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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Boise St v. Washington Huskies*Updated

Recently, some men's magazine named Boise the number one city in America for men.

I'm not sure about that- but our football fans here are rabid. I cannot believe that on a recent trip to Reno I forgot to bet Washington.

For those of you who follow football closely as I do- Boise St opened up as 7.5 point favorites and promptly got bet down to 5. That's a huge move and it is exactly what I would have done.

Boise St has a good team but this is not the team of years gone by. This team has no offense. They lost at home to San Diego State. Washington on the other hand beat some seriously good and highly ranked opponents. Off the top of my head, that was Oregon St. and Stanford.

They threw one serious clunker with Washington St. They did beat San Diego St....which is the team that invaded the blue turf and won.

Take Washington plus 5. Worth a small money line bet too.

* Washington covered the spread in a two point loss.

The Inside Report on Silver, FG Style

I was in absolute awe this week as I watched silver prices plummet. There might have been a couple of reasons for that. Legitimate reasons.

A problem a lot of us are experiencing is becoming quite obvious- that this Frankenstein Government of ours is going to tax the shit out of everyone next year. Anyone with a sharp pencil knows that the rich can't bail us out. Not even close. That ship left the harbor circa 2008.

So people are selling gold and silver- taking profits in a lower tax environment. I get that. Taxes are going up and industrial demand is going down because the world's economies must contract. Economies always contract as governments confiscate the wealth of their citizens. And there are two other problems. I will leave out the inflation caused by central banks and counterfeiting.

The FED manufactured bull market cycle in stocks is over. Earnings are beginning to deteriorate. People are going to have to start buying Obamacare. Remember, the Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare is a tax and they were right. I think when people see the 4 digit per month price tag for a family of four with Obamacare- things are going to get a little turbulent.

Have you noticed that nobody has really published anything regarding the actual price we will have to pay for Obamacare including the government?

So all of that shit is not good news. So let's finish with the really good news.

A couple of weeks ago, I was reading a very interesting article by a writer on TF Metals stating that the price to mine, extract, smelt, and bring silver to market is somewhere around 25 bucks per oz. That seemed a little high to me and for a couple of years I have used 20 bucks as my break even point for silver. However, I am not going to split hairs.

If the cost to bring silver to market is as low as 5 bucks an ounce as some idiots say- silver miners would be experiencing 400% profit margins or greater. Earnings would be through the roof. Clearly that is not the case. In fact, silver miners are barely making money. I have looked at the balance sheets of dozens.

So what gives? The majority of the demand for silver has now become investment demand. That's it. People are buying silver to preserve wealth. Mine supply is going down. When demand is rising and supply is going down at already barely break even prices- it will not take much of a spark to light a rally like you have never seen.

The floor is in. If silver were to fall another 5 bucks, I'd simply quit mining silver. Why take a loss on your finite reserves? I'd just take a holiday. I don't want to sell something that I know is worth a hell of a lot more than a banker manipulated market is willing to pay me for it.

When and if the producers quit selling- watch out. Silver is not a crop. The earth ain't making any more of it.  Markets are already intensely tight. There is only so much to go around and in a market where the price has been suppressed for decades- a rally to 100 bucks an ounce seems reasonable. I mean that.

There is serious evidence that backs this up. I sat at my computer in absolute amazement as I read the story of silver selling in China at 32.50 yesterday- while it was selling at 29.60 here. A THREE DOLLAR per ounce difference. The arbitrage possibilities are profound.

Another really odd thought occurred to me over the past month as I watched mining stocks get hammered and sold short by bankers along with the other year end shenanigans. Why not just buy the already mined stuff knowing that it is so under priced already? Instead of dealing with the double whammy of banker suppressed prices in the futures pits and bankers selling miners short...why not just buy PSLV, have it stored for you, and watch Eric Sprott take a huge chunk out of all the supply as he buys for the trust?

Other than taxes- which you cannot escape in appreciating miners anyway- why not just buy the real stuff in the Sprott managed trust? So a two pronged approach would have you buying physical metals in small un reportable amounts. Buying silver or gold bullion in Sprott's gold and silver trusts.

Rarely do we talk about the other white metals. I have really been eyeing Stillwater Mining in Montana (SWC) which has been rising for a number of reasons including being added to the Standard and Poors index. I like this miner and it's one of the few platinum/palladium plays.

A couple more points.

If I was a legitimate silver miner in this market- I would seriously consider taking my mines and my shares private if I had operating capital. I also have to think that big miners with dwindling supplies of metal will have to go looking for promising reserves. After all of these poor years and decades, I think a giant window of opportunity is opening as world currencies begin to collapse. I don't think that is a party I would want to miss and I sure as hell wouldn't want to be paying 3% in dividends or 4% for debt when I didn't need to.  

Buying junior miners with verifiable reserves might not be the worst thing to invest in right now. In the meantime, let's just kick back and watch 2013 unfold. The bankers are losing control.

Friday, December 21, 2012

I Was Briefly Worried About Gun Control Until...

...Obama dished the job off to Joe Biden.

That's when I knew this was just political bullshit. Tear in his eye, very nice special effects. About 52% of the voting public falls for that shit.

If you believe passionately in something- you will find the time to make it a priority. If you don't believe passionately in something- you will behave like Obama does- talk some smack and dish the project off. Pretend to care. If you have to, you can blame Joe later.

In the meantime, if you want to read the very best piece of anti gun control and solution based writing on the web- an expert opinion as opposed to all of those blathering idiots running their mouths... I recommend this. Get a cup of coffee, it takes a few mins.

In life, people make time for the things that matter to them. It is always true, 100% of the time. It is true in relationships, it is true in virtually every project or subject that a person engages in outside of work. If somebody fails to make you or a project a priority- it's time to re- think. Never forget that.

The Day Ain't Over With Yet

I can't tell you the level of disappointment I felt today when I woke up. I have been looking forward to this day and the end of times for many years.

Not only did the earth appear to remain intact, but as I looked around- the idiots that surround the FG compound seemed to also be acting normal. I opened my Apple portal hoping that others were being killed by the millions or being hurtled into space. No such luck. It was the same old, same old.

I gotta tell ya...these Mayans are pissing me off.

People were still writing shit on Huffington Post. CNN blamed Bush for the fiscal cliff dilemma- Ace of Spades contributor Gabriel Malor blamed the "fringe" elements of the GOP for failing to vote (eating gumbo) and ruining Boehner's "Plan B" vote last night in the House- like any of that is going to change  the mess that we are in. Speaking of Plan B...

This is my all time fav clip on Plan B. Dave has it posted over at the Golden Truth. I click on it every day- and watch all 12 seconds of it. I never grow tired of watching it.

So the same old predictable things keep happening. Day after miserable day. The end of times would have been much more interesting. I waited up late last night for the Mayan spaceship to come and gather us and get us off this miserable rock- but I'll be damned if the only thing I spotted out the window were the crack heads across the street.

Not even one brown skinned gal carrying a clothes hamper on her head. Nothing. Nada.

So look. It's only a little after 10, mountain time. Most Californians haven't even had their first toke yet. So I am going to stay strong and optimistic. I'm not unpacking my bags just yet. Maybe the Mayans just had some meteor trouble or had to stop and kick some Romulan ass on the way here. You just can't tell with these things.

So there's that.

I am going to stay focused and hopeful because the day is only half over with. But I'd be lying if I didn't say I am starting to get a little worried...

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Congress Filled to Capacity With Psychopaths, Now Allowing...

the indefinite detention of Americans without trial under the NDAA act. Forget due process and all of those Constitutional guarantees and the bill of rights.

Get your passports NOW.

I just had to clip this comment from the blog. My sentiments exactly.

new alien-IQ
alien-IQ's picture
Vote up!
No nation gets the government they want. Every nation gets the government they deserve.
All we are seeing here is what has been long predicted and proven to be fact: What we allow or government to do abroad, we invite them to do at home.
Everyone's morals are defined by what we allow to happen to others. Americans remained silent when the US implemented this policy abroad, now they must take it in the ass at home because they were complicit by virtue of their lack of opposition to government policy.
Saying nothing is as political an act as saying something.
Don't complain about this new asked for it.

Adam Lanza, Time's Man of the Year

This is so wrong on so many levels- that I just have to post it.

I have always loved Brian's wit and writing, even when it is sinister. Oh well. We all pick sides. Some of the finest smart assery you will ever read. Right here. 

If I Never Hear the Term "Fiscal Cliff" Again...

...ever, it will be too soon.

The latest installment of idiocy is taking place today and tomorrow. Then the idiots are going home for the holidays.

Let me explain something quite simply. There is no such thing as a "fiscal cliff." For most of us, this is commonly referred to as "paying your bills."

The problem for us hoi polloi is that we have "credit limits" meaning that once we have borrowed all the money that we can borrow...we are done borrowing. At that point, "paying the bill" becomes mandatory. At least that has been the custom. The problem with the idiots or non- hoi polloi, is that they have an unlimited credit line which they have over spent so spectacularly- that it can never be repaid. Never. There is no such thing as a "credit limit" and now it is "paying the bill" time for them. The game simply continues until the truth becomes so evident that not even the BIGGEST idiot on the planet- say Krugman- can deny it.

Now when people with a spending problem over spend, at some future point they are suddenly forced to pay the money back or declare bankruptcy. That is the same boat the idiots find themselves in. The smart thing to do would be to declare bankruptcy or insolvency and just pay back the foreign creditors who were stupid enough to loan us money.

Unfortunately, they will not do that. Instead, we will get the slow death version. They will make these ridiculous attempts to tax people to death- coupled with benefit cuts and instead of adding 1.4 trillion per year in debt, we will only add 1.2 trillion or so.

This will go on ad infinitum until some left wing math major with credibility in some future year, say around 2025, realizes that it is impossible to pay back the national debt and he tells the rest of his fellow welfare recipients this. The possibility that we have written a check we can't possibly cash will suddenly move from fiction to reality with the accompanying shock and awe. Maybe when China opens fire on us for stealing their dough. By that time, only 18 years will have elapsed. This same phenomenon has been occurring in Japan for the past 25 years.

A trillion dollars is not something to fuck around with. It is a thousand billion. Nobody has ever seen a trillion dollars. We don't even know if an actual trillion exists. It is like the yeti- a lot of talk but nobody has ever dragged one into town.

So for those of you who think we have 16.3 trillion laying around, I gotta run now. I am expecting the Mayans to land in my front yard tonight and whisk me off to a planet in a neighboring solar system. For those of you who cannot get enough of this bullshit, here is the latest. For Zerohedge readers, this is a round trip.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Adam Lanza Took Fanapt, Left Coast Psychologist Weighs In

An anti psychotic that can sometimes cause violent behavior. That's Fanapt.

In a follow up to my piece, the "Warlords Keep Winning" here then is big pharma's drug and the original story.

This link calls Asperger's Syndrome as a cause of violent behavior,  a "red herring."

One last clip, from the above link.

"There really is no clear association between Asperger's and violent behavior," psychologist Elizabeth Laugeson, an assistant clinical professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, told the Associated Press.

This is what we have for psychologists. There isn't a clear link between alcohol and violent behavior either. I mean, I have seen people drink and just pass out. Or get pissed off and shoot up the bar.

People with altered levels of consciousness tend to do crazy shit...or do we have to show our masters degrees to debate that too?

So really what Laugeson is saying is that people with AS don't always do violent things. I get that. Drunks don't always drive, either. Adam Lanza was one fucked up kid. I'm sure the AS had nothing to do with that.

This Is Our Promising Future

From a reader. Worth passing along. Once while fishing, I threatened a young man while he was texting and I promised to throw his Iphone into the lake. Unlike most people, he knew that I would. The phone was put away...chop, chop.

Monday, December 17, 2012

When God Needs a Hit Man, He Calls America*Updated

Patriot or nationalist. Take a stand for what's right or pollyanna up. These are the choices we make when we decide what kind of people we are going to be.

I was moved by President Obama tonight. Not only was he able to hijack another tragedy to steal some limelight ala the Osama Bin Laden murder- but in Newtown, Obama declared that, "We can't tolerate this anymore."

Now for those of you confused by my Osama Bin Laden reference- let me make this perfectly clear. We murdered Bin Laden. We broke into his house and killed him in cold blood. There was no trial, no due process. Hell we even had to trespass across a border or two. Please don't get me wrong, all of that's fine. Bin Laden probably deserved murdering. In fact if anyone deserved murdering, Bin Laden certainly flowed to the front of that line. Besides, this is war. People get killed in war.

We are always killing somebody because after all it is our manifest destiny. If God had fallen on the side of the Anerican Indian, maybe we'd all be dead or on the reservation instead.

So clearly, God's on our side.

When God needs somebody killed, he calls America. Because we know who deserves to die. Operation Cyclone or Charlie's Wilson's War... armed Bin Laden.'s_War
Bin Laden having whipped Russia's ass in Afghanistan- felt emboldened enough to tackle us.

I find the hypocrisy almost deafening. Obama is in Newtown talking about 26 deaths. Yet Obama apparently has no problem dropping bombs from drones on innocent Pakistani children. Oh sure, we get a few innocents and children...but that is God's way.*Please see chart below.

You simply can't run around the world, picking fights, starting wars, and killing people and then tell folks you don't believe in killing. Clearly Obama believes in killing- so maybe it's just the methods he opposes. Drone strikes 7000 miles away don't garner all the media attention or permit access as easily as an incident in Western Connecticut.

*Update. A soldier with a conscience.

Maybe you want to use Newtown to disarm the responsible people.

If you're gonna claim the high ground all for yourself, you gotta have some credibility. A track record of believability. You better be pounding your fist on that Presidential podium telling us that it's not ok to kill innocent people via drone strikes. Maybe even stop drone strikes.

You want to end all wars permanently? Pass a law that prevents all people from entering the military except kids from the Ivy League and the sons and daughters of people with wealth in excess of 500k. Suddenly and inexplicably, nobody would find a reason to send troops to the middle east. Wars would be over when the elite would be subject to them. That ain't a theory- that's a fact. Without a disposable class, wars would be deemed "barbaric."

So I think Obama is full of shit. In fact, I think not only will he tolerate killing- he will probably do some more.

Maybe the rules don't apply to Obama. Maybe while he was out on his apology tour for everyone else's actions- it didn't dawn on him that maybe he owes a few apologies as well. Perhaps what he does is beyond reproach. It is the rest of us that he is worried about. That's how it's been in this country for a lot longer than I care to remember. The leaderless group exercise continues. Apparently when God needs someone killed, he calls on us.

One more thank you to zerohedge.

YearNumber of
Number Killed

2) US Drone Strike statistic based on research by a team of journalists of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism:[3][18]
(As of October 24, 2012)
  • Total strikes: 350
  • Total reported killed: 2,586 – 3,375
  • Civilians reported killed: 472 – 885
  • Children reported killed: 176
  • Total reported injured: 1,252 – 1,401
  • Strikes under the Bush Administration: 52
  • Strikes under the Obama Administration: 298