Monday, October 24, 2011

For the Love of the Motherland, Germans! Go Print Some Marks!

It is absolutely amazing. The world's criminal class, the bankers, are still trying to plunge the world into more bailouts and debt. Still trying to cling to power. The one trillion dollar plus euro bailout is on the German docket for Wednesday.

So how will it go?

My first instinct is that the bankers will buy the vote. But then I think, Germany would be completely out of their collective minds to fall for that shit. They will be exposed to that euro debt vortex. At least they can vote on it- in a free country. We didn't have that opportunity here- We got it stuck up our ass by the unelected and uncontrolled FED, the banker owned Congress, and that criminal Hank Paulson. To this very day, I have been unable to locate the law that allowed Congress to steal taxpayer money and deliver it to private banks. Or GM. Or Chrysler.

I'll tell you how crazy some of us are. Some of us actually think that taxpayer money should only be used to fund the costs of government. How's that for nuts?

Based on several news stories, including this one, I have initiated my current money line odds., I have the Frankenstein Government outlaw sporting line at -260 for the bailout, +220 for nein!

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