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The Big Hit

Ya ever heard anyone say that they felt like they've been hit by a Mack truck? Just one day after a massive 20 semi-tractor trailer rig pile up just East of Baker City, Oregon- yours truly got a piece of the action yesterday on Martin Luther King day. Here's some video from the pileup that happened the day before. The Oregon State trooper at the end of this clip is the same trooper who attended our collision. I've had a rough 6 months between retina detachments and surgeries, broken water mains, and various other minor calamities including but not limited to blood clots, another minor accident, and furnaces going out during cold snaps. Oddly, it should come then as no surprise to anyone reading this, that I should get rear ended by a semi-truck. While traveling down the Oregon interstate early Monday morning, we encountered that nasty form of road- the one where the road su