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The Next Presidential Sociopath Will Arrive in 2016

*Today redacted emails were found proving that the White House knew the "Islamic videographer" excuse for Benghazi was bullshit which all of us knew. Expect nothing in the mainstream media about it. When I think of the worst, most sociopathic people of our time- Hillary Clinton often comes to mind. I have a friend that was once attached to her in the form of executive protection- and who told me that Hillary hates cops and pretty much calls all the shots especially in matters concerning Chelsea. That Hillary spent 5 million on Chelsea's wedding speaks volumes of the mindset of this entitled class of people. Hillary should make a perfectly dysfunctional head of the executive branch. Not only was she responsible for covering up Bill Clinton's affairs and drug use, Whitewater, bribery via cattle futures, hiding Vince Foster's personal effects after his death and refusing to comply with the law and turn them over, extortion by the use of Presidential pardons in