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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A FG Survey: Are You Entitled to Healthcare?

Or in other words, "Can you compel another person to provide a service to you?"

In a truly free market, with real competition, we  normally compel people to work for us by offering a wage that they find attractive and that they agree to. In a system hijacked by government and taxes, the insurance industry, big pharma, medical devices, lobbyists, administrative costs and middlemen, stock holders, and trial attorneys- we are so far removed from a free market that we couldn't unwind this mess with a month long debate.

Which of course is precisely what should have happened before the Affordable Care Tax was unread and passed- which is also known as reform. This fundamental step is key to any number of projects- repairs and reforms are generally undertaken prior to expansion, new ownership, or new management. Here's a great piece on the unconstitutionality of the ACA as a tax bill that did not originate in the House as required by law.

For months, I have noted a particular thought process among liberals with respect to healthcare. As the great national debate rages on, I watched as a popular theme emerged among Huffing Post commenters. I'm not talking about the usual, "hate the GOP ranting" that goes on there daily. But rather, a different theme emerged. It is a fascinating blend of entitlement that comes from a law that was literally rammed through Congress without bi-partisan support, passed, and then labeled a tax and called "legal" by a Supreme Court which almost without exception- extends the power of the Federal Government every chance it gets. In fact, I can find very few examples of any issue wherein the Supreme Court sided with the hoi polloi as opposed to a Federal Government which has always sought to extend it's power and control.

It is the will of the majority. It is precisely what has unwound every democracy since time began and it is also why our founding fathers believed in a rule of law and a republic which protects the rights of the  minority from the oppression and lawless behavior of the majority.

Liberals and statists adamantly believe that seizing your work product (or money) by whatever means is available- is fine so long as some greater good is served.

This is the underpinnings of mob rule democracy. The mob will always seek to get what it wants by using the oppression of their majority.

So knowing the entitled nature of the statists who inhabit Huffington Post, I asked two simple questions.

"Are you entitled to healthcare?" or in other words "Can you compel another person to provide a service to you?" In addition, I had decided in advance that I would be very nice to commenters to encourage them to give their opinions.

This is what they said. I have deleted their "handles" to protect their identities. I have also deleted my replies to them which were simply designed to keep them on topic. Each line constitutes a separate response.


Drop the loaded terminology and make it an HONEST question, then.

The nation has already decided that the Government is responsible to provide access to healthcare. You know, DEMOCRACY? Libertarians DO believe in Democracy, right?

yes, when its healthcare

Gee, libby, I don't know. Are we "entitled" to a police force? A military? To first responders? Clean air? Good roads? Clean food? Clean water?

Here's a thought: put down the mirror and think about someone besides yourself for a change. Ayn Rand is poisonous to the soul, and you've been dosed pretty heavy.
There are certain things that mature and caring societies do for the "general welfare" of their people. I'm compelled to pay for roadways that I'll never use. But my fellow citizens get to work on them and businesses use them to make money. I'm compelled to pay for schools but I have no children. I pay because I believe every child deserves an education, just like Thomas Jefferson believed, that is free. BTW, I believe that for post secondary and vocational education also.

What I can't understand is why libertarians are so hell bent against those principles. Can you explain that?

The question is, "Are you entitled to healthcare?" "Are you entitled to compel another to provide a service for you?" The question is, "Are you entitled to healthcare?" "Are you entitled to compel another to provide a service for you?"

In nature, NO, you are entitled to eat or be eaten. But an enlightened society can and should provide at least minimal healthcare for its people.

Yes, I/we am entitled to compel to provide a service to me/us from that group in Washington. They work for me/us.

If you drive a car, you have to have insurance. Same thing here. You have to carry some insurance so if you get hospitalized, Americans with insurance don't get stuck for YOUR bill. That's what happens now. People with insurance pay over 20% more.
Winners in the libertarian world are losers

There were a couple of other comments- I think there was a total of 11 until finally- someone came up with the correct answer. I couldn't have written it better, here it is:

6 hours ago ( 9:13 PM)
No. I am not entitled to healthcare. I do not believe that others should be forced to pay for me, nor I for them. Where does this expansion of newly created rights stop??? What about food? Housing? At some point, we must realize that a continued cycle of progressive programs will only bring about equal poverty; progressivism never raises a populations standard of living in the long term. I also am reminded of a quote attributed to Henry Ford.."if you think the US government is so great at taking care of people, go talk to the American Indians."

My reply and I shall leave you with one last quote which encapsulates the idea of liberty and freedom that founded this country- which is sadly evaporating from our culture.

After 10 or so incorrect answers, someone nails it and expands it perfectly and caps it with the prescient quote about the American Indian. Had Henry lived long enough, he might have asked  Japanese Americans around 1942- just how impressed they were with 'democracy" as the majority of US citizens abandoned the rule of law and plunked them in relocation camps.
You have won. This entitles you to a meat and cheese tray delivered before the holidays. Thanks.”