An Idaho PERSI Discussion for Invited Friends

Introduction I started this blog 15 years ago. My initial thinking was that I wanted a forum to discuss all the crazy things our government was doing. The start up year had the government stealing 1 trillion from taxpayers to bail out the banking community. I wish I could say things got better. They did not.  Idaho's Public Retirement System or PERSI Back in the late 90's, I studied PERSI returns based on the greatest investment period of all time. Coincidentally, that time frame (1982 to 2007) were the years I was a public employee working within the state of Idaho. While the PERSI fund was enjoying extraordinary returns- the members were receiving bupkis. Eventually, the fund had made so much money- that even they could not justify the over with holding and they finally issued a 13th check.  In the late 90's, after an exhaustive look at every public retirement system in the United States, I submitted a report/summary of Idaho PERSI to the Idaho Peace Officer magazine. I w

The "Keeping Time" Has Arrived- The Sunday Collage

 Mrs. Elizabeth Powel asked Benjamin Franklin the question. What do we have, a republic or a monarchy? Franklin answered, "A republic if you can keep it." Probably historically true.  In a republic, the power to govern is held by the people or their elected representatives. By consent. We have checks and balances for those representatives, and we have a rule of law. That theory was meant to keep an oppressive government at bay. To keep them from acquiring too much power In a democracy, the people directly make every decision. There are no representatives. Democracies often devolve into mob rule democracies. Like the one we have now. A republic is meant to protect the minority from the oppression of the majority. A rule of law is what keeps it civil. A minority member's interests are protected. Until the mob takes over. Now we can debate who, what, when, and how we have lost our republic. We can even debate whether we still have one or not. On paper, we might have a republ

The Killing of Craig Robertson- The Sunday Collage

"Anger is brief insanity." My mother loved the quote and I have never forgotten it. She attributed the phrase to Hemingway but the true origin seems to have come from long ago in different forms. Craig Robertson, age 75, died in Provo, Utah on August, 9, 2023. He was killed by an FBI tactical team for making threats. He was an Air Force veteran, welding inspector, and wood worker. He had been married twice and widowed twice. He had three children.  He was not in the best of health and walked with a cane. He loved guns and was a member of the NRA. Robertson was no fan of the democratic party. To be fair, Robertson had made several threats regarding Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, and Attorney General Merrick Garland, among others. These were descriptive threats wherein Robertson went into great detail about how he would accomplish the killings of those individuals. We must assume that he actually made those threats on social me

The United States- The World's Biggest Banana Republic

 This week was one for the ages. The Michigan State Police confirmed that hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots, a conspiracy in the swing states, was not only caught on video and investigated- Michigan did nothing and the FBI did nothing. This video amazingly coincides with the 3 a.m. miraculous election of Joe Biden in 2020 who was losing and then suddenly pulled a Presidency out of a hat. Via the Gateway Pundit, you will likely not see this anywhere mainstream. The Biden family was paid over 20 million dollars by Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakhstan nationals while Joe was the VP. Funny now that Biden and the democrats have been sponsoring the Ukrainian war with US tax dollars after receiving bribes in the millions. This while Obama was President. What did he know? The J

Living the Mediocre Dream- The Sunday Collage

 Every once in a while, the question of "What would have been your dream job?" comes up. The last time I think- was during a game of trivial pursuit- now almost 20 years ago.  "A defensive cornerback or safety in the NFL" was always my answer. There were only a few things stopping me from attaining my dream. A commitment or plan to study and work hard, my lack of speed, strength, and leaping ability. Hell, we moved twice during high school. I didn't even play football my junior or senior years. But I got a taste of greatness. Once.  So it was, I was relegated to mediocrity. A mediocre college, a mediocre trade school, a mediocre career as a lawman. I was alright with mediocre. In hindsight, I might not have even deserved mediocre. I had no desire to conquer the world, skim hard working bank accounts like an investment banker. I had no money to buy or develop real estate or pirate the business world with some monopolized invention. I had no clue what those things

Bring Back the Sunday Collage!

 Many years ago, I began to focus on writing one good post every week. Writing is often a trial-and-error event. We write some very good things, and we write some hideously bad things. Thus as our mood changes, the good writing becomes quite apparent to us and the bad writing is also revealed. I note this on several blogs I read daily and weekly. Some are better than others. But what's obvious to me is that the writers have no ill intent. They are writing not because they are being compensated- they are writing because they love to write.  So years ago, I wrote the Sunday Collage. The Sunday Collage was a collection of all my thoughts and observations during a week, like snipped pictures or images, that I had collected in my mind. Then I would gather those images and write about them here.  It was perfect. One well thought out piece of writing each week.  Once, I had some angry woman comment that I didn't even know what a collage was. Of course, I laughed at that- knowing full

A Sunday Soliloquy- Liberals Worship Words, Not Deeds

 Last week, I read a Mia Farrow tweet which immediately preceded a lightning bolt to my head and an "aha!" moment. Farrow was bitching about President Trump and the language he uses. According to her, it was so abrasive that she would not allow her children to be in the same room as a TV broadcast featuring Trump. Not one to simply separate words from a speaker, she went on an anti-Trump rant. That's when I had the "aha!" moment. She wasn't bitching about low inflation, low gas prices, or a secure border- she was bitching about the language Trump uses. This is what the democratic party has become. A mob of pussies hell bent on trying to make us use their silly ass pro nouns and words while they topple over our history. I started applying my newly discovered Mia Farrow "aha" moment to everyone in my life. It was true. Liberals absolutely hate direct speech that they find offensive- because it does not agree with them.   Conversely, they loved Obama