tyler Durden moniker. You literally could say anything you wanted there. Hate jews, gays, liberals, profanity. Anything goes. The comment section was lively and then- suddenly ZH started to crack down and ban commenters. Suddenly that all changed early this year.

I have now been banned twice. Once I suspect for profanity. The second time I called them cowards and boot lickers for catering, allegedly, to their advertisers who demanded more civility. I do remember them mentioning liability for hate speech directed at specific targets. This by the way, is bullshit.

I should also tell you that section 230 of the Communications Decency Act has been litigated and offers very broad based immunity to blog publishers and the like. In other words- there is no liability in a comment section and therefore any effort to say we could be held liable for what our commenters produce becomes fruits of the same bullshit tree. Here is the act for reference.

Yahoo simply disabled their comments earlier this year. I suspect there was too much support for President Trump and they were getting a lot of push back from commenters who hated their anti-Trump editorial pieces which they disguised as truthful reporting.

I got bounced from Facebook once and re-instated when it was found that my post was accurate regarding Benghazi facts wherein President Obama and his team of liars concocted excuses for failing to help Americans who died defending Benghazi. Of all the traitorous acts ever committed by a government- I consider none greater than Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama sitting idly by while Americans they employed and installed in Libyan posts were killed- two months before Obama's re-election. If you thought we were swirling the drain then- you might be right.

Nobody dared question the Obama God. 

I have also been removed from MarketWatch, which is another liberal hate Trump site. These "news" sources have all been under attack from Trump since day one. So trying to defend Trump and call out MW for their selective and quite obvious hateful rhetoric has gotten me bounced there as well.

My countrymen apparently have no problem with the arbitrary removal of comments and commenters. Often I read what they write and the very best minds grant them authority over their comment section despite the fact that section 230 grants them full immunity.

The over reach in this country has never been worse. We have employers policing the internet, disciplining and even terminating employees for expressing their views on Twitter, Facebook, You Tube. Blogs and corporate news sites remove your comments for no other reason than it disagrees with their position and they are not about to let you point out and criticize their opinions and content.

A lot of people think that our fractured America came about as a result of Trump. That's simply not true. I believe and this is my opinion- that America became fractured when President Obama and Congress stole our health insurance, our doctors, and handed us this ridiculous NOT affordable care act- read NACA for short. We all remember the lies. Your premiums will go down. You can keep your doctor. You can keep your plan. 

The NACA was passed in 2010 purely by democrats and signed into law by a democrat. It is without a doubt, the single worst piece of legislation ever conceived and written in America. That's what started all of this American fighting, nastiness, censorship, and hatred. The liberal bastards in America hate being pushed back. That's what this is really all about.

It all gets resolved in a couple of weeks. 

For me, I'm not voting. I can't get behind a government that can't defeat robocalling, 77,000 page tax codes, 26 trillion in debt, hyperinflation, or 1500 a month bronze health care plans. Sure, I am going to vote for more of this shit. No. 

I know most will disagree with me here and I am cool with that.

Sometimes, and I think this is one of those times, you simply have to close your eyes and let the waters do with you what they will. Trust the process. If we get Biden, so be it. We will be that much closer to the inevitable collapse and then maybe we can rebuild this country. Interesting times indeed.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Get Ready for the Sh** Show

Many years ago, in my previous life as a law enforcement officer, I had the privilege of meeting Howard. Howard was mentally ill and unstable. He was angry and he was dangerous. Howard, a full 6'5" inch man in his late 30's, enjoyed walking around town with an ax over his shoulder. He wore these crazy looking eye glasses, goggles really, with yellow lenses.

Howard scared a lot of people. Everyone from bank managers to motorists would call the police department and we would be forced to explain that carrying an ax in public was not illegal. Once on a traffic stop, Howard jumped out of his truck with that ax and briskly walked towards my patrol car. Truth is, any normal cop might have shot Howard and got away with it. 

I liked Howard. Howard liked me. When I became the Chief, Howard would often come visit me at my office. He would ask me if I had any enemies needing to have an "accident."  I had a couple of folks in mind but they are still with us and Howard is now- long gone.

Donald Trump reminds me of Howard. Trump scares people. He's not real long on tact. He is direct and nasty. He is full of bluster and Trump attacks people who attack him. Thus far, he just doesn't back down from anyone. That's how Howard was.

The left is scared to death of Trump. They don't understand him. They don't understand how a President can act so un-Presidential. They hate this guy. Not because of what he's done but because of who he is. If you simply ignore everything that he says, and look at what he's done, Trump isn't half bad.

There is no better comparison than Trump and Obama. They are polar opposites. I believe the right hated almost everything Obama deceptively did- but kept their mouths shut about it because he was black. Bailing out health insurers with that Obamacare act hurt me significantly. Letting our troops die in Benghazi before the election was the last straw. I believe everything about Obama was a lie- right down to who his father actually was. 

The left hates Trump because he has no tact. They hate him because he stands for everything they despise- from closed borders to anti-abortion rights. The difference is- is that the left has been absolutely unmerciful and public, speaking out quite vocally in their hatred for Trump for nearly 4 years now. Can you imagine if Trump was black? They'd all have to shut up like we did during the Obama reign.

So amidst the Covid epidemic, the left managed to come up with the weakest Presidential candidate that they could find. A career politician who has done nothing but fill a chair. To this they added a far left, allegedly black female, to try and snag minority votes. The left also wants mail in ballots, presumably because of Covid, but everyone knows they want to rig the balloting and get rid of Trump- having failed in the impeachment process.

I can't imagine a better recipe for disaster than this. 

We've got a revenge minded President who won't back down- and we have two flaming, liberal, gun grabbing candidates on a ticket with a base that wants to rig this election and win at any cost.


We ain't talking an eternity away either. There is only 72 days until the grand finale. I am not sure that it is going to matter who wins. I think there is a very real chance of civil unrest either way and some crazy unforeseen event happening. 

Back in the day, I learned to get along with Howard. Like Trump, Howard was all bluster. All show. He scared people because he simply refused to conform to their norms. Like Trump. Howard was actually a pretty decent guy- with a short fuse no doubt- but there was really no danger as long as you were decent to Howard. 

The left isn't going to be decent.

So I've been getting ready for the shit show this fall. Stocking up on supplies and prescriptions, rigging a transfer switch for the house and buying a generator. I may not need any of this and I hope I don't- but then again who thought we would all be wearing masks at the start of the year?

This ain't your parents 'merica- that's for damn sure.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Officer Chauvin Stares At the Abyss and Plunges In

Let's hope it doesn't have to get worse before it gets better.

How spiritually sick do you have to be to sit on someone's neck for nearly 9 minutes, in full view of the public, and kill someone? Who does that? But more importantly, why?

I retired from law enforcement 13 years ago. Leaving law enforcement saved my life. So I am not going to regurgitate the same stuff you've been reading about Derek Chauvin all week.

I really had no idea what the profession would do to me and the toll it would take. I have seen other cops work 25 or 30 years and remain emotionally unscathed.

But that wasn't me. For 10 hours a day, I answered bad calls and tried to catch bad guys. For a fair amount of my off duty time, I mulled over pending cases and how I was going to resolve them. So I didn't spend 10 hours a day being a cop- it was more like 16. I did this every day for 24 years. Devoting over 100 hours a week to your occupation, especially one as adversarial and confrontational as law enforcement, takes a very heavy emotional toll.

Some guys took no real interest in resolving criminal cases instead they simply filed them away and went home. Forgetting about them. They just didn't seem to really care whether the bad guys got caught or the Smith's received their stolen property back. Those unemotionally attached cops looked at their job as some sort of political dance where you schmoozed the victims and made some half hearted attempt to catch the people responsible for the crime. Those cops didn't really care about effective policing but the flip side of that laissez faire attitude was that the job never impacted them too negatively. They didn't seem to lose sleep over it and as one cop said to me once, "it all pays the same."

Over time, I began to wonder if I had it wrong and all those self serving souls had it right. Even the people we worked for were apathetic. The truth is, the public doesn't really expect too much from the police and the police know that.

So for 24 years or so, I tried to solve or resolve every problem I encountered. I tried to catch vandals, wife beaters, drunks, burglars, and other felons. I cleaned up suicide scenes, death scenes, bloody traffic accidents. I delivered horrible news at homes and hospitals. I fought with criminals and prosecutors. I played coy with the press. I met some really despicable characters over those years and a few of them had advanced degrees and wore suits.

By the time my end was near, I had worked 24 years. I was overweight, smoked, drank too much, I was clinically depressed and in poor health, and getting a divorce. I was angry at the universe for sneaking up on me like that. I was a decent human being or so I thought. I've made a lot of mistakes in my life but leaving law enforcement was not one of them. I was tired of being someone else's shitty day.

I was able to see my life without law enforcement and that helped me sort out where I had been and what had happened to me. I lost 50 pounds, quit smoking and drinking, and I managed to get my life back. I had to get right with everything that had happened to me along the way. It was a process most of which is over. Part of that process was examining my self, my good and bad choices, and realizing what role my occupation played in all of that. It was considerable.

So I'm about to wrap this up with a few caveats. First off, I'm not looking for sympathy or trying to make excuses. I don't give a shit about those things. Secondly, Derek Chauvin will get his day in court. I don't need to declare his guilt to make the angry mob happy that I have joined them.

I've read the stories that Chauvin and Floyd both worked in the same nightclub. In the western states, those without unions- cops working off duty in bars, night clubs, and strip clubs is strictly verboten. I was in awe that any police department anywhere would allow Chauvin to work in a place where criminal conduct would most certainly compromise him. Don't underestimate the union influence in a place like Minneapolis. I'll take this one step further. If Chauvin truly worked at El Nuevo Rodeo for 17 years- then Chauvin must have seen and looked the other way on an absolute abundance of criminal conduct. He may have been involved in some. But investigating that is the job I used to do. Could Chauvin and Floyd be involved in nefarious acts? It sure seems plausible but again- sorting that out is no longer my job.

By policy, you generally must seek permission to work second jobs while employed in law enforcement- and I can damn sure tell you that as an administrator I'd never have allowed an employee to work part time in a bar.

So what happened with those three cops standing idly by? One was only on the job 16 months.

Once when I was a young cop, I saw a prisoner dragged out of a car while handcuffed and hobbled and jerked out of the squad car onto a concrete floor with no means of breaking the fall other than his shoulder and head. His head "thunked" on the floor. I was absolutely shocked when I saw it. I didn't know what to do. It was just a singular event that although I knew it was deliberate- I wasn't ready to sacrifice careers over it. The cop that did it said that he had made a mistake. That amount of defensible and plausible deniability kept me from reporting it. However, from that day forward I promised myself I would never stand by and watch that sort of thing without intervening. That's the lesson I learned that day. That's a lesson that apparently caught three police officers staring into headlights in Minneapolis.

So all that shit comes home with you. It has a cumulative effect stretching out over a 25 or 30 year career. It's unlike a soldier who endures a few years of violent and harsh conditions. The soldier comes home for access to mental health counseling at the VA. Cops don't really have that available to them and even if they did- they wouldn't take advantage of it unless they were ordered to.

I have a friend that says the cumulative effects of policing are so bad- that nobody should be allowed to remain in law enforcement beyond 10 years.

Chauvin clearly stumbled into the abyss. I thought about all those complaints he had received, and his entire chain of command and perhaps a union, that allowed him to continue in his capacity when clearly he was at risk. You don't just wake up one day and say, "I think I'll go kneel on some guy's neck until he dies." That is a process. A 19 year process wherein a number of people must have looked the other way. Chauvin's superiors had to know better. They had to have seen any number of cops go off the deep end, suffer from depression, alcohol and drug abuse. Do they ever bother asking for a "fitness for duty exam?" Could they have prevented Floyd's death?

The whole point of having supervisors is that hopefully they are intelligent and have enough police experience that they can spot at risk officers and intervene when necessary. That clearly didn't happen here.

Interestingly enough and despite all the protests and riots, I am not entirely convinced this was racially motivated at all. The liberal public and the black community love to discount the proportion of crime that the black community is responsible for. The black community commits an overwhelming amount of crime in this country, well beyond their 13% demographic. When you run into the police that frequently- bad things are bound to happen. Could this very incident have happened with a white victim under the same set of circumstances? Yes, I think so. Chauvin had an 18 complaint work history. It was probably just a matter of time.

I think it's best to examine the whole picture. To look at how effective or ineffective the Minneapolis Police Department is at policing their own. When I saw them abandon a precinct, clearly under orders, and let rioters burn the building down- I began to question everyone and everything. The Police Chief, the Mayor, and even the Governor. A lot of people have fallen asleep at the wheel in order for this mess to happen.

That's how it always is. A comedy of errors. A tragic ending could have been avoided had just one courageous soul intervened.

In the years to come, I really believe there will be an examination into the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder of police officers who are clearly losing it and tottering on the edge of the abyss. It's accepted science for soldiers, why haven't we done this for police officers? Detecting and offering officers help rather than punitive action (or looking the other way) will save lives. If one good thing comes out of this entire mess I hope it's that. I hope we start examining the poor performance of our police departments and the archaic ways they have of managing a very at risk group of officers and their mental health needs. We need to remove the stigma of seeking mental health help. I don't think there is anything wrong with ordering officers into fitness for duty exams, therapy programs, couples counseling, alcohol and drug programs. Cops will never do this sort of thing on their own. You have to order them in, maybe kicking and screaming. But trying that first is a lot better than ignoring the problem. Ignoring and pretending there is no problem seems to still be the first line, perhaps the only line, of defense employed by police departments nationwide. That isn't doing anybody any good.

It's time we start recognizing the risks, helping cops, and saving a few lives in the process because I don't see this getting any better on it's own.