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A FG Survey: Are You Entitled to Healthcare?

Or in other words, "Can you compel another person to provide a service to you?" In a truly free market, with real competition, we  normally compel people to work for us by offering a wage that they find attractive and that they agree to. In a system hijacked by government and taxes, the insurance industry, big pharma, medical devices, lobbyists, administrative costs and middlemen, stock holders, and trial attorneys- we are so far removed from a free market that we couldn't unwind this mess with a month long debate. Which of course is precisely what should have happened before the Affordable Care Tax was unread and passed- which is also known as reform. This fundamental step is key to any number of projects- repairs and reforms are generally undertaken prior to expansion, new ownership, or new management. Here's a great piece on the unconstitutionality of the ACA as a tax bill that did not originate in the House as required by law.