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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Tremendous Surge in 18-49 Year Old Fatalities Puzzling Authorities- Yet No Mystery Here

I've been reading about the huge surge in deaths as reported by a midwest life insurance group late last week.

About 20 months ago when this covid madness was in full bloom, I had a molar crack and become infected. This nasty toothache had me calling about 5 dentists until I found one that was actually open. The butcher of La Verkin not only charged me 650 bucks for the extraction but he drilled a nice gouge in the side of my tongue- a significant pain which persisted for nearly a month. It was a gouge which was easily visible on my tongue right next to the now missing molar. When I informed the dentist that I suspected he had nicked my tongue- he told me that I must have bit down on it instead.

It wasn't until a week or so later that it dawned on me- you can't bite your tongue when the tooth next to it has been extracted. Getting gouged twice by this dentist certainly meant there would not be a third time.

This incident kicked off a series of medical events, hernia operations, ICU style covid, retina surgery, and trying to schedule a colonoscopy.

It has been a giant pain in the ass- particularly scheduling the colonoscopy. I'm not here to whine about my medical maladies but rather to offer a premise for the outstanding number of deaths the USA has been experiencing in that 18-49 age group. Not only do I believe in this 4-sigma event, but I am also witnessing it firsthand. 

1. Cost. The vast majority of Americans in the 18-49 group have high deductible insurance. This means they might have to come up with as much as 15,000 dollars out of pocket before any financial help kicks in from these wonderful ACA health insurance policies. I think people in this age group will put off procedures, particularly if they think the procedure can wait. Disease processes do not wait.

2. Availability. The absolute hysteria created by the media surrounding covid has caused a complete back up in scheduling elective procedures. Not only are covid patients consuming bed and appointment space, but health providers are eliminating unvaccinated staff and creating staffing shortages. Trying to work full time and getting in to see a provider is a slow, cumbersome process. Today I tried to get through a health portal, I drove in person to my doctor's office for a referral, and for approximately the 6th time (including unreturned phone calls and emails)- in a couple months filled with holidays- I will try to schedule a 1700-dollar procedure I am paying for myself.

3. Vaccine deaths. I am a conspiracy theorist. I absolutely believe the government in its vaccination frenzy, is most certainly under reporting adverse reactions caused by vaccines- including death. The instance of heart problems including pericarditis and heart attack are being reported all over the globe- yet here in the U.S. we hear crickets in the legacy media about adverse effects. However, you will hear daily about some unvaccinated person who dies. This has been standard fare for months. Who benefitted the most from covid? Big pharma, hospital systems, and the US Congress/President/and government bureaucrats all of whom are bought and paid for by the big pharma/hospital lobby.

4. Poor treatment options. Doctors and hospitals have absolutely refused to treat people in the US- BEFORE they get sick. Ivermectin is most effective when used preventatively, hydroxychloroquine can also be used preventatively. Yet this government doesn't say shit about prevention other than push these vaccines which don't even slow the transmissibility of covid.

This also includes the ability to shop around in markets that have vacant beds- yet patients are prevented by their health insurers from seeking health care outside of their designated market. This is a luxury of cash payers like myself- I can literally go where I need to get a procedure done.

5. Collateral damage exists throughout the system. Disease processes are going untreated. Alcoholism, drug addiction, and mental health are falling through the cracks. The murder rates- generally caused by those three things- are creating homicide rates we have never seen in urban areas. Even the covid masks cause breathing issues. 

6. Deteriorating US healthcare. Our healthcare system is held hostage by the ACA and hospitals who would rather focus on profit margins rather than great outcomes. We see this in virtually every ranking system worldwide and in fact- our mortality rate actually went down significantly last year.

How many deaths are accounted for here? I bet I captured 90% of our surplus, 18-49 death rate. I cannot think of anything I missed. Our national healthcare system has become kind of a dog-eat-dog system with several different pieces all contributing. 

The soaring death rates are tragic but amidst this leaderless group exercise we are enduring- I don't see any chance of improvement until the winter of '22-23 and some additional reforms thereafter. Until then we are stuck with this ailing system. One wonders just how bad this will get. 


Monday, January 10, 2022

Washington State Wants to Give You Free Housing In a Covid Camp

 My sister lives in the only conservative county in Washington State.

You can't imagine my shock when I read yesterday that Washington State is attempting to pass legislation to put unvaccinated people in covid camps. Not only are they seeking support for this legislation- some news sources are already reporting that they have constructed the camps.

I thought this was bullshit and part of the never ending hysteria. Then I saw this.

Now if you know anything about me at all you should know this. I am a law and order guy. I believe in freedom, due process, and I do not believe in denying anyone their constitutional rights as given to us by GOD.

That means no false imprisonment. No lynch mob. Due process. It means I am not going to submit to a vaccination and I sure as shit won't submit to a false arrest to take me to a relocation camp based on a liberal mindset that showcases mass hysteria. 

I almost want to move to Washington State to see how this plays out when they come knocking on the door asking for my vaccine status.

But liberal thinking is exactly why I don't live amongst the purple haired, gender confused, abortion seeking, atheist left coast. I can't even stand traveling through those areas anymore.

The truth is, I always thought there was a limit on how fucked up you could get. But on the left coast, apparently the sky's the limit. Maybe they have contests or talent shows.

Here's the deal. China gave us this disease with help from America. It is clear to me that big pharma has complete regulatory capture of Congress and that drooling idiot now occupying the White House. We have 2 or 3 Supreme Court justices who either don't have a clue about the founding fathers' intent or they simply choose to ignore that intent because it doesn't appeal to their political goals. Either way, we are very close to having the Constitution and the Bill of Rights completely marginalized and ignored. 

I called this blog Frankenstein Government because back in 2008- I saw how our government was going- after they hijacked our tax coffers to bail out their pals on Wall Street. Thousands of bankers engaged in all types of fraud were given a pass by newly elected President Barack Obama. That's when I knew we were fucked. They stole our money, they stole our healthcare, and they bailed out their rich buddies and the rule of law was completely ignored.

First slowly, through apathy. Then quickly because they know nobody cares. We have arrived at quickly.

Our rights are given to us by God. In the 1700's that was a shared belief. We were all on the same sheet of music, more or less. 

Fast forward 250 years and we find ourselves in a dystopian world. A world where history is ignored and forgotten. Where killing the unborn is legal. Where God has become nonsense. Where our shared beliefs are so fractured that we can no longer discern what they are. Where stripping people of their constitutional rights is acceptable if those people refuse to submit to some half ass vaccines. 

I don't think the left realizes how close they are to a flash point. There are a lot of people like me that have had enough. Sooner or later this will get settled, perhaps over a rope or a gun barrel.

They are sadly mistaken if they think the conservatives in this country are going to roll over like the Japanese Americans did in 1942.

Keep an eye on Washington. If they manage to pull this off- things could escalate quickly.


Sunday, December 26, 2021

The Unvaccinated Should Be Denied Hospital Care and Left To Die

I thought that headline might grab you. I found it today on a commenter's profile. He was in his 30's, vaccinated, and living in the midwest.

I read most of his vitriolic comments. Many were directed at "anti vaxxers" and a few other comments displayed his hatred for Trump supporters. Often, his comments were personal attacks directed at people who he deemed worthy of shaming. 

It is true that most of the people with covid who are in intensive care units throughout the country and on ventilators- are unvaccinated. Anywhere from 10 to 20% of patients on ventilators are vaccinated. The unvaccinated are far more likely to be on a ventilator and far more likely to die.

So it wasn't like there wasn't some grain of truth in what he had to say. It was just a horrible fucking thing to say. It was completely devoid of empathy, compassion, and was a blue ribbon example of American incivility. So this guy, Mr Responsible Vaccine Taker has decided that the health care system should bounce all those idiot anti vaxxers out on their asses and let them die. After all, it was their choice.  

I had seen this fear driven rhetoric before. I remember hearing the exact same shit when the public in America discovered that AIDS was chiefly in the gay community and killing homosexuals. The heterosexual community breathed a collective sigh of relief while directing all their hatred towards irresponsible AIDS patients draining hospitals of their resources while causing health insurance premiums to rise. Then AIDS began to creep into the heterosexual realm. When that happened and people from all walks of life began to get ill and die, the condom revolution began in earnest.  

Mr. Responsible Vaccine Taker was probably conceived around the mid 80's and doesn't remember all the hysteria that HIV/AIDS wreaked on our society. Instead of vaccines back then, it was condoms. People who didn't use condoms were just like today's anti-vaxxers. Hatred was directed at casual, unprotected sex and those that engaged in it. 

In a bizarre twist of fate, Mr Responsible Vaccine Taker dwells amongst us as the result of unprotected sex. His arrival here and his subsequent observations might have been completely derailed if his parents had followed the strict rules of protected sex back then. Had his parents acquired AIDS during that encounter, perhaps we could have found someone to declare that his parents should be denied hospital care and left to die for their cavalier attitudes and stupid decision making. Hell, they might have even been Reagan supporters.

Here's the deal. People are needlessly suffering and dying. I didn't invent covid and I certainly didn't go looking for a case of it. I didn't want to inject an experimental drug into my body at the behest of a dementia patient. I certainly didn't think I'd wind up on a ventilator fighting for my life. I played a game of percentages and I barely survived. I have seen others, not as lucky as I was, die.

But I never wished anyone into their grave. Our world culture has been dealing with various plagues, flus, smallpox, AIDS, SARS, and other epidemics for centuries. Disease is not new. 

Maybe it's time for a little human decency, a little compassion, and perhaps a self evaluation Mr Responsible Vaccine Taker. One day you will die, perhaps because of a simple decision you will make.

Let's pray the people helping you don't subscribe to your way of thinking.

Mr. Responsible Vaccine Taker was killed today by an armed gunman as he exited his car at Walmart. This occurred after a string of robberies in the area. Mr Responsible Vaccine Taker was denied medical care and left in the parking lot because medical personnel arriving at the scene determined that had he simply stayed home, none of this would have happened. Therefore, it was Mr Responsible Vaccine Taker's own fault and responding personnel decided it was not worth the cost to try and save him.

Thankfully, we don't live in that world. Not yet anyway.


Thursday, December 16, 2021

How and Why I Survived Covid- While Others Died

 This is probably the most important blog post I have ever written. It may save your life.

A couple months ago I published a piece entitled "9 Days On a Vent." I had linked it off my Facebook page. Subsequent to that I got into a couple of running arguments with people who had blindly taken the vaccines and were preaching them. I was unfriended by a couple of those people which is fine by me. 

All in all, 4 people "unfriended me" and an ex-girlfriend even called me cavalier for my approach to covid.

That could not be further from the truth. I was 60 now 61, I was 50 pounds over weight and I am a factor 5 blood clotter- I have had at least 25 blood clots and 3 deep vein clots. I have learned how to treat the superficial (near the skin) clots on my own. (I crank up the heat to the max in a jetted tub and place the superficial clot up against a jet for as long as I can stand it- they tend to dissolve quickly)   

At any rate, I couldn't access the vaccine early on and I soon discovered that the vaccines were causing blood clots. Not good news for a guy who's had 30 blood clots. I had to find something safer.

That's when I stumbled on to a medical journal in South America detailing how effective Ivermectin had been. I corroborated that with information from Utter Pradesh and Japan- those countries crushed covid with early use of Ivermectin. I talked my doctor into Ivermectin. He uses it and so do my wife and I.

I believe that I was as well informed as a lay person could possibly be. I was taking heavy doses of vitamin C and D and zinc every day. I was also taking my temperature every day. As soon as I hit 99.6 one morning in late September- I hit the Ivermectin dosed for my weight. Five doses before I was admitted to the hospital.

I eventually was placed on a vent for 9 days. In Texas, 85% of all patients on a ventilator for covid died after 4 days. I was in the hospital for 20 days, 12 or so in ICU.

People all around me were dying. People from our church, a local cop aged 39, an optometrist 47, a gal next to me in the ICU same age (about 60) according to her obituary. All of them physically- were most likely in better shape than I was.

So why did I survive? 

The only difference between those folks and I was knowledge and preparation. I had scoured the internet. I was dosing vitamins in advance and as soon as I had a fever I began the Ivermectin dosing- 4 doses of horse Iver- then I started in on my prescription.

Ivermectin works wonders if taken in advance. Huge success worldwide. I had taken mine a little too late. I had always suspected that Ivermectin dosing saved me but I couldn't say for sure.

Now I have listened to so many "pretend" experts like Fauci- that quite honestly I think many are full of shit. That the American people listen to that moron and believe him defies belief. The CDC, the NIH, WHO, are all useless. You simply cannot trust institutions that have been captured through millions of dollars of donations with the threat funding will stop if they don't carry big pharma's water.  They sell drugs anyway they can. Profits. Therefore, you must find credible experts that are truthful, unbiased, and not corrupted. 

Which brings me to today's broadcast. You Tube and Twitter took this podcast off their platforms for violating their "Community Standards" whatever in the fuck they are.  

Dr. Peter McCullough treats patients and saves patients. He uses hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, steroids, vaccines. He is honest and uncorrupted. He is the foremost expert in the United States on covid. He has forgotten more than Fauci ever knew.

The podcast is long but well worth the listen if you have the time and since your life or someone else's life may be at stake- it's well worth the listen.

At the 2:20 mark is when I made that "aha" moment. That's when Dr. McCullough details the effects of Hydroxy, Iver, and says that not one person in 800,000 dead had taken any preventative steps due mostly- to lack of information. He thinks we could have saved 85% of those who died. That's a hell of a lot of un necessary grief and sorrow. 

I apologize for my earlier, unedited version of this post. Tried to get it out too quickly.

You really need to hear this guy. The life you save may be your own.

Monday, December 6, 2021

How Long Will We Allow the Covid Tyranny to Continue?

A few weeks ago, after I miraculously survived 9 days on a ventilator, I got into a back and forth with a good friend and his daughter on Facebook. My friend's daughter was of the firm opinion that the unvaccinated are putting the vaccinated at risk. She even called me selfish. Her father held the same position. They believe vaccinations are good and everyone not getting one was an idiot or worse. Two more of my liberal friends admonished me for being "cavalier" about the covid vaccines. They all believe they are practicing some form of common sense.

What they are really practicing- is fear. Fear so great that they have no problem blaming others and acting like little children when you disagree with them.

I am not going to argue the preposterous position that "vaccinated" people are put in jeopardy by the unvaccinated. I am not going to be bullied by a bunch of liberal fools who think this cesspool of a government can be trusted.  

The emotional cowards who populate the liberal left are behind this tyranny.

Liberals hijacked an election and installed a complete idiot for president. President Biden is corrupt and stupid. Had he just been corrupt and intelligent, he would have fit nicely with many of our past presidents- but this man is far worse. From destroying half finished projects and getting hundreds killed in Afghanistan, Biden has proven to me just how stupid he is. I shudder to think what else he is going to screw up in the next three years. Like Jimmy Carter, 2.0.

The problem with many stupid people is that they don't know they are stupid. When you install one of these people into the most powerful position on earth- you have a recipe for disaster. Being stupid is only hard on the others.

Please remember that Joe Biden came into being- right near full bloom of covid hysteria. Rather than act like a decisive, intelligent leader- he deferred to career bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci. Why? Because the first rule of a 47 year politician is to never do anything that might jeopardize your re-electability. Biden is too stupid to actually do something effective. It might backfire. The only safe course of action for Biden was to hide behind the rantings of Dr. Fauci and impose even more draconian measures like vaccine mandates that cost people their jobs and in some cases, their lives. The government even offers hospital bonuses for pushing the drug, Remdesivir. Remdesivir has a plethora of side effects, dubious effectiveness, and costs about 3000 bucks a dose. They offered it to me during my hospital stay. I declined. I often wonder how many patients have been killed by Remdesivir only to be chalked up as a covid death. The government even offers bonuses to coroners for covid deaths.

Several courts have ruled that vaccine mandates are illegal and unconstitutional. Biden's response? Ignore those rulings. Continue the mandates. Remember, this guy is the head of the executive branch of government. In charge of armed services, law enforcement. Rather than support the rule of law like he should, he ignores it. As though our laws are simply suggestions.

It is a shame that there are no consequences for this type of behavior. 

The problem Biden has is that he can no longer hide in the cesspool of Congress. He can no longer hide behind a President. He must make the decisions and thus far he has proven out the Peter Principle quite nicely. He has achieved a position well beyond his capabilities.

Covid is never going away. It is a virus that will continue to mutate to survive. It is adaptable. We don't have vaccines, we have treatments. These treatments, if you survive the side effects, will probably keep you out of the hospital. Ivermectin works. In fact, I believe the 5 doses I took before my arrival at the hospital enabled me to survive. My problem was that I waited too long and didn't up the dosage. The survival rate for people on a ventilator more than 4 days is 15%. (Texas study)

Fauci has to go. Getting rid of him would go a long way toward ending hysteria. If we can slow the spread of hysteria, we can significantly reduce the level of tyranny. In Nevada, they are going to start fining people for not getting vaccinated. Forget due process or constitutional rights. Those concepts, like appellate court rulings, are simply being dismissed. That level of hysteria can only occur when we have a leaderless group exercise like we have now. No unified plan. 

Thank God we aren't Australia. They are rounding citizens up and imprisoning them in internment camps. That is the purest form of dystopia I have seen in my lifetime. On par with the U.S. Japanese internment camps of 1942. Commit no crime, receive no due process, and get imprisoned. No wonder Australia wanted to outlaw gun ownership.

The only "cure" for covid is hard won natural immunity. Long term, that's it. The vaccines are probably best deployed in the infirm, unhealthy, or elderly. 

Most importantly, we need to push back on this nonsense and be patient. Hire lawyers and sue if need be. Our rights are bestowed upon us by God, not by these assholes. We have due process in America. We have rights. Our country will outlive Joe Biden and many of us will desperately try to forget him.

I feel grateful to be alive. I take personal responsibility for what has happened to me. I know who gave me covid. Was he irresponsible? Did he lie to me when I asked him if he was sick? Yes. Am I angry? No. I should have known better than to get within 6 feet of that guy. 

Therein lies the responsibility piece. You have to take responsibility for your actions. You alone should be able to decide what course of action to take. The government's "one size fits all" vaccine approach removes your intelligent choices about what is best for you. When all people realize that each of us is entitled to respond to covid based on our own needs and health history- then I think the tyranny will diminish. 

It won't be long. 

Found this nonsense later today.

The Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy declared Sunday that even those who are tripled jabbed will still have to wear masks indoors while around their families at Christmas.

Maybe we should buy Tyvek suits too.


Friday, September 10, 2021

Biden Doubles Down on Stupid, Now Going For Broke

 A mere 9 months into his stolen presidency, Joe Biden has already shown us what a special kind of idiot he is. And it's not like he was fully equipped to begin with- what little sense he had seems to be circling the drain.

Joe Biden is a fool and an idiot. As a President he is a complete disaster. 

The stolen election should have been able to bear the scrutiny of an investigation. Ordering an investigation would have been the right thing to do. But like most of us, Biden knows they ripped the election off and like the little coward that he is- he knew the election results were rotten.

Then there is his kid. This kid is a full blown criminal. Not only does he solicit bribes and funnel part of the loot to his father- he leaves an old laptop behind in a shop somewhere with all the incriminating evidence on it. Besides bedding strippers and smoking crack, Hunter's IQ seems to have seen little improvement over the man who sired him. Of course he will never be prosecuted in this banana republic we've become.

Then there was the Afghan military disaster wherein Biden pulled the military out of Afghanistan leaving all sorts of people at the mercy of the Taliban. Many were killed. He ordered some sort of drone strike and managed to kill some women and children and never did disclose who the intended targets were.

Yesterday, our brainiac President has called for forced vaccinations of all federal employees (except 600k postal workers, go figure!) and is targeting companies with 100 employees or more to force vaccinations on their employees.

It's no wonder in our corporate run country that Biden thinks he can pull this off, but I will say this. If he really thinks he can do this- the apathetic conservative side of our political ledger are about to recognize their hill to die upon. You can only push stupid so far. 

This matter, forcing vaccinations on people, has been litigated previously. The government lost.

Perhaps Biden thinks he can force vaccinations on everyone. This piece asserts the President might have the authority to force vaccinations on the military (and I truly doubt that) but it doesn't say squat about the public at large.

It's hard to imagine anyone being this careless or stupid. We know the guy plagiarized and cheated his way through college and still landed near the bottom of his class. We all knew people like this.

But I never thought I'd see one running the country. 

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Gettin' Ready for Kamala!


Today's piece is written by a long time associate and friend of this blog, 
Alan R.

Guest Column


August 24, 2021.


The media outlets that would normally shuck and jive to help Creepy Joe out are just as readily throwing him under the bus (just as the usual suspects on the right are) in regard to Afghanistan.


Why is that?


They aren't calling him out for my benefit (they never talk to me) people of my thinking knew Sniffy Joe was a sleaze ball back when he lied about his grades, lied about his degree, and plagiarized speeches word for word. But to their regular audience, I think the hammering on the Big Guy is for softening their readers up. As though to say, 'We've pounded Trump-hatred into you, you've been programmed to such an extent that you would stick with Uncle Joe if we told you to but we are no longer telling you to.' It's okay to admit and accept that Sleepy Joe, the demented career influence peddler and hair sniffer, is finally past his prime.


They are readying their audience for the next charade where Joe leaves office and Kamala pretends to be president. They've moved whatever machinery they've been shifting into place and are ready to implement the next phase of control. Perhaps it's giving DC statehood status or packing the Supreme Court with more seats. Maybe they'll create an apparatus to have gun owners deemed mentally competent--or not--by people who think the woke way. Perhaps they'll separate dissidents by vaccination status while continuing to mandate and legislate thought control regarding the evils of being white, implementing CRT in schools and work places and readying whatever hooligan force they employed last summer to foment upheaval where they encounter any form of resistance.


The media will continue to play along, applauding Chicago Mayor Lightfoot for 'courageously allowing' Lollapalooza to happen while condemning Trump rallies as super spreader events, and so on.


Come along quietly, or we'll make it look like you started it--the way they have tried to do with the staged event on Jan. 6. The same way Hitler did with Czechoslovakia. We'll keep mocking your belief in a sky daddy, your bitter clinging to bibles, guns, and other freedoms, your patriarchal attachment to two sexes. And let's not forget the tried and true method of making the currency worthless with more trillion-level porkulus spending, far from anything the founders allowed into the constitution. (So overtaxed that you need daycare? We'll tax people more to give you 'free' daycare.)


We'll have to have more variants of covid to justify more lockdowns and mail-in-balloting, to ensure that if an election were to be stolen, it would be nearly impossible to find anyone willing to stand up against it, to be pilloried and vilified by the media and the apparatchik.


I don't think I'm just suffering from tin foil poisoning. I've heard every one of these concepts floated or promised by someone on the left, and the wheels, as they say, are in motion. Will good sense and truth prevail against this obvious full-on assault on nearly every aspect of our sovereignty? I haven't even mentioned the border yet. Apparently the umbrage over kids in cages was temporary.


The opposite of freedom is government. We can still possibly get our government back in control but it's going to take something big. And just maybe they have a plan to get the folks on the right to join the folks on the left against a greater, common, uniting enemy.