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Fantasy Football League and the Weekly Schtick- The Sunday Collage

A guy could get whiplash following our equity markets. The worst part is that our markets are completely directionless, manipulated, and although I think the trend is down- I can't short it here. I made some quick money and got out. These markets are so neurotic that you are forced to day trade- you don't dare leave open positions. Maybe some options would work best here. I am in awe that the FBI is actually investigating Hillary. Hillary's team said it was not a criminal probe- apparently that little known arm of the FBI aka the non-criminal cops- are busy trying to clear her name for any potential civil suits. Don't be surprised if the FBI actually comes back and says, "Ya know we did our very best but we could not find any evidence of wrong doing." At that point we will know with absolute certainty that our entire system is corrupt from top to bottom. However, the Obama administration, the one that has turned a blind eye on just about every high level a