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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Gettin' Ready for Kamala!


Today's piece is written by a long time associate and friend of this blog, 
Alan R.

Guest Column


August 24, 2021.


The media outlets that would normally shuck and jive to help Creepy Joe out are just as readily throwing him under the bus (just as the usual suspects on the right are) in regard to Afghanistan.


Why is that?


They aren't calling him out for my benefit (they never talk to me) people of my thinking knew Sniffy Joe was a sleaze ball back when he lied about his grades, lied about his degree, and plagiarized speeches word for word. But to their regular audience, I think the hammering on the Big Guy is for softening their readers up. As though to say, 'We've pounded Trump-hatred into you, you've been programmed to such an extent that you would stick with Uncle Joe if we told you to but we are no longer telling you to.' It's okay to admit and accept that Sleepy Joe, the demented career influence peddler and hair sniffer, is finally past his prime.


They are readying their audience for the next charade where Joe leaves office and Kamala pretends to be president. They've moved whatever machinery they've been shifting into place and are ready to implement the next phase of control. Perhaps it's giving DC statehood status or packing the Supreme Court with more seats. Maybe they'll create an apparatus to have gun owners deemed mentally competent--or not--by people who think the woke way. Perhaps they'll separate dissidents by vaccination status while continuing to mandate and legislate thought control regarding the evils of being white, implementing CRT in schools and work places and readying whatever hooligan force they employed last summer to foment upheaval where they encounter any form of resistance.


The media will continue to play along, applauding Chicago Mayor Lightfoot for 'courageously allowing' Lollapalooza to happen while condemning Trump rallies as super spreader events, and so on.


Come along quietly, or we'll make it look like you started it--the way they have tried to do with the staged event on Jan. 6. The same way Hitler did with Czechoslovakia. We'll keep mocking your belief in a sky daddy, your bitter clinging to bibles, guns, and other freedoms, your patriarchal attachment to two sexes. And let's not forget the tried and true method of making the currency worthless with more trillion-level porkulus spending, far from anything the founders allowed into the constitution. (So overtaxed that you need daycare? We'll tax people more to give you 'free' daycare.)


We'll have to have more variants of covid to justify more lockdowns and mail-in-balloting, to ensure that if an election were to be stolen, it would be nearly impossible to find anyone willing to stand up against it, to be pilloried and vilified by the media and the apparatchik.


I don't think I'm just suffering from tin foil poisoning. I've heard every one of these concepts floated or promised by someone on the left, and the wheels, as they say, are in motion. Will good sense and truth prevail against this obvious full-on assault on nearly every aspect of our sovereignty? I haven't even mentioned the border yet. Apparently the umbrage over kids in cages was temporary.


The opposite of freedom is government. We can still possibly get our government back in control but it's going to take something big. And just maybe they have a plan to get the folks on the right to join the folks on the left against a greater, common, uniting enemy.