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Life Isn't Fair, Thank God- The Sunday Collage

Have you ever stopped and thought about this whole "life ain't fair" meme that has been circulating like uneaten holiday fruitcake... for years and years? First and foremost I must tell you this. Once upon a time I never believed in anything spiritual. If some object or thing in my life wasn't tangible, touchable, or provable, I immediately marginalized, dismissed, or eliminated that concept, object, or thing. The process I used to do this is called "contempt prior to investigation." Contempt prior to investigation is a product of human ego. With relative safety, I think it's safe to say that billions of people practice contempt prior to investigation. I am also a guy who relied on evidence, human behavior, and my best judgment for most of my life. I believed in tangibility. I was a chicken shit atheist- which is another term for an agnostic. Had life been fair to me, I probably would have continued on that trajectory. When you hear people sa

My Thanksgiving List

The other day I wrote a piece about being grateful. I don't spend a lot of time wanting shit- I am grateful for what I have. So what I thought I'd do today, is write a brief list of things that I am thankful and grateful for- but first I am going to embed one of my favorite all time songs. The List I am grateful for my family, my girlfriend, my friends. I surround myself with intelligent conservatives. If I need any variety- I can call up Billy Moonbat or read some garbage on Huffington Post. I am grateful for the continued health and safety of my loved ones. I get another year with them. I am grateful for my own health. That I can get up in the morning when I damn well feel like it. I am grateful that I have had a very rewarding career and that I have a few dimes to rub together. I am grateful that I can do what I want and not have to take shit from one more domineering boss. I am grateful for my Harley, my shack and my dirt, and those that made it possible

Mitt Romney Is Getting His Nick Nolte On

Here's the infamous Nick Nolte- "I'm pissed. What the fuck just hit me pic?" Here's Mitt pumping gas in LaJolla, Ca., just the other day. Note the similarities. I shoulda went for the throat on that Benghazi shit.

Buying a Silver Miner

I've been doing a lot of research for the last two weeks on silver miners. Why? Because the world is running out of silver, that's why. Late last night, I ran into an article on TF Metals site that was absolutely outstanding. I re-read it this morning. I will link it here. The best part about that blog is that it notes reducing production at the world's biggest silver mines. I had suspected reduced production in the silver market as I looked at revenues (mostly because of falling revenues when silver prices were climbing) but this author does a good job of identifying and quantifying production levels. I am also going to make a case for why I think it is entirely possible for silver to go supernova all at once- and this has to to do with JP Morgan and their non stop manipulation of the silver market. I don't really like mining stocks. They tend to go down with the rest

The Last Solstice

I'm a little stunned that everyone seems to be ignoring the end of the world which will be here in about 32 days. The Mayan Apocalypse and the end of the long count calendar occur on Dec. 21. There will be a solar eclipse and directly behind the sun- the black hole or center of the Milky Way will line up. Even Venus gets in the act. There will be a tremendous and sudden polar shift and most of us will die in horrible and catastrophic ways. I've seen all of this on television. All week. You'd think an event like that might draw some attention.  Instead, people are more concerned with why Justin "Biebs" Bieber and Selena Gomez parted company. Not to be outdone, President Obama is on another world wide tour evading any discussion of Benghazi and now brokering peace deals in the middle east with his silver tongue.  The end of the world did not seem to faze the stock market today, either. At last check, the market was up nearly 200 points. In fact, econ