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Urban Goat Herds, Illegal Pedestrians, All Season Women

I like Seattle. If it wasn't for the rain and clouds, the atrocious cost of living, traffic, taxes, shitty jobs, gobs of people, and most of them statists- it would be a great place to live. I mean how can you knock a place that passes helmet laws for bicyclists, bans smoking in public places, and requires anybody that gets into the water- to wear a life vest? I mean, how did mankind survive prior to King County? Luck, mostly. I haven't been to Seattle for a few years. So what I thought I would do here is let some of you people in on a little secret. It's how stupid ideas get traction. For years, I used to sit in on city council meetings and county commissioner meetings in Hailey- a geographic area which I lovingly refer to now as Moonbat Valley. Every once in awhile, some "yay- hoo" would come in with a ridiculous idea during the open business part of the meeting. Oft

Ecuador to Take Snowden, Offers U.S. Money For Human Rights Education

This Snowden thing just gets funnier and funnier. Now even Ecuador is giving the U.S. the finger. Seems the world's caught on to us. I giggle every time I think of Obama going on that worldwide apology tour in 2009- and then changing absolutely nothing- from closing Gitmo to allowing drone strikes. Same shit, different day.

What Kind of "Coward" is Edward Snowden?

The best Edward Snowden read on the intarwebs. I think you'll like it. Hong Kong to Eric Holder. Go fuck yourself. Heh.