Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Left Has Nobody to Blame For It's Death...But the Left

It goes something like this.

You have two hundred dollars. Your family is starving but you sure want that new I-Pod. You think you will get the I-pod and so you do. When your starving family questions the purchase, you call them names. It's about setting priorities.

Imagine you are President Obama. You get to your oval office and take stock of the country. What is the most pressing problem we have? *Play Jeopardy tune in head. It must be "healthcare!" I will ignore that 14 trillion dollar debt and the collapse of the world economy and I will go on multiple vacations, golfing, and tell the world how incredibly smart I am. I will not even participate in the creation of the bill. So just who created that bill anyway? Read this.

It is as though, the world's greatest problem was placed at his feet and Obama and his Congress ignored it. Pretended it wasn't even there. In fact, he did nothing to reform or change any of that mess. Why? Because he WON! He wasn't going to let any problem like world economic collapse disrupt his agenda.

With all that hope and change rhetoric, and his "gift" of public speech, he was feared initially. Nobody could possibly oppose him. So the Democratic faithful fell in line and carried his water. It would have been suicidal early on- to question his priorities. Such is the death of errant and tyrannical command and control structures. Everyone hurtled off the cliff together.

Deep down they know it. They know they fell for this guy's bullshit. So now they are all hunkered down, distancing themselves from this guy, praying that the party faithful will come out in droves and save their cowardly asses Tuesday. All that is left for these cowards is name calling.

It is Halloween. Note the masks. Might be the the best obituary on the web.

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