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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Life Isn't Fair, Thank God- The Sunday Collage

Have you ever stopped and thought about this whole "life ain't fair" meme that has been circulating like uneaten holiday fruitcake... for years and years?

First and foremost I must tell you this. Once upon a time I never believed in anything spiritual. If some object or thing in my life wasn't tangible, touchable, or provable, I immediately marginalized, dismissed, or eliminated that concept, object, or thing. The process I used to do this is called "contempt prior to investigation." Contempt prior to investigation is a product of human ego. With relative safety, I think it's safe to say that billions of people practice contempt prior to investigation.

I am also a guy who relied on evidence, human behavior, and my best judgment for most of my life. I believed in tangibility. I was a chicken shit atheist- which is another term for an agnostic. Had life been fair to me, I probably would have continued on that trajectory.

When you hear people say that life isn't fair, this is what they are really saying. "I want life to give me everything I want. I want and deserve more." Unfortunately, life only has a finite amount of resources and since six billion people all crave the same things- that isn't going to work out. If you do get something, that probably means somebody else eventually is going to have to go without- when that resource runs out. So what people are really saying is, "I want life to be more fair to me than to others." Ain't that a rich concept? We are actually seeing this in health care where only the rich have access. The life ain't fair crowd have another problem. They don't have the perspective of some macro view beyond their limited reality. Maybe "fair" would mean dying of starvation on the African continent. Or dying of disease or malaria in a Guatemalan village. Maybe "fair" means something else. Perhaps it means some average life somewhere. Unfortunately it seems that everyone wants a beach house- but they've run out of beach.

So the life ain't fair crowd ignores everything that they have or possess- while always clamoring for more and better. The beach house. 

Had life been fair to me, I'd probably be dead. The truth is, I probably don't deserve the things that I have. But more importantly, I just happened to be paying attention when this was pointed out to me in kind of a nasty, harsh way. Had I been practicing my usual contempt prior to investigation theme, I might have missed the greatest lesson in my life. Thankfully I wasn't. Of course life's not fair and you and I... are the beneficiaries.

Everyday, I work with people who are worried about their lives and their money. What a terrible problem to have. They had the opportunity or the good fortune to wind up with a heap of money and now they act like it is some woeful burden. They are worried about their money when so many have none. 

Just a couple of years ago, I was listening to a young gal tell me how upset she was that she had received a "B" in some class at college. It was one of those 5 minute stories about how she had been treated unfairly by her teacher. Later that night she went home and talked about how offended she was with her room-mates because they had offered her a beer knowing that she was trying to stay sober. She was very angry and upset about this- like it was their fault that she had an alcohol problem.

That is world class, maybe even gold medal, unconsciousness. I couldn't help myself. I pulled the trigger. I told her that maybe she should be thankful that she was born into a family that saw the advantage of a college education and encouraged her emotionally and financially to attend. That she should be grateful that she had money, a second roof over her head, and room mates who were simply trying to be decent to her or at the very least, tease her a little. Big deal. I explained that where I had just come from, the tent city under the Claiborne Bridge in New Orleans, anyone there would have been happy to have her "problems." Maybe happy just for some electricity.

Immediately and predictably, she became very angry. So angry that she jumped up, turned, and left the room. I have not seen her again. I think maybe I was a conduit that day. She was busy being a victim, wallowing in self pity with cadillac problems, trying to find someone to tell her what she wanted to hear. Instead, I told her what she needed to hear. Of course I felt bad but the reality was that somebody had to tell her this. Perhaps her solution going forward will be to be more cautious about who she whines to. If she gets really, really, lucky maybe she will realize that what I said to her that day was something she desperately needed to hear. I am going to set aside my contempt prior to investigation- and just hope she got that memo. 

The harshest, yet most useful lessons I have ever received in life, came from virtual strangers. Immediately, three of those lessons come to mind. If you stop and think about it, I'll bet we have that in common. If some stranger or fringe player has said something to you that has angered you or even embarrassed you, chances are good that there was some truth in it. For those of you who can set aside contempt prior to investigation- you can learn a lot about yourself by evaluating how others see you.
Sometimes people are simply nasty, you have to learn to dismiss that stuff. It really has nothing to do with you.

Today, I accept that life isn' fair and that the vast majority of us have benefitted from this. There is some sort of spiritual journey going on here- well beyond that of my old micro managed and tangible reality- I realize that now. Today when I see angry people saying nasty things, or people whining about how life is treating them unfairly in the midst of their 2000 sqf house or within the confines of their luxury sport utility vehicle with a sunroof, I mostly just keep my mouth shut. They're going to have to learn this the hard way, like I did. I'll be damned if I am going to help them. Besides, I am getting too old to keep pissing people off. 



Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Thanksgiving List

The other day I wrote a piece about being grateful.

I don't spend a lot of time wanting shit- I am grateful for what I have.

So what I thought I'd do today, is write a brief list of things that I am thankful and grateful for- but first I am going to embed one of my favorite all time songs.

The List

I am grateful for my family, my girlfriend, my friends. I surround myself with intelligent conservatives. If I need any variety- I can call up Billy Moonbat or read some garbage on Huffington Post.

I am grateful for the continued health and safety of my loved ones. I get another year with them.

I am grateful for my own health. That I can get up in the morning when I damn well feel like it.

I am grateful that I have had a very rewarding career and that I have a few dimes to rub together. I am grateful that I can do what I want and not have to take shit from one more domineering boss.

I am grateful for my Harley, my shack and my dirt, and those that made it possible.

I am grateful that I live in a REPUBLIC...a republic that is supposed to have a rule of law rather than a mob rule democracy. I am grateful that I know the difference.

I am grateful that I am sober. I am grateful that I was present the day that a man who listed his former address as the Claiborne Bridge in New Orleans said that he was grateful for clean socks. That was the moment when I realized my problems were bumps on a gnat's ass.

I am very grateful I hit the early pick 4 at Delta Downs last night and keyed the 6 at the top of my trifecta.

6Stretch O'BrienJoseph Walter Patin, Jr.16.806.405.00
5ToolengthsofliteDiego Saenz 7.005.00
1ProlongedBilly Charles Patin  20.60
Also ran: 7 - Cape San Blas , 10 - Billy Bo , 4 - Ace and Jim , 2 - Cameronluckypride , 8 - Churchonsunday , 9 -Salty and Fast , 3 - Paid Up
Scratched horsesBeaudacious Hit  (Also-Eligible) , Lorenzo  (Also-Eligible)
Wager TypeWinning NumbersPayoff
$2 Pick 36-1-6 (3 correct)154.20
$2 Pick 45-6-1-6 (4 correct)2,139.40
$2 Exacta6-582.60
$2 Superfecta6-5-1-718,568.20
$2 Trifecta6-5-1

I am grateful for all of these things- things which I probably don't deserve. One last thing.

I am grateful for the freedom to express myself. Day after day, I put it out here. I try to help people understand how we are being manipulated and over run. The ability to communicate is the only thing that will save us. There will come a day when they'll try to take that. History always has a lesson. Pay attention.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mitt Romney Is Getting His Nick Nolte On

Here's the infamous Nick Nolte- "I'm pissed. What the fuck just hit me pic?"

Actor Nick Nolte's arrest photograph taken by the California Highway Patrol after Nolte's arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence is shown on September 12, 2002 in Woodland Hills, California. Nolte was arrested September 11th after a California Highway Patrol officer saw his Mercedes-Benz driving erratically. The actor was cited and released on a misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. (California Highway Patrol, Getty Images)

Here's Mitt pumping gas in LaJolla, Ca., just the other day. Note the similarities.

Romney Pumping Gas
I shoulda went for the throat on that Benghazi shit.

Buying a Silver Miner

I've been doing a lot of research for the last two weeks on silver miners.

Why? Because the world is running out of silver, that's why. Late last night, I ran into an article on TF Metals site that was absolutely outstanding. I re-read it this morning. I will link it here.

The best part about that blog is that it notes reducing production at the world's biggest silver mines. I had suspected reduced production in the silver market as I looked at revenues (mostly because of falling revenues when silver prices were climbing) but this author does a good job of identifying and quantifying production levels.

I am also going to make a case for why I think it is entirely possible for silver to go supernova all at once- and this has to to do with JP Morgan and their non stop manipulation of the silver market.

I don't really like mining stocks. They tend to go down with the rest of the market. We have been at a market peak for months. This coming year, 2013, is going to bring economic death to our stock market as companies lay off and reduce head counts-desperately trying to save themselves from the punishing hand of Obamacare. This will have a far more dramatic impact than the other things that will happen at the same time. The elite have been transferring wealth like crazy to their children (5 million per year) trying to avoid the death tax which will rise to 55% on estates greater than 1 million in 2013. The rich and elite are also going to have to deal with rising investment and dividend taxes. All in all, 2013 is shaping up to a be a pretty shitty year from an economic standpoint.

I think that there has never been a better time for parking some dough in Eric Sprott's PSLV trust. In fact, I am going to do this first. It has real bullion backing. It is pretty safe. It's a good place to be because you can trust government to always do the easy and wrong thing. They will raise the debt ceiling- they will not cut spending- and they will continue to print away. Absolutely guaranteed. This is the most cowardly bunch of people ever assembled. They will not let us down.

So I've been looking for an unhedged miner that actually produces silver. I would like to see proven reserves, credible assays, stable costs of production, and rising earnings. (That turned out to be nearly impossible although silver was down in the 2nd quarter) After looking at 30 or so silver miners and weeding virtually all of them out, I found one. I was hoping to diversify just a little but I honestly have not been able to find another silver miner that I like. There is one other with a little potential- but there are also a couple of drawbacks. I am gonna slowly wade in rather than overpay in a market that desperately needs a haircut.

The easy gold and the easy silver have already been mined. China may have some left and they are absolutely gorging themselves on precious metals from every corner of the globe. They do not export precious metals.

One last thing. Existing silver has already been mined. The cost today is 33.00. You don't have to worry about assays, production, equipment and fuel, finding new ore bodies, or permitting. JP Morgan and a couple of other banks have been shorting quantities of silver that represent years' worth of production. Actual silver in those quantities- simply does not exist. As more and more buyers remove bullion and demand physical delivery, as production falls, or interestingly enough-when sellers do not sell- there is going to come a time when silver simply goes parabolic. That time will occur when it dawns on people that we are running out of the stuff and that it is a finite supply.

Wouldn't it be nice to already be there when the rest of the world figures that out? I think so.

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Last Solstice

I'm a little stunned that everyone seems to be ignoring the end of the world which will be here in about 32 days.

The Mayan Apocalypse and the end of the long count calendar occur on Dec. 21. There will be a solar eclipse and directly behind the sun- the black hole or center of the Milky Way will line up. Even Venus gets in the act. There will be a tremendous and sudden polar shift and most of us will die in horrible and catastrophic ways. I've seen all of this on television. All week.

You'd think an event like that might draw some attention. 

Instead, people are more concerned with why Justin "Biebs" Bieber and Selena Gomez parted company. Not to be outdone, President Obama is on another world wide tour evading any discussion of Benghazi and now brokering peace deals in the middle east with his silver tongue. 

The end of the world did not seem to faze the stock market today, either. At last check, the market was up nearly 200 points. In fact, economists like Paul Krugman are predicting that even though only a handful of people will survive the apocalypse- it will be very bullish for our GDP and the stock market as companies like Home Depot and Lowe's will profit handsomely from a global rebuilding phase. Krugman recommends a buy and hold strategy.

I'm a little bit more cautious than most. I've been using a common sense approach to conduct my personal affairs during the last month of my life. Here's what I've been doing.

Since I will probably die along with most people, I have decided not to refill my prescriptions beyond 30 days. This will save me about 12 bucks at WalMart. I figure that if I survive, I can probably just sort thru the rubble at one of the 300 Walgreen stores here in Boise and find some Viagra. On the cheap.

I am deferring all Christmas purchases. If we are all still alive after the 21st, I will think about Christmas shopping on Dec. 22. 

I am in the process of maxing out all of my credit cards just to be on the safe side. 

I am a little bummed that the end of the world comes right in the middle of the college football bowl season. After this weekend, I am writing a letter to the NCAA asking them to figure out who Notre Dame is going to play for the National Championship and hold the game on Dec 20 by canceling the Poinsettia Bowl in San Diego and using that venue. Unfortunately, the Beef O Brady's Bowl in St. Petersburg is being held on Dec 21 and I have no idea what the precise time of the end of the world will be. With any luck, the game will be over by then but I wouldn't want to chance it. I am betting the first half over- just to be on the safe side.

I've been waiting for the Jehovah's Witnesses to come to my door all month. I think this is the first time the end of the earth has fallen on a Friday and I just wanted to check with them to be sure.

The Mayans, a civilization far more advanced than any on earth at the time, vanished without a trace. That should bother you a little. Nobody knows what the hell happened to them. Here's a story that makes sense. The Pic de Bugarach in SE France is a mountain that will reportedly break open and reveal a spaceship that will save all believers. It departs sometime on Dec. 21. You should get there at least three hours early to avoid long lines and check your baggage. French police may get pressed into some sort of TSA style duties to stop Muslim extremists from hijacking the flight.