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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Zenyatta, the Chinese, and a Re-Written Intro to the FED's Self Appointed Mission Statement

I am sitting here stunned. In addition to being a political news junkie, I am a horse racing junkie. Seeing Zenyatta lose by a nose today makes me a little queasy inside. In 20 races, today is the first day Zenyatta will not be visiting the winner's circle.

Zenyatta, that charismatic filly, is my hero. She goes home healthy and that's all that matters. She is still my hero. She is pure and performed admirably... albeit a nose short.

On Wednesday, the FED announced their latest monetization of our nation's debt. That is "econalese" for counterfeiting. Here is the distinction. If you need a few thousand bucks to scrape by and print some money, the Secret Service will charge you with felony counterfeiting. When Bernanke and the FED need 600 billion, they simply print it up and call it quantitative easing. When the FED counterfeits it is legal because they call it something else. They buy treasuries from their member banks and give them this made up money. The member banks then use that phony money to buy equities or stock and thus create the illusion of fiscal health in our stock market.

Gold rocketed skyward in parabolic fashion to 1400. Oil, which is priced in dollars, strengthens when the dollar goes down. It's closing in on 90 a barrel. Oil and gold have an inverse relationship to the dollar. That is why there is no such thing as a "gold bubble." Gold is as strong as the dollar is weak. Simple as that. The more counterfeit currency you introduce, the greater oil and gold prices spike. In fact all commodities right now are "redlining" with the exception of the livestock complex and natural gas.  

Nothing pisses me off more than the Chinese making fun of us. Why? Because the bastards are right- that's why.

And we have the audacity to point out China's "human rights" violations while we allow the FED to steal us blind? I guess counterfeiting, racketeering, and stealing is fine. Economic slavery, pledging our future work product as collateral- is apparently not a human rights violation as long as that unelected 4th arm of government deems it necessary.

So just who is the beneficiary of QE 2? Banks. Wall Street. Traders. The rest of us dumb fucks are going to paying for it at the pump. We are going to pay for it in rising commodities. We are going to pay the interest on treasuries that the FED will issue in the greatest check kiting scheme of all time. Taxes. When in the fuck did it become the FED's job to stop deflation or create jobs? Is that in the Constitution somewhere? Did I miss that? Well, apparently this un elected body has taken those duties over whether they are authorized to or not. From their website.


The Federal Reserve System is the central bank of the United States. It was founded by Congress in 1913 to provide the nation with a safer, more flexible, and more stable monetary and financial system. Over the years, its role in banking and the economy has expanded.
That last line is worded incorrectly, it should read like this... Over the years, our role in banking and the economy has enlarged to include generational debt slavery, funneling money at your expense to our insolvent member banks, and hosing you. We run this place and there ain't a damn thing you can do about it. Capiche, suckers?

There... I fixed it for you guys.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Have a Drink and Read This...

Or two. For some reason I have a splitting headache.

The Rule of Law

I think they must have photo shopped this video. I just can't find a piece of tinfoil anywhere.

I'd like to introduce you to a guy that believes in the rule of law. If you haven't seen William K Black, you tube has a lot of videos. In this piece, Black describes the corporate culture of theft. This culture, once ignited and allowed to go unpunished, plunged everyone into the greed abyss.

Off the subject, in other news, today the FED announced another 600 billion dollar bail out. ZeroHedge now reporting that the 14.3 trillion dollar debt ceiling may be breached as soon as February. (hide snark, que up one of the good guys)

Meet the New Boss, Same As the Old Boss

The elections are over and those high value targets remain.

Dick Blumenthal and Barney Frank. Wow. I am not sure what level of incompetence you must attain, but apparently voters in their districts either have jobs, their banks accounts are paying 5%, they are completely forgiving, or have quick forgetters.

Turning west, Reid and Boxer stay. Murkowski wins a write in campaign in Alaska after getting ousted in the primary. Wow! Write-in winners are virtually non existent anywhere. That's got to hurt just a little bit, huh Sarah?  Unlike their eastern counterparts, I think in the west- poor opponents spelled doom in those races. That's an opinion, agreement is not required. At least Pelosi got bounced out of the speaker's chair. Republicans take the house and assure a little gridlock. Gridlock for this President is a good thing for us. Thus we will swap the Obamacare facilitator for one of the TARP bailout facilitators. Therein lies the crux of the problem. Over reaching and "progressive" government- Frankenstein style. It simply doesn't matter who's in or out.

I am going to flatly state this. It is illegal to force any of us to buy a product we may not want. It doesn't matter if it's a cancer cure or health insurance. It is an illegal act as a government fiduciary to compel us to pay taxes through implied threat of force and then give our money to private businesses such as banks, insurers, and automakers.

There is always some moron that cites liability insurance for cars. Driving is a privilege. I don't have to engage in the practice. Free will. My sister has been beating car manufacturers, the saudis', and car insurance companies for years. She likes that. So do I.

Here's an arcane concept. Taxes should be used to fund the costs of government. That's it.

Now I know what you are all thinking. I have completely lost my fucking mind. My tinfoil hat is getting a little thin. So...

Let me use a metaphor. I decide as a police officer to stop a rich old gal, driving a Mercedes Benz. I contact the driver wearing a uniform, badge, and gun. I simply walk up to the car's driver and say, " I know a little kid that needs a liver transplant, he will die without it. You are going to write me a check for 100 grand right now or face the consequences." Capiche?

Pretty altruistic of me, huh? Robin Hood. My motives were pure, weren't they? Certainly you will be compassionate enough to understand that hijacking and stealing 100 grand from this motorist was the proper thing to do. She would have surely wasted that paltry amount on cosmetics. The child and his family all agree. We are the majority, right?

We are a nation built upon law. That law protects the minority from the whims of the majority. When under the guise of authority a police officer is allowed to break the law, or our government under guise of authority breaks the law, are we supposed to ignore it? Help them rationalize and justify it, enable government to do it again just as long as they have some passionate concern and a palatable excuse? Just who is it that polices government, that enforces law when government violates law? Apparently nobody.

We cannot be a nation of law until our government decides to set the example and obey that law. To enforce that will upon themselves. Otherwise it is all just so much bullshit and chaos. A leaderless group with no example to follow. In a perfect world and a real republic, calmer heads might have prevailed. Calmer heads would have told the banks, automakers, and insurers "tough shit." The law is clear. The Supremes might tell the government, "sorry, you can't force people to buy a product they might not need or want simply as a means of embezzlement and wealth transfer from our richer and healthier citizens, to our sicker and poorer ones." The law does not provide for that no matter how well intentioned you may be. Government or police officer.

We have lost our way. We have forgotten the basics. We are mired in this left and right attack philosophy, arguing Obamacare and TARP. We ignore the underlying law. Throwing out one side and replacing them with the other. So today meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Hat tip to "The Who."

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Let The Carnage Begin!

Meet the new boss.

In the bi-annual installment of insanity that is American politics, tomorrow will mark the 25th time in my lifetime that we will "throw the bums out" and elect new bums. Until proven otherwise.

My evolution has been simple. In defining damaging effects, I simply can't distinguish which party has been worse for the American people. You see, I view "damaging effects" simply. Any government that exploits people, steals our work product, or erodes our freedom and liberty. We didn't create government to enslave us. To regulate every facet of our lives. That both parties accomplish this via two different ideologies does not matter. The problem is big government progressiveness.

Here is the good news. After today, we won't have to listen to ads. We won't have to read any more polls or read any more caustic comments from the left or glee from the right- no more predictions and prognostications. No more commentary or "expert" opinions. There will be the usual vote rigging accusations and the late night and early morning vote counts. Then the analysts will begin sorting it out. The bloggers will be busy.

So what's the future?

How do you convince the L and the R that there are no winners? That their fear of "wasting" their vote is a self fulfilling prophecy? That as long as we have this mongrel dog two party system- that every vote is a loser? RINO's, DINO's, bought off politicians? You can't. You can't convince them that the only way out, short of bloodshed, is a third party. And then the Tea Party arrived. A fledgling third party. Imagine that- saving our sorry asses for just a moment- forced to work within the existing two party system. The Tea Party absolutely rescued the GOP. Would hope be possible without them?  What will become of this Tea Party? Will it morph into a viable third party so that we may escape the cliff?

I hope so. I welcome any viable third party. In 2008, I am proud to say, I voted Libertarian. I truly saw no alternative except not voting. I did so even though Bob Barr is not exactly Mr. Charisma. We voted for charisma instead and we've seen how well that's working out for us. Would Barr have been any worse? I doubt it. Incidentally, Bob Barr opposed the bank bail outs. Reason enough for me to vote for him. I think back to Ross Perot. Was Ross right about NAFTA? Looking back, would that have been reason enough to vote for him?

Did I "waste" my vote in 2008? Of course not. Clearly those voting for McCain did. How about those "winners"casting ballots for Obama? What did you guys win? 

But today is reserved for good old fashioned revenge. Reckoning day. Let the carnage start. Let's hope the Tea Party sticks and stays. We don't need or want any more "progressive" government.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Run For the Stronghold Barack

Do you remember the movie, "Thunderheart?"

It is worth noting that on the eve of elections, President Obama is planning on fleeing the country. That is his solution to a potentially grieving party. Today he is simply missing. I can find no agenda. Then his two week vacation diplomatic tour starts.

Pick your friends carefully. Remember Jeremiah Wright? Pay attention to those friends- even those who ghost write your books.

Interesting story from the Canadian free press, 50 impeachable offenses.

All in all, today's news pretty much a yawner. Boxer with Code Pink ties...check. Economic news and the usual POMO...check. Rigged balloting in several areas...check. Jerry Jones grabbing attention and apologizing for Cowboys...check. Democrats nailing plywood over windows...check.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Left Has Nobody to Blame For It's Death...But the Left

It goes something like this.

You have two hundred dollars. Your family is starving but you sure want that new I-Pod. You think you will get the I-pod and so you do. When your starving family questions the purchase, you call them names. It's about setting priorities.

Imagine you are President Obama. You get to your oval office and take stock of the country. What is the most pressing problem we have? *Play Jeopardy tune in head. It must be "healthcare!" I will ignore that 14 trillion dollar debt and the collapse of the world economy and I will go on multiple vacations, golfing, and tell the world how incredibly smart I am. I will not even participate in the creation of the bill. So just who created that bill anyway? Read this.

It is as though, the world's greatest problem was placed at his feet and Obama and his Congress ignored it. Pretended it wasn't even there. In fact, he did nothing to reform or change any of that mess. Why? Because he WON! He wasn't going to let any problem like world economic collapse disrupt his agenda.

With all that hope and change rhetoric, and his "gift" of public speech, he was feared initially. Nobody could possibly oppose him. So the Democratic faithful fell in line and carried his water. It would have been suicidal early on- to question his priorities. Such is the death of errant and tyrannical command and control structures. Everyone hurtled off the cliff together.

Deep down they know it. They know they fell for this guy's bullshit. So now they are all hunkered down, distancing themselves from this guy, praying that the party faithful will come out in droves and save their cowardly asses Tuesday. All that is left for these cowards is name calling.

It is Halloween. Note the masks. Might be the the best obituary on the web.