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Saturday, October 29, 2011

For Larry Summers, the Solution Is Simple- If You Are A Complete Idiot Then Simply Double Down

Larry Summers is one of the architects of the greatest financial collapse in modern history. That news agencies provide him with some credible forum for eschewing his fucked up opinions defies belief. Here is another fine story by Mr. Summers. Enjoy reading the comments. The commenters are far more intelligent than Ivy League idiot Summers.

This captures the Keynesian thought process. We can spend our way out of debt. I am not shitting you. I stole this quote from Zerohedge, my online psychiatrist.

Presented without commentary:
"The central irony of financial crisis is that while it is caused by too much confidence, too much borrowing and lending and too much spending, it can only be resolved with more confidence, more borrowing and lending, and more spending." -
Larry Summers, source

The Democrat Plan

Of all of the great finds Jim has had at the Conservatives on Fire blog- his best is perhaps the Bard of Murdock. The Bard captures the essence of complex issues and motives with just a few lines. Bard, I am truly jealous. Keep up the good work.

The DemocrAt Plan

We’ll double-down on stimulus,
And double-down on tax;
We’ll hoist the massive spending cuts
Upon our soldier’s backs.
And when the rude Republicans
Refuse to acquiesce,
We’ll claim they are obstructing us,
And blame them for the mess.
And when we’ve done most everything
To sow our disarray,
We’ll watch the ratings agencies
Award a single-A.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Governor Moonbeaminator Now Beginning To Behave Like Scott Walker

The liberals are starting to eat their own. That's what happens when you run out of other peoples' money. I can't think of a better place for this than California, a state chock full of moonbats, statists, and illegal aliens getting unemployment, going to school on the DREAM act, and shopping with food stamps.

Here's the latest from Jerry.

Man Severs Arm In Home Made Guillotine, Taxpayers in Washington Paying To Reattach Limb

You cannot make this shit up. Anyone that is this stupid cannot have health insurance because that implies that some profitable employer actually hired a guy like this. The only other remote possibility is that this man is some sort of retired politician.

Severed limb man presented himself at the urology clinic because one of the symptoms of hacking your arm off in a home made guillotine- is pissing your pants.

More Free Money! Just Send the Invoice To Us! Black Farmers Claim Another 1.2 Billion in Government Largesse

Not only should the government stay the hell out of the farming the housing business, the student loan business, or the car business...this is what happens when they don't.

Say hello to the Pigford case, round deux.

World Series and Wild Game 6, Fan Who Nabs Game Winning Home Run Ball Refuses To Hold Nation "Hostage"

Watching game 6 last night was unbelievable. The Cardinals down time and time again, simply would not go away. The only time they were up, in extra innings, was when they posted the final score, 10-9.

Last night's game reminded me of that crazy 1975 World Series between Boston and Cincinnati.

I watched as the winning home run ball landed on the grass just beyond the fence and some drunken fan rolled over it and stuck it down his pants. He eventually traded it back to the club. It was hard to ignore a couple of things that he said, but my favorite line was that he wasn't going to hold the nation hostage by hanging onto the ball. Wow. Like some rehearsed Oscar speech. Just a shade over dramatic. It wasn't like he had the cure for cancer or the answer to our national debt problem down there- by his junk.

Clearly he was referring to the homer Barry Bonds hit that broke the all-time record held for many years by Hank Aaron. The fan that nabbed that ball kept it for awhile. But nobody cared initially because Bonds' was such an asshole. Ultimately this is what happened. Funny fan ending. The record-setting ball was consigned to an auction house on August 21.[113] Bidding began on August 28 and closed with a winning bid of USD$752,467 on September 15 after a three phase online auction.[114] The high bidder, fashion designer Marc Ecko, created a website to let fans decide its fate.[115] Subsequently,[116] Ben Padnos, who submitted the (US) $186,750 winning bid on Bonds' record-tying 755th home run ball also set up a website to let fans decide its fate.[117] Of Ecko's plans, Bonds said "He spent $750,000 on the ball and that's what he's doing with it? What he's doing is stupid."[118] 10 million voters helped Ecko decide to brand the ball with an asterisk and send it to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.[119] Padnos sold 5-year ads on a website,, where people voted by a two to one margin to smash the ball.

Last night's news.

Still No Rule of Law In America, Government Now Thinks It Is Entitled To Violate the Law As It Sees Fit

I would like you to read this link and ask yourself one question. What would it take to restore truth and the rule of law in America?

The Lost Term

Imagine falling asleep in the fall of 2008. You wake up three years later to find that the leaderless group exercise is still in full swing. Things have gotten worse. Americans are still out of work, deficits and debt continue to pile up and set records, it's like a bad dream you just can't get rid of. President Obama has captured the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest lame duck Presidency ever. Dating back to the late 1700's.

So now this man who couldn't lead a group of Webelos on a tour of the local landfill is upset because someone allegedly characterized him by stating, "He was leading from behind."

You know what pisses me off about that term? The suggestion that he can lead from anywhere. Here's the lame duck and the news story.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

More Confusion Over Lost Money

A couple of days ago, I did a piece on the government losing 40 billion dollars cash.

Now in case you weren't confused enough by that blog and supporting news story- comes this masterful gem, courtesy of Yahoo!

Today, this story states, they have found 6.6 billion worth of lost money which now they are claiming- was never lost in the first place. As you read the story, you cannot discern whether or not this money was part of the other missing 40 billion. Was this a separate payment? Was this story written to make headline readers think they found all of that missing money?

I'll tell you this much. Whoever writes this crap needs to find a job wherein they can verify sources, corroborate sources, or be of some use to readers. That means you Laura Rozen. Really.

When Failure Becomes the Only Option

I am not kidding when I say- that we could take a bunch of third grade kids and make a more intelligent and effective government than the one we have now. Beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Just for the record, I want to say that I hated the idea of a "Super Congress" or "Super Committee" for a couple of reasons. It is just another debt ceiling distraction. And like all things government, I keep a watchful eye on that latest incarnation of three card Monte.

There is no constitutional provision for such an aberration as a "Super Congress." Secondly, shoveling the debt reduction dilemma to someone else is just another form of kicking the can down the road and not dealing with the problem. Thirdly, the super committee is no more intelligent or any less bi partisan than Congress as a whole. It simply allows the majority of congressional seat filler uppers to blame a minority stake. Hopefully they think, once we scatter the blame for austere cuts and tax hikes on the super committee, the folks back home will re-elect us. Past history has proven them correct.

So here's the super committee debt dilemma. The Democrats want tax hikes. The Republicans don't. Sound familiar? Same bipartisan rhetoric.

I actually believe that a minority of Americans actually understand that our country, economically, is fucked for the foreseeable future. We are the minority and we are correct. The problem is- is that our President, Congress, bankers and the elite- have manufactured this giant lie that we are fiscally healthy and sound (due in no small part to that ridiculous manipulated stock market) and unfortunately the vast majority of Americans believe this. More taxes or welfare benefit and entitlement cuts are now going to piss off a majority of delusional recipients and taxpayers. This delusional segment of our society is the same majority that our "leadership" has been purposefully lying to- to get re-elected. This same segment owns homes and cars they can't afford- stripped of their wealth by bankers. This same delusional crew, perhaps armed with a liberal arts degree, already think they know all the answers and spend their evenings drinking wine and watching DWTS.

I love poker analogies. Poker is life condensed, a micro view. A poker game ends when the winners have all of the money and the losers cannot afford to buy in any longer. That is precisely what has happened in the U.S. The 1% have all of the chips and the rest of us cannot buy in any longer. The rest of us are leaving the table. Unfortunately, the game is over.

Everyone with half a brain knows this. Congress knows this. Bankers know this. Truthful investment advisors know this. The people buying gold and silver know this. The debt fueled, fiat currency system has collapsed. It failed in Japan, it failed in Europe, it has failed in China and the U.S. How long can the insolvent- bail out the bankrupt? That is the 64,000 dollar question.

I believe that a systemic failure of our currency system and an economic collapse is the only way to remedy our debt problem. Failure IS the only option. Just like letting bankrupt banks fail. There is no remedy here until the U.S. accepts that our politicians have bankrupted us via a never ending credit line available at the FED. Enormous tax hikes on everyone cannot pay this debt down.  If you are stupid enough to think that we can ever pay back the 15 trillion we owe right now with 1.5 trillion dollar deficits each year, the 120 trillion we owe in entitlements, the interest that compounds daily at a rate that can only go up, no jobs, you might qualify as one of the majority of Americans that Congress and bankers habitually lie to. Put down your Lexus' keys, go grab some chardonnay and snap on your television, it's time for Dancing With the Stars. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Scheduling The Economic Apocalypse

I have to be honest with you guys. I had hoped the economic apocalypse would be under way by now. Sadly, the world's central bankers have achieved a level of success few deemed possible.

Not only can central bankers create a crisis and make it appear as though it was some black swan event, but new generations of people actually believe that shit. I am not even sure people are aware of the fact that the world is bankrupt and the world's banks- insolvent.

Day after day, I read the european headlines. It has to be one of the greatest clusterfucks of all time. Truly. Bankrupt and sovereign countries, with differing cultures and values, each using the same currency and trying to bail each other out. It is a mess. All the while lying about the extent of their individual liabilities and pitching donor countries into some debt abyss from which they cannot escape.

How long can this insanity continue? Who knows? By the year 2014, the United States will have three times more debt to refinance than the world has the capacity to swallow. By then we will be on QE 7, or 8. Debt to GDP will be approaching 130% and Paul Krugman will be calling for QE9 and the politicians will be saying that it is recovery time. The europeans will still be trying to agree on a bailout package and austerity measures. And the bankers will still be laughing.

As for me, I've given up on the masses ever wising up. They are too engrossed in themselves and their medications. Which certainly has it's merits. I have discovered that scheduling an economic apocalypse is tricky business. I am beginning to lose hope. They just don't come around all that often. 

Government Loses 40 Billion Dollars Cash, You Cannot Make This Shit Up

That is forty thousand million dollars. Vanished like a fart in the wind. They entrusted one man with it and now nearly 9 years later the government is trying to find it. The NYFED and Timmay shipped it. No kidding.

This is the government that runs Fannie and Freddie, Sallie Mae, GM, and the Post Office. Apparently they guard 40 billion with the same level of intensity and vigilance as the grocery store down on the corner does it's recycling bins...ravaged each night by a long list of bums pushing shopping carts.

I keep wondering when the government is going to start taxing these bums for operating their own businesses. Failing to file quarterly with holding or paying social security taxes. Tax evaders.

This government is so fucking inept, it could not feed moose meat to a starving pack of wolves. Of course it begs the question, "What were the real reasons for shipping this dough?" Be sure and read all three pages.

Obama Pulling Out All Stops, Now Using Taxpayer Money To Bribe Insolvent Student Loan Borrowers

It just never ends.

We have a corrupt government that spends money it does not have and cannot pay back. Our politicians play banker with home and student loans. Like those types of expenditures have anything to do with funding the costs of government.

Now Obama, in a desperate move to buy votes, is telling student loan holders he will restructure their debt and forgive some. In this country, responsible people are punished. People making poor decisions and wasting money on unusable degrees are rewarded. Can this get any more insane? Doubtful.

Obama will use his "executive" power to do this. Is that the same "executive" power he uses to hire czars and circumvent Congressional oversight?

What ever happened to that big Obama campaign promise about letting us use our 401k money without penalty? We earned that money. Punish the savers, reward the borrowers. One more lie. Issue a get out of jail free card for crooked bankers and screw the honest people that actually produce something. One more year of this asshole. The only good news until then is Obamacare will get bounced out of here before he does. Obama makes George Bush look like honest Abe.

Like Kenny says. Fuck Obama. This is the worst President in my lifetime and certainly the most crooked.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

He Lived a Long and Full Life, Antoine Montant Dead At 30

It's like running red lights on motorcycles. You simply can't live long doing such things. I suppose, you can say, he packed a lot of living in that 30 years of his.

Do Narcissistic People Gravitate Toward Politics? And If So, What Are the Ramifications and What Is the Remedy?

As a younger man, this is something I simply never thought about. As I got older and became embroiled in small town politics, this became so apparent that it was almost overwhelming. Yet, I still did not understand it until it was too late. I understand it now. Many people do not even understand what a true narcissist is. It's hardly just about beauty. Call it a self absorbed, unconscious superiority complex.

I would not consciously think about this or the ramifications of extreme narcissism until my 47th year. I should also tell you that I have some narcissistic traits of my own which I am aware of on a conscious level and which the author of this piece says is quite normal. Unfortunately, it would take 47 years before I could identify and yield to that insanity. This is a good read and very appropriate given the question I have asked.

On a personal level, I have known about 50-100 politicians, mostly local. These include councilman, county commissioners, sheriffs, and prosecutors. I have known a couple of state politicians as well. I have come to know them well enough to assess whether or not I believe that they truly felt superior intellectually to the people they were governing. The answer is beyond a reasonable doubt. Yes. In fact, I can name 4 of 5 Mayors in Moonbat Valley so narcissistic and without shame that it almost defies description.

Take a look at how narcissists see themselves in the following study. They are selfish and think of themselves as superior. This is not exactly fertile ground from which to negotiate.

If this is true on a local level, why would it surprise anyone that the state and federal politicians we elect are some of the greatest narcissists our nation has? Stop and think about Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Bush, Barack Obama. Are these people not the epitome of those narcissistic traits given in the study above? Think of Gaddafi or Saddam Hussein on steroids. Think those guys were narcissists?

Ok. So let's suppose that the premise is true. Politics attracts the greatest narcissists in our society. What does that mean?

It means impasse. Quite simply you cannot expect someone who already thinks they are intellectually and morally superior to you and extend legal power to them. You have absolutely no advantage and no means with which to negotiate. You are in an inferior position which of course- we all know we are. When their elective terms are over- they simply hand over the reins to the next narcissist. These people do not negotiate. A narcissists' idea of cooperation is an expectation that you will submit to and do exactly as they ask. That is cooperation. You cooperate with them. That is why Congress does what they do. That is why your President does what he does. And that is precisely why we are powerless over these people we elect. They can be some real pricks.

In the end, narcissists on steroids get executed in countries like Iran, Iraq, Libya. Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin. (Stalin's death has always intrigued me)

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

Is there a remedy? How do you convince a narcissist who already thinks he is vastly superior- that he is mentally ill or crazy? Or that their actions are non productive? You don't. Can you convince non narcissistic people to run for office? My experience is no. Non ego driven people are looking for serenity and peace... not power, responsibility, and control. Calm, rational people run away from  spotlights- not toward them. The remedy? I found it. I call it divine intervention for an unconscious moron- universal proof that God loves idiots. But these guys have no motivation to find this.

Do narcissists write blogs? Guilty your honor... with mitigating circumstances and in deference to all those old cops that said to me, "Just because you know something, doesn't mean you gotta tell anyone." Sometimes, I think you do.

For the Love of the Motherland, Germans! Go Print Some Marks!

It is absolutely amazing. The world's criminal class, the bankers, are still trying to plunge the world into more bailouts and debt. Still trying to cling to power. The one trillion dollar plus euro bailout is on the German docket for Wednesday.

So how will it go?

My first instinct is that the bankers will buy the vote. But then I think, Germany would be completely out of their collective minds to fall for that shit. They will be exposed to that euro debt vortex. At least they can vote on it- in a free country. We didn't have that opportunity here- We got it stuck up our ass by the unelected and uncontrolled FED, the banker owned Congress, and that criminal Hank Paulson. To this very day, I have been unable to locate the law that allowed Congress to steal taxpayer money and deliver it to private banks. Or GM. Or Chrysler.

I'll tell you how crazy some of us are. Some of us actually think that taxpayer money should only be used to fund the costs of government. How's that for nuts?

Based on several news stories, including this one, I have initiated my current money line odds., I have the Frankenstein Government outlaw sporting line at -260 for the bailout, +220 for nein!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Gaddafi's Son Talks Tough While Hiding in Syria

A mainstream media snip. (dig those last two tough guy lines)

Saif Al-Islam Gadhafi, the London-educated son who was to succeed his father and carry on the dynasty is possibly still at large. Libya's interim government had said he was captured this weekend, but at the very same time the 39-year-old appeared on Syrian television.
"We continue our resistance. I'm in Libya, alive, free and intend to go to the very end and exact revenge," Saif Al-Islam Gadhafi was heard saying on Syrian TV. "I say go to hell, you rats and NATO behind you. This is our country, we live in it, and we die in it and we are continuing the struggle." 

Pretty tough talk from a guy who claims to live in Libya, now hiding in Syria. I am always amazed at that level of unconsciousness. It defies comprehension. You see, it's all right for Pops to run around killing thousands of people and stealing billions of dollars- perhaps gleefully cheering an airplane bomb which indiscriminately kills innocent people in the air and on the ground at Lockerbie. A real sweetheart.

The mad dog of the middle east died near some nasty culvert undoubtedly executed- not unlike the thousands of people that Mr. Gaddafi had executed. Forty years worth. So his death seems oddly appropriate. They have a special place for guys like that. Hey Muammar! Say hi to Joe Stalin and Adolf for me.

Get on home now Saif. Show them how tough you are. The folks back home have a special treat waiting for you.

Dear Julian Assange,

Every once in awhile, I find myself in the position of having to explain to the unconscious how the world tends to operate. Some folks think they can say anything they want to- without consequences.

Dear Julian;

In life, when we step on peoples' toes, they tend to get a little pissed. They retaliate. This craziness, as you see it, is actually quite normal and fair. Predictable, even. Therefore, most of us have learned to cover our bases before we start speaking the truth about things. I learned this lesson at a very young age at someone else's expense. Please allow me to explain.

As a police officer, I responded to a very serious bar fight one night where a man had been seriously injured. Nobody would tell me who was responsible for the man's injuries. I knew the suspect(s) were still there which was rather unbelievable. At any rate, one guy identified the suspects and said he would write a statement which he did at a table in the corner. He pointed out three very large young men out from  a nearby military base- all of which denied the accusation and claimed they had acted in self defense. Lacking any evidence to the contrary, I was forced to take that rendition of events until I could speak with the victim at the hospital. Before I left, I told the man that had identified the three men in the bar that it was in his best interests to leave and that I would arrange a ride home for him. This is what he said.

"This is a free country, I ain't going anywhere."

I left the bar knowing what was about to happen Julian. I was only 22, maybe 23. I returned to the bar about 20 minutes later just as the ambulance was scooping up Mr. Free Country. Mr. Free Country suffered broken ribs, a broken nose and eye socket, and several lacerations on the head and upper torso. The hospital and our indigent fund suffered a 15,000 dollar unpaid bill.

By the time I tracked down the suspect(s) they had been deployed overseas. I think they issued some warrants which years later and unserved, were purged. Mr Free Country died in an automobile accident, drunk, a few years later. Apparently his level of common sense had not improved much. I hope yours does, Julian.

Yours truly,

Frankenstein Government

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Last, Hard, Line

After a half century, I cannot understand for the life of me, why this country is so fractured.

Why can't we seem to agree on anything?

It is very difficult to pinpoint the proximate causes of the death of our Republic. Just look at the Occupy Wall Street crowd. Oddly enough, I have been trying to find a stated purpose and objective for that demonstration. What is the goal? Have they forgotten who makes the laws that Wall St. exploited? I have read derisive comments, seen the demonstrators verbally attacked and their characters assassinated. We have become very good at fracturing ourselves.

We are on the precipice, the verge, of losing the greatest Republic ever conceived. This did not come about overnight. This came as a result of the apathy and ignorance of our citizenry. That might include you and it certainly includes me. In fact, up until 2007, I was just as apathetic as anyone else.

It was Hank Paulson's hijacking of nearly a trillion dollars without any discussion of alternatives that woke me out of my slumber. I vaguely knew he was the former Goldman Sachs CEO. What he did, in a matter of days, is legendary. Nobody has ever committed a greater theft. That was part of a coup. 

I would like you to read Wiki's definition of a coup, and then ask you to apply it to what happened in late 2008. Does the definition fit? A coup d'état (English: /ˌkuːdeɪˈtɑː/, French: [ku deta]; plural: coups d'état)—also known as a coup, putsch, and overthrow—is the sudden, extrajudicial deposition of a government,[1][2][3] usually by a small group of the existing state establishment—typically the military—to replace the deposed government with another body; either civil or military. A coup d'état succeeds if the usurpers establish their dominance when the incumbent government fails to prevent or successfully resist their consolidation of power. If the coup neither fully fails nor achieves overall success, the attempted coup d'état is likely to lead to a civil war.

There are three general reasons (among others) why this country cannot agree on what happened or what to do. The first reason is apathy/ignorance about what happened. The second reason is absolute deception on the part of our "leaders." The third reason is that our leadership has confused the people to the extent that we cannot decide or agree on the identification of who the bad guys are. Or how to restore law and order. We "feel" powerless. And mostly we are. But not because they (meaning our leaders) say so, but because we mostly believe it to be true.

Your enemies pretend to be your friends. That is how the game is played. As long as they can keep you confused, the game continues. The game ends, when suddenly the target, realizes what has happened and further realizes who the enemy is. Our country, via an 11% approval rate, is beginning to realize that Congress might be the enemy. Congress approved the FED. Congress approved the current bankruptcy of America. Congress approves the tax code and refuses to change it. Congress enacts the laws that allow corporate America to enslave other countries' workers and avoid paying taxes.  Congress approved a trillion for Hank Paulson. Congress has single-handedly delivered our Republic to the bankers. We are now owned by the bankers, and you are their slave. You and your work (taxes) are the only guarantee that the US can pay their debts. That is a coup. Please return to wiki's definition if you need refreshing.

Are you starting to understand who the enemy is?

Barney Frank is a perfect example of the enemy. He facilitated a nationwide housing collapse and yet a bunch of confused idiots re-elected him. They were confused because Frank practices deception. He passed some "banking reform" bill long after all of the damage he had caused had been done. That is part of the charade, the deception. Frank survives because he has convinced an electorate that efforts to remove his morally bankrupt hide are because he is a liberal. That is simply not true. He is part of the treasonous crew that hijacked our Republic and delivered it to bankers.

Yet, as I write this, there will be those that don't understand and those who don't agree. They are the ones immersed in a perpetual state of confusion. The government is relying on those confused people and doing everything in it's power to keep them confused. Confused people are indecisive people. Indecisive people can't draw the line.

I don't know how many more years of debt slavery, of unemployment, of inflation, of wars, must occur before we can stop quarreling. Before we can finally unite in a common cause and end all of this ridiculous bickering and confusion. We know who the enemy is. The time approaches for the confused to become unconfused. Identify who's in charge and who has always been responsible. It's time to draw a hard line or absent that- let's just give this son of a bitch back to the bankers and the elite and move somewhere else.

President Karzai Serves Up Some Cold Gratitude Casserole

Who is that nut job? That guy who hates foreign wars? Yea, Ron Paul. Maybe, just maybe, he knows what he is talking about.

After fighting in Afghanistan for 10 years, this is what Mr. Karzai had to say about supporting America in a war with Pakistan. He doesn't. That is gratitude of the non immense variety.

America's longest war ever, now scheduled for 13 years. No shit.

Why I Urge You To Read The Quran

I spent last weekend reading the Quran on line. Yea I know, you had to watch paint dry.

Here's the deal. Muslims are nuts. Your President has a Muslim lean and Muslims are taking over the world. It's time you school yourself on their beliefs. Once you do that, you will understand why they are fanatics. The Quran is all about fear, control, obedience, and punishment. It has nothing to do with an evolved higher power. But it sure sounds a lot like the same old ego driven human lunacy. Not only does this book scare the shit out of me- but it has a giant fanatical following of idiots. This work of fiction even predicts infidels like me and it really sets the stage and tone for a future horrific clash.

It's time we call this book what it is. Trash. The next time some idiot is defending the Quran, ask them if they've read it. If they haven't, end the discussion.  

Trust me when I say this. If the Quran is the word of God, we'd be better off without God. I mean that. See for yourself.

Steal This Post

The subtitle captures it all. Perfect.

Historic meeting between an evil, lying dictator...and Gaddafi.