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The Last Hundred Miles- The Monday Collage

I had an epiphany yesterday. I was traveling home, late in the afternoon, westbound on the interstate. In Idaho, they have raised the speed limit to 80 so I travel right at 84 MPH. I have passed a number of state troopers doing this speed and in fact yesterday, I passed a trooper and a deputy- both stationary and running radar. So basically, 4 MPH over the speed limit does not generate any interest. However, in that 100 mile stretch home, I had five drivers cut me off. It was the craziest, most un-necessary and dangerous driving that I have seen in a long time. It was as though with nothing else to entertain them, drivers thought it might be fun to cut off other drivers. People were in the fast lane, on cell phones and eating hamburgers, refusing to yield. In one instance, I had a husky gal in a U-Haul not only cut me off after misjudging the speed of a merging tractor trailer rig- but she shamelessly flipped me off as she returned to the slow lane. Her inability to judge speed and

The Very Best of This Week- The Sunday Collage

Each week, I read about 300 articles and blogs on the web. I bookmark or set aside the ten or fifteen that I like best. Sometimes those blogs cause me to reflect and expand an idea or sometimes- I just like the premise or idea. Rarely, do I stumble onto something so accurate or prescient that I think it can't be improved on. Something so true and well written that it stands on it's very own. I found one of those blogs this week. This article captures the absolute truth about our culture and how the powers that be are destroying it right in front of our very eyes- and there is not a damn thing you can do to stop it. I'm going to shut up right here. Here then is the best read of the week.