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Saturday, February 12, 2011

The New Criminal Class

I want you to imagine for a moment how a drug dealer works. A drug dealer preys on people that are prone to addiction. Innocent people in the respect that they simply don't know how to deal with life's problems. So they turn to tobacco, prescription drugs, booze, and illicit drugs. Dealers need addicts, addicts bring in revenue. We have a huge amount of people in this country, maybe as high as 1/2 of us beyond age 16, who are addicted or who regularly use these substances. Clearly it is under reported. But the proliferation of big tobacco, big booze, big pharma, and drug cartels really tell a different story.

We are a country without a spiritual solution. We rely on the quick fix. But I'll save that rant for another day. Today, I'd like to focus on our addiction to money and wealth. Why is it that we support this new criminal class, these men in suits pushing debt?

The answer is simple. We are fearful. We don't really feel good about ourselves. We think that we have to have bigger houses, luxury cars, boats and RV's. That somehow possessing all of these things will show our neighbors that we have made it. We must prove to the world that we are "successful." We fear not having enough money, of running out. Missing that retirement expectation we have on golden pond. Because somewhere deep down inside all of us, we think that buying all of that shit, can somehow make us feel better about ourselves. It soothes our fears. For most of us, money is the quick fix. Our entire capitalistic way of life is built on that premise. We are bombarded by ads that exhibit happy people with cool cars, big houses, straight teeth. If you need more attention, perhaps you need this wrinkle cream, that makeup, or a boob job. All of this marketing is designed to prey on one thing. Your insecurities. And it works. The evidence is all around you.

Our new age drug dealers understand this flaw in us. They know we don't feel good about ourselves. That create an image that says, you can't feel good like this guy or gal- unless you buy our product.

And somewhere beneath all of that unconsciously driven behavior, there is some guy in a suit or perhaps a gal with a plunging neckline, pushing loan documents your way. Sign here, you'll feel better about yourself. If we can convince you, perhaps you'll come see us again. The new criminal class, the bankers push debt. They look for a whole new class of addicts. Credit cards, personal loans, margin loans, cars and houses. They addict you to debt. Oh sure, you sign- that's your role. Everyone else does it, don't they? You don't want to be socially isolated, do you? Of course not.

The best part about this gig is that it's all legal. Bankers loaning you something they don't have. Loaning you fictitious margin and debt- holding deposits of other peoples' money as their reserve. In any other line of work we'd call that fraud or theft by conversion. Banks call it "lending" like it's some charitable pursuit. 

I cut this new criminal class out of my life four years ago. It wasn't until a month ago when I decided to wade back in. To buy a house- simply because it would be cheaper than the rent that I pay. Let me tell you how that's worked out.

The new criminal class got their ass kicked a few years ago. To their credit, they have managed to co-opt our entire country and escape all scrutiny. So now they are trying to sell houses for one half of what they used to be worth. The new criminal class got backstopped by the victims so that they don't have to unload all of their collateral all at once and drive prices to the floor. Instead they sit chilly on vacant houses- hoping for a rebound that isn't going to come. And while my two latest offers, now over three weeks old, have garnered no reply...interest rates have backed up 1 and 1/4 percent. Time is on their side or so they think.

You see, I don't need a house. In fact, I don't even really need to live in the U.S. and subject myself to the vagaries of the new criminal class. They aren't doing me a favor- I know that. They are greedy, bankrupt, and desperate. You see, they haven't figured out that guys like me have figured out that we don't need guys like them. You want to rid yourself of the drug dealer??? Find a spiritual solution and quit buying his dope. If you want to rid yourself of the new criminal class, don't buy their debt and all the delusions that you will find some mystical, happy life in a foreign car. I got a newsflash for you banker pricks. We don't need you.

So next week I am going to withdraw my offers. I am going to get my earnest money back and I am going to buy more silver with it. I am going to withdraw all of my cash from the bank that I am making nothing on. I am going to invest it in a foreign account maybe in Iceland or Australia. Iceland was the only country that was smart enough to understand that more debt was not the solution. They understand the new criminal class. Iceland faced their fears and found the solution. They are up and running- just like we might have been if we had the courage to tell the debt dealers to go screw themselves. For some real hope and change, read this.

Hating Bankers Is All The Rage- And Should Be

If you want to help take your country back from the crooked bastards that have hi-jacked it...those greedy parasites that produce nothing- yet try to convince us how important and in-disposable they are... Please read the following post. I am going to insert this piece of "transparency" from that cover up committee, the FCIC. I would like to say one other thing. If Ron Paul isn't the real deal, the real deal does not exist.

When Sorry Doesn't Cut It

Presented with no comment. Wirecutter- you are one funny dude.

Important News Roundup For Dumb Asses Like Me

I spent a great deal of yesterday learning about commodities and futures, something I have never traded. After yesterday, I am convinced that my decision not to trade in those markets was correct. An entry now would be ridiculous. This is a play I understand from my novice poker days and the proliferation of no-limit Texas Hold 'Em. The Travel Channel kicked off a great boon for all of us old time players- all that fresh blood entering a game we had been playing for 35 years. On line poker, with it's absence of tells and mathematical probabilities easily available for all, worked wonders for new players. In live games, not so much. Same game you would say? No, not at all. In fact, it was the functional equivalent of two entirely different games. On-line poker and live play, (primarily no limit) although based on the same underlying game, are as fundamentally different as trading paper silver and physical silver. It is nuanced. Complex paper trades and traders have a huge advantage over someone like me. It is the function of maturity and experience that allows me say what I am about to say.

Sometimes the best play, is no play. Know when you are outmatched. Your ego will separate you from your money faster than any opponent. This is almost always true.

For a little over two months, I have witnessed some unexplainable events. In fact, I have never felt as detached from reality as I have recently. This is unprecedented stuff. I have never seen anything like it. Inflation figures feverishly manipulated, marginalized, and ignored by Bernanke and the media. Manipulated stock markets, gold and silver markets, bond markets. Metals markets completely suppressed and manipulated by banks. Corporate insiders selling shares faster than stokers on a speeding train. Oil markets completely insane- the spread between West Texas Intermediate Crude and Brent North Sea crude habitually 10 to 15 dollars apart. That has never happened. Silver backwardation has never happened. And that bizarre meeting between Hillary Clinton and virtually every ambassador we have worldwide. What the fuck was that all about? I read the "official" account and quite honestly I think it is bullshit. Personally, I think that meeting was called to warn ambassadors of the pending unrest and chaos that is coming everywhere.

A few days ago, I wrote a piece on the law of unintended consequences. What we are witnessing is an incredible worldwide conspiracy by governments and bankers to keep the lid on a pressure cooker that is about to explode. The world is driven by un backed, worthless, fiat currency. Everywhere. Make no mistake about it. The stakes are unbelievably enormous, the worldwide banks have their fingers in everything. They will lie, cheat, and steal to retain their power and income in any available market or fiat ridden country.

You cannot trust the mainstream media. They feed us fluff. They are owned and co-opted by the same corporate governance and financing that is working feverishly to put lipstick on this pig.

Should you be fearful? No. But you should be prepared. The downside of preparation for an event that does not occur is minimal. Perhaps a little capital loss and your ego gets bruised. (think New Year's Eve, 1999) The upside potential for preparation is enormous. Your ability to survive and thrive will be directly proportional to your willingness to think through what the world will look like when this mess winds down. I am talking about economic collapse and the period of time that it will take to bounce back. The dollar as worthless currency. Zimbabwe style.

People that predict the end of the world are idiots. They have been wrong forever. Therein lies the problem. Predicting when such an event will occur is impossible, because all kinds of unforeseen forces and events can intervene and prolong it. People have a herd mentality. They think because something has never happened that it cannot occur. My favorite is the myth that real estate always goes up. I had been told that shit my entire life. I dismissed the warnings of a drunken friend that told me that there was going to be a banking collapse in '07. That had never happened before and he was drunk. His information was highly credible, but I made the mistake of dismissing it as loose talk- I judged the credibility not on the subject matter but on the speaker. I did however, move my money into bonds. Had I shorted those crooked bankers, well I might not be here writing.

So who are you going to trust? The media or your lying eyes? Trust your instincts. My instincts are telling me we are headed for a train wreck. My eyes will be glued to the economic reports this week. I expect the government and the media to do what they do best. Distract all attention from the truth and spin everything happy. There is no such thing as a jobless, housing-less, counterfeit, spend your way out of debt recovery. It will not work no matter how desperately they want you to believe it. When markets collapse, the speed will be breathtaking.

This morning I read a great piece that did a little to clear up some of the mystery I've been feeling. Particularly in manipulated precious metals, oil, and other commodity markets. The world is moving away from the dollar. Perhaps, we should be too.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Kleptocracy Finds More Easy Prey

The government no longer files criminal charges.

They file civil charges. That way they can extort some money out of the bankers, the bankers will pay, and then the government can beat on their chests and announce that they are doing their jobs. In case you were wondering, nobody other than the kleptocracy gets a cut of the dough. This isn't about victims.

The rule of law and restorative justice are vague terms, concepts, that are no longer useful. Here then is the latest installment of thieves getting ripped off by the kleptocracy. Indymac style.

Pissing in the Ocean Part III

Well we went from 35 billion in tax cuts to 100 billion in cuts and now we are at 61 billion. I knew this would be entertaining. The Democrats are howling that the world will come to an end.

Seriously. We should find a sandbox somewhere and plant every one of these idiots in it. It is like a leaderless group of undisciplined brats.

The National Journal "Wins the Future"

Remember that rousing speech Obama gave about winning the future? Seems, the National Journal "won the future" by nabbing a copy of the speech and publishing it hours before it was delivered.

Apparently, the great orator is a little pissed. Funny stuff at the link:

Two Boise Silver Dealers Go All In, Banker Manipulation Continues

Yesterday, I went shopping for 10 oz. silver bars. I habitually lurk around three joints on Overland, Rose Hill, and State. Two out of three of these dealers were out of silver in virtually all large sizes. Gone.

The third one may be out as well. I just didn't get there in time to find out.

The Rose Hill guy told me that he wasn't even going to order any more silver. His premium over spot price was getting ridiculously high. I have never seen this kind of supply demand disruption with essentially no corresponding rise in price.

Somebody has repealed the laws of supply and demand. Fucking banks are manipulating the paper price with enormous leverage. They are probably using Bernank's counterfeit money to do so. (permanent open market operations, 7-9 billion flooding in today alone)

How do we know it is the banks? Please read this question and answer that I snipped from the comments over at Harvey Organ's joint.

Harvey, You commonly point to heavy selling pressure as being due to a raid by the bankers. How do you know that the bankers are doing the selling and not hedge funds, small speculators or other non-banking interests. Thanks!
Anonymous said...
love your blog... must read every night.. can the fed trade their t bonds for land or resources when we can't pay there interest??
Harvey Organ said...
we know its the bankers by the COT released tomorrow. it shows how many short positions the bankers added or reduced. the suppliers of the non backed paper is certainly not the mining companies as they have stopped hedging. that leaves 3 groups: 1. large speculators that can be long or short 2 large commerials. those near the physical metal generally go long as they sense the shortage of metal. those commercials that are always short like JPM and HSBC always supply the paperm and are subject to the criminal class action lawsuit. and the third group are the small speculators and they are not much of a force. the hedge funds are generally long and they fit into the large speculator category. all the best Harvey **Today, I am going to buy more silver somewhere. I'll tell you how crazy I am. I am thinking about contacting a few well connected friends of mine and go into a little paper silver and stand for physical delivery. If offered some enormous cash premium at settlement, I would refuse.  Deliver the goods. I have a feeling that they cannot stretch this rubber band forever without it snapping. The backlash is going to sting like hell. But wtf, it's all funny money to them anyway.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Law of Unintended Consequences

From wiki: The law of unintended consequences is an adage or idiomatic warning that an intervention in a complex system always creates unanticipated and often undesirable outcomes.[2][3][4][5] Akin to Murphy's law, it is commonly used as a wry or humorous warning against the hubristic belief that humans can fully control the world around them. Many fields of study in the sciences and humanities embrace this concept, including economics, history, philosophy, political science, and sociology.

The world will come to know this adage.

This is what happens when one constant, greed in the extreme, couples with another constant of human nature- that of fear and punishment avoidance. A scenario of economic ruin is developing. Rather than face the punishment or consequences of their actions, human beings seek to avoid punishment at all costs. They think they can plot an escape. This willingness to avoid punishment at all costs sets a foundation for desperate acts. Thus the offenders set off a chain of events that casts a wide net and ensnares the entire planet. The subsequent effects are devastating to billions. Governments get toppled, human beings suffer. There is hunger, despair, illness, and death.

This isn't some theory or science fiction novel. This is happening now. It started with the world banking cabals and it will end at their doorsteps. It is criminal behavior 101. Does Bernanke know this? Of course. He is virtually always the smartest guy in any room. Bernanke has no other choice. With a worldwide derivative exposure of over one quadrillion, Bernanke and the world's bankers, think they can avoid fate. Cheat it. Out smart it. Escape. Re-capitalize. Rather than accept their deflationary medicine, their bankruptcy and ruin- they have plotted a course that will victimize an entire planet. Facilitated by countless conspirators. Accidental conspirators. Conspirators that share the same greed and willingness to escape detection and punishment. They are all driven by the same human desires and thus they become unwitting accomplices at best. All of them trying to save faces, careers, and fortunes. Many will escape. Some will not. It will all get sorted out one day.

This is the law of unintended consequences. One big series of mistakes compounded by more mistakes and a course of action that simply buys a little time but not the ending. Fate has patience.

Years ago, as a young cop on patrol, I stumbled onto a wreck scene early one morning. The driver of the car had vanished. I recognized the car, a Pontiac GTO, because I was a motor head. I had seen the car at a party one block from my house the previous night. The car and about 200 feet of fence had been totally destroyed. I contacted the registered owner who told me over the phone that the car had been stolen. I asked him to come in and sign the car stolen. He showed up looking like hell. He had a laceration on his head, smelling like Jack Daniels. It was growing quite obvious to me that this guy might be practicing a little deception. So I offered him a deal before he signed that false police report. I told him if he would simply admit to driving and leaving the scene of an accident I would just give him a citation and he could leave. Or if he insisted on his story, I would place him under arrest for filing a false police report which was a far worse offense in terms of fine and punishment and I also thought I could make a DUI and Leaving the Scene charge stick under this particular set of circumstances. I told him that I was 100% certain that this was so and that I would be able to prove it. I thought it was a great deal. He did not.

He looked me in the eye, faked being kind of offended and indignant, and signed the form. He was going to take his chances and try to avoid the consequences. I made one phone call in front of him. The gal that owned that "party house" was a close friend of mine. She said he had been drunk as hell, they had tried to stop him from driving- but he took off anyway. About one half hour later, he had returned to the house all cut up and bleeding and told everyone he had wrecked his car. I think he had even gotten into a fight which further motivated them to talk to me. I think I had like 6 or 7 witnesses. I hung up the phone, cuffed him, and took him to jail. He could not post bond. He lost his job and he did two weeks or so in jail. The citation, had he chosen to tell the truth, would have cost him a hundred bucks and no jail time. The law of unintended consequences on a micro scale.

From a puny little stage, to the world's macro stage, human behavior doesn't change all that much. A cabal of greedy and fraud committing bankers are trying to cover their tracks. They are clearly desperate. Unwilling to face the consequences of their actions, they are willing to plunge the whole planet into an economic disaster. The stakes are outrageously high and people have died. Tunisia, Egypt, Bolivia are all experiencing chaos. Perhaps they hope, they can just inflate their troubles away. Act as though they are harmless. Buy more time. The bankers have assets at their disposal- put into place for just such an emergency. Bought and paid for politicians everywhere, an elite crowd of financed business owners, more bankers and financiers, and sweetheart helpers controlling the media outlets. Carlin was right. It's a big club and most of us aren't in it. So it is, a Ph.D from M.I.T. with a perfect 1600 SAT has charted the same course as some drunk driving kid with a junked Pontiac. People will go to any lengths to avoid the consequences of their actions. Some have a lot of tools, some don't.

It's hard not to notice the similarities.

More Pissing in the Ocean

Wow, these guys are really cutting the fat now. They are proposing a whopping 100 billion in spending cuts now or about 18 days worth of interest on that 14.2 trillion we owe. Well, if it doesn't get re-financed into higher rates that is. Doesn't exactly get the pulse racing. Obama taking the budget cut- for Lionel train- carry trade.

If this wasn't so serious, it would actually be comical. I note these cuts are coming from the discretionary part of the budget. I can't wait to see if any of these jellyfish are gonna go after the big entitlement funds (SS and medicare) and risk losing their jobs. Then we'll see who has a spine and who doesn't.

Duly noted that the FBI won't get a 4% increase. I'd like to see a 4% increase in performance. Like maybe nailing those elite millionaire tax evaders parked in Switzerland and Lichtenstein.

I Have a Promising, Bright Future Behind Me

Man, I was pinning my hopes on this. Plenty of exercise, greeting people, good times. I got 40k tied up in student loans for my new public relations career. I was so excited that I could hardly sleep last night.

I got my Dear John letter today, along with my audition photo. Probably they hired some "hot chick" with big boobs.

Who is Warsh?

The youngest member of the criminal cabal. The FED. An inflation hawk, which used to be the role of the FED, Warsh's views and dissension have become passe'. He has resigned.

In the new FED, inflation is better than complete collapse. He states no reason for resigning- read what he wrote- that's bankerlese for Bernank has gone shithouse crazy. Warsh might have acquired some sense of ethical conduct. Expect Bernank to find another lackey.

Finally, Some Blood

Ron Paul calls Bernank and the FED on their shit. If Paul isn't the answer in 2012- there isn't one.

California Dreamin'

Ocean. Beaches. Porn stars. California gets all the breaks.

It's Like a Nightmare, Only Worse

I get tired of beating up on lefties. In all fairness, I don't give enough credit to righties.

I have seen absolutely no evidence that either one of these factions ever passed a basic math class and we damn sure know they don't spend their time reading 2300 page bills.

So let me explain how pathetic these proposed budget cuts are. The Republicans are proposing, get this- "35 billion in budget cuts this year."

Hallefuckinglujah bitches! We are saved!

Let me put this in perspective. We are going to be at the very least, 4.2 trillion short in projected revenues for the last three budget years including this one. That massive 35 billion cut will not even amount to 1% of what we are short in those three years. That 35 billion cut amounts to, hold your breath, 6 days worth of interest on our 14.2 trillion dollar debt. Or about a 3% cut on an annual basis. Or about half the cost of President Obamatrain's latest novel idea. The "poo poo, choo, choo"

Winning the future Obama calls it. Spend our way out of debt! The Obamatrain is rolling, like it or not. He has already rung up 10.5 billion.

You just can't make this shit up. This is real. A nightmare here would be an upgrade.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What Fraud? First I Ever Heard of It...

Grayson on Obama ignoring the greatest fraud ever. "We won't look back." Remember that? No indeed, Mr. were bought and paid for on arrival. Maybe you would have us think it was just an over sight. First this... From Grayson to ZeroHedge, with love.

The Thugocracy Hard At Work

At the link.

Clearly we can't know for sure, but it sure smacks retaliatory. Glad to know that the thugocracy is focusing their attention on us small nickle and dime targets (bloggers) rather than arresting the 56,000 elite tax dodgers with billions in UBS Swiss, Cayman, and Lichtenstein bank accounts.

Not to mention the one trillion sitting off shore that the US Government is more than willing to waive corporate taxes on to bring it back. 

Can we get some IRS report that will let us know just how effective the thugocracy has been in nailing the elite tax dodgers? Yea, I didn't think so.

Drawing a Hard Line

Every once in awhile, I catch some nasty comment from somebody that reads my writing and just feels the urge to let me know. That's ok. That doesn't have anything to do with me. They've taken something personally and they have an ax to grind. I get that. That type of lunacy is ok. I used to practice it myself.

So how do you know, when it's appropriate to draw a hard line? When does the right moment arrive?

The first thing I try to be responsible for what I say. I say what I mean, and I mean what I say. I do that only if it is responsible and I have thoroughly contemplated the other side of an issue. I am a member of a giant family...all of you. I am not interested in blowing smoke up someone's ass because I like pissing people off. I don't write for that effect. I would quit if I did. I also do not write because I think I am more intelligent than anyone. I'm not. Intelligence comes in at least 9 different types. Intelligence is the capacity to continually learn. That capacity may enlarge in some and dwindle in others. I do not write because I feel some overwhelming urge to voice my opinion and state it as a matter of fact. If you think the 14.2 trillion dollar debt is an opinion, that's up to you. If you think that the banking cabal in this country is innocent and harmless, despite thousands of provable facts to the contrary- that's up to you.

I write because I used to be in the dark. I didn't pay attention. Like many of you- I had a shitload of things to get done every day. Problems.  I didn't pay attention. And while I wasn't paying attention, along with 300 million other people, the bankers in this country pulled the greatest heist in the history of the world. 

And I realized that at that moment...I was part of the problem. That the people we entrusted to run this country saw that we were distracted. That's my role in this. Each one of us let these pillagers do this. And if all I ever manage to do is light one spark in someone like me, it's worth it.

I don't draw a hard line everywhere. I love people and diversity. I support unity among us, not isolation and partisan camps. I can't stand the left, and I don't like the right. Both of them use us like two crack addicted parents spinning yarns and stealing our money for their bullshit agendas, cronies, personal gain and greed habits. They don't give two shits about this country but they will tell you that they do. Pay attention to what they ACTUALLY do- and ignore that which they say. You'll find the answer. The vast majority of politicians do not fit any definition I use for selfless public servants.

Patriots and public servants draw a hard line. We will die for this country. And I am not prepared to let these leeches masquerading as "public servants" hijack this place, left or right. If those cowards can't serve the public then get the fuck out and let someone with some balls and and a spine hack that Federal Budget down to size now. We do not have the luxury of time, mindless rhetoric, or unlimited vacations.

I am part of the village. I watch and I report. I write. I do that because we need unity and strength. If we ever achieve our potential, a giant powerful village that storms DC and boots every one of their asses out of office and shit cans that thieving FEDERAL RESERVE BANK- then I will gladly quit writing. Jefferson, Madison, Adams, Franklin and a lot of other dead patriots would smile. It's a Republic but only if you can keep it.

I simply cannot apologize for that. I am unwilling to let any of my nanny government friends, or those frail insecure types, diminish my efforts. I recognize their ilk. They are why we are here. Frozen in the headlights, scared, afraid to take a stand. Cowards. In 25 years of law enforcement- I very rarely gave ground in the field and if I did, I re-took it later. I don't apologize for taking an oath and for trying my hardest to uphold it. I didn't get wealthy and I sure as shit didn't do it for "power." I did it because it was the right thing to do. And there ain't a one of my former colleagues that would disagree and they stop by here. This government is not the solution. They do not have a solution because they are the problem. And anyone that can't read that resume' after the last 40 or 50 years should not be electing anybody.

That's my hard line. I am ok with that and I hope you are too. If I have offended anybody you are free to go seek counseling or resolve your internal conflicts somewhere else. Prioritize your emotional motives. Are you interested in being part of a solution or would you just as soon let government, a thugocracy- have all of your freedom, your wealth, and hand your kids and grand kids a debt they can never pay? Please decide soon. Because that moment I spoke here.

English As A Third Language

Hat tip to Dutch!

So I was checking my in box today and saw this. A million and a half dollar granted funded by who else?
- The Department of Education and you.

The grant would help teach students arabic. The "language of the future." Now residents of the United States who did not want to risk being marginalized by the sensitive left- could learn Spanish, Arabic, maybe even some English.

Thankfully, the measure looks to be dead on arrival. Thank gawd they tried it in Texas. However, the article states the same grant has been awarded in four other places. In Moonbat Valley there would have been passionate pleas by the statists. They would have found a way to grab the dough. It's all largesse to them. The "language of the future." Not in my lifetime and I damn sure hope not in yours.

Government Credit Score is 650

Yes. And I caught the Loch Ness Monster on six pound test and water skiied behind her for an hour.

Perhaps shockingly, most of these estimators come up with a score of around 650 (with a range of 625 to 720). That is basically in the middle of the range, and consistent with the recent rating on U.S. debt of A+ by China's Dagong Global, the only non-U.S. credit rating agency that seems to draw much interest or credibility. By comparison, countries like Norway, Switzerland and Singapore score an AAA from Dagong, and the United States is largely on par with Japan, France and Britain in Dagong's scoring.

Here's the whole link:

Here's the deal killer. We call it debt to income ratio. Show me a debt to income ratio beyond 70% (I used to write loans in Vegas) and I'll call you dead money. We just can't whip out a batch of new dough every time we are running low.

Ron Paul (David) Gets First Run On the Bernank (Goliath) Updated

*Damn. Came home from the dentist only to find no blood on TV. Paul and the Bernank are not even in the same room. My day is ruined. 

The world will be watching today's House testimony with Bernank. I hope Ron Paul calls him a liar. Let there be blood. Action begins at 10:00 EDT.,8599,2047134,00.html

Remember when that liar Bernank said that he wouldn't monetize the debt?

Remember when that liar Bernank said that the FED would not bail out foreign banks? We found out a trillion or so went to overseas banks in that 9 trillion dollar stealth bailout in 2008?

So today you are going to see a rare event. A politician, not a lawyer, who tells the truth. And a polished brainiac from MIT that lies enough to qualify as a lawyer- but isn't. 

I just want you know which is which.

How Long Can Hedge Funds Like JP Morgan Suppress Precious Metals Prices?

Not much longer.

Behold the power of 1.8 billion Chinese buying gold and silver. You better get some while you still can. The Bernank is long precious metals.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More Presidential Madness

Hey, I've got an idea! Let's spend our way out of debt. That 700 billion dollar stimulus bill worked like a champ. Let's try a 53 billion dollar encore. We can deliver it "FUBAR" and end up paying even more...

You simply cannot make this shit up. A Lionel train set, this one full scale.

Occam's Razor

Back by popular demand. I call this tune- Banker Inferno. I think that's the Bernank on lead vocals singing about QE XXVII.

At what point in this DEPRESSION is this country going to wake up and realize who the enemy is? Geezus- I feel like... whatshisname in the Matrix. Neo. Fighting bankers in black suits. Losing.

Let me explain something by way of Occam's Razor. I had heard this term many years ago and saw it today in some comments I was reading. Here is the definition we will be working with. That is, the Razor is a principle that suggests we should tend towards simpler theories until we can trade some simplicity for increased explanatory power. That power usually comes by the way of an archaic term we once called an "investigation." That relic may have been lost. To utilize the Razor, we must ask ourselves simple questions.

Ok, here's how this works. We are looking for a " simple theory."

1. Who controls the quantity of money? Answer- the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK.
2. What happens when the FED floods the market place with money? Answer- Lending standards deteriorate. Bubbles develop and burst. Depressions are called recessions.
3. Who makes shitty loans with all that excess money? Answer-Banks.
4. Who stood to profit from all of those shitty loans? Answer- Banks.
5. Who resold all those loans knowing they were shitty? Answer-Banks.
6. Who lied about all those shitty loans when reselling them? Answer-Banks and Co-conspiring rating agencies.
7. Who shorted mortgage insurers knowing those loans sucked and would fail? Answer- Banks
8. Who got bailed out? Answer-Banks. Who bailed them out? Answer-A Banker.
9. Who donates the most money to politicians? Answer-Banks.
10. Who is reporting "record profits" and "bonuses." Answer- Banks.
11. Who is now flooding the market with non existent money/creating inflation? Answer- A Banker.
12. Who committed literally millions of fraudulent acts and continues to do so? Answer- Bankers.
13. Who are the FED's members? Answer- Too Big To Fail Banks.
14. Who has a 188 trillion dollar derivative exposure? Answer- Banks.
15. Who is buying stock in the stock market? Answer- Banks.
16. Who has been able to avoid even one single criminal prosecution? Answer- Bankers.
17. Who paid Angelo Mozilo's fines? Answer- Bankers.
18. Who has their own cozy accounting rules to avoid disclosing losses? Answer- Bankers.
19. Who was able to keep enormous profits but socialize losses to taxpayers? Answer- Bankers
20. Who runs this fucking country? Answer- (It ain't anybody you elected)

The casual reader might note a common thread. That's my Occam's Razor view of the causality of this continuing mess and cover up. Facilitated by fraud and ratings agencies on the front end, politicians admirably managing the cover up- still taking campaign contributions on the back end. Don't forget this when the redux comes this year. All good movies have a sequel.

It's ON Like Donkey Kong!

Great stuff today. As predicted by some anonymous, silver Nostradamus type, silver was up over 3% today. It is up another 6 cents after hours.

I want you to stop and think about what I am about to say. China hiked interest rates today. Chinese people buy physical gold and silver as an inflation hedge. There are potentially 1.8 BILLION buyers in that country alone. Forget the U.S. We have a bunch of saps watching stupid shit on TV. Only 300 million of us.

Don't think the Chinese government reports the real inflation rate either. In time, the Chinese government may learn how to distort the picture as effectively as we do. Shit, they might just outlaw inflation all together. Execute some guy selling rice cakes.

Bonds and yields are about to go supernova as well. I can't wait to see what form of gimmickry and wizardry the Bernank tries next.

Apple Stock

I love to tease people about Apple shares. I got a sobering email this afternoon. What happens if the Supreme Court rules Obamacare is legal? What happens when the government orders us to buy Apple products next? Some goon comes to your house to make sure you have an Ipod, Iphone, Ipad, Imac?

Think about that, smart guy.

Geezus. Never thought about that. Maybe I better beat the rush and get a Chevy Volt now or get priced out.

If you are in the market for a full on suicide watch, read this.

Just Some More Crooked Bastards

Makes you wonder how many have not been caught. Let me give you the Frankenstein Government estimate.

A shit ton. From the WSJ.

Apple Stock Tremendously Undervalued, Get In Now or Get Priced Out!

I just heard another CNBC talking head tout Apple stock.

What he is really advocating is "get in so we can get out." The buy high and sell low theory. The long holders are in deep shit if this QE2 ever quits. Because at that precise moment, every short seller in the universe, including yours truly- who has been forced to the sideline will come enmasse to sell your inflated, POMO induced paper, back to earthly levels.

With virtually every hedge fund and mutual fund in the galaxy holding Apple stock, you can hear the chant daily. They are all in.

When two hundred shares of Apple stock (currently 355) trade at the same approximate price as a 1400sqf home in the Midwest- what is the best investment? Let's see, if you bought the home outright you would save about 700 a mo. x 12 or about 8400 dollars a year.

If you bought 200 shares of Apple, and it goes to 450, (the talking head's price) you would make about 19 grand or about two years worth of house payments. The government will take their 25% cut. But the house will not cost you anything for the duration of your life in that house. You are paying yourself 8400 bucks a year in dividends tax free for your entire life and your posterity's life minus the death tax.

There are a few other problems with buying the stock. Steve Jobs leaving the planet, pinning your hopes on a never ending stream of Ishit, existing owners achieving consciousness and the stock actually going down, and the biggest problem of all. The whole world is already in. Who are you going to sell it to? Your bartender? It's paper.

'Tis the life cycle of things. Today's story will be tomorrow's history.

Help Wanted Ad As Seen on Peking Craig's Rist

We are currentry rooking for man who ignore infration data. Who refuse to raise interest rates.
A man who refuses drinks kooraid. Do you know of sich a man? Pay big money. Can you help prease? Time is Yuan.


Chinese Business

Welcome to the February 8th*Updated

A couple of weeks ago, I snipped some anonymous internet rant about a cabal of traders buying silver and gold (paper) longs and that at the end of the settlement month(s) they were going to demand delivery of the underlying commodities.

*A commenter on another site noted that no in fact, the squeeze was on and the trade would be settled in cash, this is proving inaccurate. From the mighty Organ. Thus the total number of silver oz standing in February rose dramatically today to 1,455,000 +  475,000 =  1,930,000.  We gained a massive 500,000 oz today).  Somebody was need of silver in a hurry!!*2nd note. Email confirmed I had the wrong bank shorts. JP Morgan, HSBC...noted and edited.

Most people I follow believe that the Comex has far more contracts trading in paper gold and silver than deliverable gold and silver. Such contracts are almost always settled with cash. However, if some cabal actually all demanded delivery of physical gold and silver at once- could it be delivered? The smart money says, "no." They have 30 days to deliver the goods. If they are right, spot prices could go parabolic. The villains in our story are JP Morgue and HSBC...smaller players as well. But they are bankers. Thieving, greedy, manipulative bankers.

Normally, I think such ranting is usually internet BS. Here's the weird part. That rant was written on Jan. 7. And everything the writer has said- has happened. He predicted the start would be today. A search of his comments. And what are we seeing? Heavy buying in both complexes. Gold is pushing through resistance at 1350. Silver pushing through resistance at 29.80. Good stuff. God bless those Chinese physical buyers. They have stretched supply to it's limits and made this scenario possible. In a country with incredible food inflation woes...they know the only safe haven is physical.

Great stuff from the Organ.

For more on the February phenomenon, please read this crazy bastard's blog. Fresh back from a trip to Vegas that I have yet to hear one thing about. Some cliche comes to mind.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Has CNN Cornered the Market On Delusional Writers?

I offer up this example.

C'mon, people the recession is over. (By the way, quit calling this depression a recession- I am getting tired of hearing that garbage.) Forget all of your lost equity, lost homes, and five hundred something credit ratings. Forget about those lost jobs, your new 12 buck an hour job, rising health care and food costs- and taxes. Please buy some of our over priced and worthless stufff.

CNN is dangerously close to receiving my weekly award for shittiest writing of the week. Probably going to read the imbecile Krugman, some other libtard shit, but right now- CNN getting a heavy lean.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Frankenstein Government Is Not For Sale

Let's just dispel the rumors before they start.

You know it's not easy. Reading stupid shit all day and then posting some of my own. No ads, no tip jars, just me grinding away on this Mac. I have obliterated 6 letters on my keyboard. They are just white blobs.

Three hundred and fifteen million for HuffPo? Gawd-- by the end of this year's hyper-inflationary storm, 315 million will get you one of those big bags of pretzels and a fountain drink. Think I'll just send my son down to the store now.

When Idiots Sing

Ya know, if you are a performer, a paid singing professional and a citizen of this country- you probably ought to know the words to the national anthem.

I wouldn't know Christina Aguilera from my neighbor across the street. Watching that performance tonight restores my confidence that I have not missed anything. I am cutting her no slack here. As soon as I heard that ridiculousness, I shot a glance at my friend Keith across the room. Keith sang the anthem last Tues night at the Steelheads (hockey) game here in Boise. Not only was he better, he knew the words. His loot amounted to 4 free seats and I was damn glad to occupy one. Thanks again, Keith.

Silver in Complete Backwardation, First Time Ever

Last week, I mentioned how silver prices were moving up while gold was moving down. Not only have I never seen this, but many suggest that markets are rigged. Silver and gold usually move in % harmony. I have noted physical supplies were exceedingly tight worldwide.

I have over allocated in silver. I added a measly 10 oz bar this weekend.

There is significant evidence that the physical run is ON! This week. I would not be surprised to see a 10% move or higher in the price of silver by the end of the week. Very, very interesting shit going on. Not to mention that oddball piece floating around the internet which has been spot on. Pun intended.

For a great read on contango and backwardation...please read this piece. It is not nearly as mystical as it sounds.

If silver moves beyond resistance at 32.00 this week or the next do not be afraid to step up and buy. There is no overhead supply waiting to sell and a a lot of naked shorts may have to deliver the physical commodity. The first delivery months is March. If we rise to that level, I will pop for another 100 oz. bar.

Prices moving up slightly across the pond at 0035 EDT. Even higher at 0045.

I cannot tell you how tempting it is for me to jump into paper silver here. The leverage and profit opportunities are dramatically higher. However, it is the lack of the underlying commodity- people taking actual possession of silver that will lead this rise. It costs about the same to mine silver as it does gold. It is our one true advantage over the paper silver traders like Bank of Hong Kong and Shanghai and JP Morgan. Millions of Chinese are buying. If it works- it doesn't need fixing. Gonna stick with the plan although I wouldn't fault anyone else for jumping into some paper here.

Are you listening Uncle L.?

Good Gawd, Now They Say Oral Sex Causes Cancer

Like any of us are getting out of here alive. Have these researchers no decency? Is nothing sacred?

No saccharin, no salt, no sugar, no smoking. Organic foods, whole grains, no coffee. Now, no oral sex? You fucking researchers have completely left the rails. I am making my stand here and now. By the way, did my government tax money fund your research? Yea, that's what I thought...

Super Bowl Thoughts

Pittsburgh and Green Bay. They hardly get my pulse racing.

Boise has gobs of Pittsburgh fans. Not sure why. So I got myself in a double or nothing and a triple or nothing mess with two Pittsburgh fans. Of course, I am fully aware that gambling is illegal unless of course- the government gets a cut. Then it would be fine.

I'd show up in my Saints regalia but I think I am just gonna sport my bilateral fleur de lis'. I took the ten points and Seattle. I cashed on the spread and was in utter disbelief that NOLA lost outright.   

So today, I will watch the Super Bowl. Like I have every year since Super Bowl III. I'd personally take the over and leave it at that. Not that I have much experience gambling. Only about 40 years or so.

Got a bad feeling I am on the losing side of this. I may have to hedge half on Pitt and take the smaller loss. Hope you all have a wonderful day!

More Obama Cheerleaders, Math Challenged Moonbats Still Writing Garbage

I'd like to invite you to read this drivel. This is Mainstream Media News. Jacob Lew says that Obama's budget cuts are "tough calls." Mr. Lew, here's some advice from Idaho. Quit kissing your bosses' ass and waxing poetic to the press. You are a math challenged moron. Blow smoke up somebody else's ass.

Let's start with the basics. A thousand million is a billion. A thousand billion is a trillion. So when you propose cuts that don't even amount to 1/2 or even 1/3rd of one year's tax shortfall, you are not making "tough" decisions. You are not doing shit. You are pissing in the ocean.

We have lost 5 TRILLION in annual tax revenue over the past 3 years. Woefully short of fantasy projections.

When this bunch of government buffoons starts talking about trillion dollar cuts, eliminating thousands of useless government employees from the Post Office to the Dept. of Education perhaps then I might call those decisions "tough."

They even talk about million dollar cuts in this article. Geezus. Next thing you know they'll tell us they eliminated the hot lunch program at the Pentagon. Raised the price of Fig Newtons in the honor box. 

Main Stream Media. Quit patting Obama, Democrats, and RINO conservatives on the back for doing nothing. It's patronizing. Like we are supposed to jump for joy when our daughter returns our zero balance credit card after a day of shopping and cheerfully announces... "I didn't max it out, Dad! There's still a hundred bucks on it." Beautiful. Let me stick this gold star on your forehead, honey.

WireCutter Explains the New Obama Stamp