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Can President Trump, Once Again, Snatch Victory From the Jaws of Defeat?

In the beginning, I didn't like Trump much. I saw him as arrogant, pompous, and self serving. Just another member of America's elite aristocracy. Then something strange happened. I discovered that his enemies- were also my enemies. I have never seen anyone so thoroughly hated in my life. Ever. The media ignores and ridicules him. Obama and Hillary hate him. China and Russia hate him. (I don't think the release of the coronavirus one year before his re-election was a coincidence.)  His fired cabinet members hate him. Many in the Republican party, like Mitt Romney, hate him.The democrats and Pelosi hate him. Even the courts hate him. More importantly, several of my friends hate him. Or perhaps, ex-friends. What is it about this guy that pisses people off? What angers them to the point we can't even discuss this crooked election like adults? First off, Trump wasn't supposed to win. I can recall back in 2016, that every liberal media outlet, every liberal poll taker, vi

It's Time To Call a Convention of States

I am not sure that any of us can predict what set of circumstances must appear before calling a convention of states. It is part of our Constitution, Article 5.  In the past, Congress has somewhat routinely used Article 5 to propose and adopt constitutional amendments. However, there is also a provision which allows state legislatures to circumvent Congress. That is a convention of state legislatures. Incidentally, I believe it is the only way possible to impose term limits on Congress since there is virtually no chance they will ever impose term limits on themselves. The recently stolen election and the obstruction of any kind of investigation or quest for an accurate vote tally is the last straw. We already possess a Congress with the worst ratings in history. We have a SCOTUS that simply cherry picks what it wants to hear and what it doesn't want to hear and offers some weak excuse when deciding which cases they will find entertaining. Wouldn't any one of us love to dodge ev

Hating Liberals and the 5 AM Biden Miracle

Learning to love or learning to hate is a process that evolves over some period of time. A bit of an explanation. Please allow me to indulge for just a moment. I don't think anybody ever woke up one morning and said, "I hate cows."  You have to learn to hate cows. You have to see them wallow in their own shit, stinking up the landscape, and bellowing at 4 a.m. You have to milk a cow with an infected udder, watch them blow snot everywhere, or slam into one on your motorcycle in some open range part of the west. Whatever conclusion you land on- there was some sort of process that took place prior to you arriving at the opinion you currently hold. You should respect that other people may reach a different conclusion than you have. That concept absolutely baffles liberals. My mother, a teenage milker of cows, hated cows. To the day she died, she would not drink milk. I asked her why once and she told me that milk from a cow infected with mastitis looked like foamy urine. Ewww

Poll workers in PA Filling Out Ballots


Hammer and Scorecard: This Is How the Election Was Stolen

Today, I'd like to offer up an explanation for what happened this week and how. I make no apologies for telling it the way that it is. I can do that because I have no employer and I have never accepted a dime from advertisers. My speech, is the free speech defined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The democrats have given us a low IQ dementia suffering President who has never accomplished anything and a somewhat black sidekick that former President Obama drools over. Fifty years of useless, bribe receiving public service with a drug addled kid and a woman who clearly knew how to use her vagina to receive any number of appointments by Mayor Willie Brown and his political machine. This is who is going to lead our country. It's hard to conceal my excitement. Months ago I looked into the life of Kamala Harris and her affair with Willie Brown. I had also attempted to find out just who in Ms. Harris' life had contributed any black genes. It was so incredibly important for t

The Credit Reporting Industry Needs a Major Overhaul

 If there was ever an industry in dire need of oversight and regulation- it has to be the credit reporting industry. For years, these credit reporting agencies have worked in the shadows gathering information without permission. They have little or no oversight with regard to the activities they engage in. They have no regulation other than themselves. I know of exactly nobody who publicly advocates on behalf of the citizen consumers they report on. The murky workings of creditors, collection agencies, and inherent mistakes, leaks, and flaws in their work- coupled with the absolute quirky nature of how a credit reporting agency arrives at a credit "score" is a mystery of Loch Ness proportions. My first run in with these agencies occurred in 1987. I would work up loans and run credit reports. Time and time again, I found myself trying to sort out what was accurate and what was not. If you had a common name, say Susan Smith, you might literally have all sorts of derogatory entr

Censorship in America, the N.A.C.A., and Hating Trump

I started this blog back in 2009. Here I can say any fucking thing I want to. I don't have to worry about advertisers, liberal cry babies, or any other member of pussified America. In the 11 years and 2000 blogs that I have written here- I have removed a total of 4 comments that were not ads or spam. They were vitriolic and hateful attacks directed at me. Nothing more. Had they attempted to make a useful point- I would have left them up. Those are my "community standards." In America right now- you simply have no right to any sort of thing resembling free speech. Content publishers are quick to point out that your right to free speech is only a contract between you and the United States Government as defined in the First Amendment. You have no right to free speech apparently where any third party content provider has established a comment section. Third party publishers are quick to remove anything that they don't like under color of "community standards" or

Get Ready for the Sh** Show

Many years ago, in my previous life as a law enforcement officer, I had the privilege of meeting Howard. Howard was mentally ill and unstable. He was angry and he was dangerous. Howard, a full 6'5" inch man in his late 30's, enjoyed walking around town with an ax over his shoulder. He wore these crazy looking eye glasses, goggles really, with yellow lenses. Howard scared a lot of people. Everyone from bank managers to motorists would call the police department and we would be forced to explain that carrying an ax in public was not illegal. Once on a traffic stop, Howard jumped out of his truck with that ax and briskly walked towards my patrol car. Truth is, any normal cop might have shot Howard and got away with it.  I liked Howard. Howard liked me. When I became the Chief, Howard would often come visit me at my office. He would ask me if I had any enemies needing to have an "accident."  I had a couple of folks in mind but they are still with us and Howard is now

Officer Chauvin Stares At the Abyss and Plunges In

Let's hope it doesn't have to get worse before it gets better. How spiritually sick do you have to be to sit on someone's neck for nearly 9 minutes, in full view of the public, and kill someone? Who does that? But more importantly, why? I retired from law enforcement 13 years ago. Leaving law enforcement saved my life. So I am not going to regurgitate the same stuff you've been reading about Derek Chauvin all week. I really had no idea what the profession would do to me and the toll it would take. I have seen other cops work 25 or 30 years and remain emotionally unscathed. But that wasn't me. For 10 hours a day, I answered bad calls and tried to catch bad guys. For a fair amount of my off duty time, I mulled over pending cases and how I was going to resolve them. So I didn't spend 10 hours a day being a cop- it was more like 16. I did this every day for 24 years. Devoting over 100 hours a week to your occupation, especially one as adversarial and confron

Crushing the First Amendment

This past week, a Port of Seattle police officer lost his job for posting a video of himself explaining his thoughts on the nationwide corona virus crackdown which has restricted the movement of people everywhere. Officer Anderson is directing his comments toward other police officers and their conduct. At first they just suspended him- which gives them time to research and discuss the situation with lawyers- before firing him. You can damn sure bet that nobody had the courage to defend him- not within his chain of command anyway. I also noted that Officer Anderson was from the liberal strong hold of Seattle. Probably the worst area on the west coast. The Seattle City Council has been an incubator of taxes, crappy laws, stupid ideas, over regulation, and ineffectiveness. So it appears, Officer Anderson is guilty of nothing more than upholding the Constitutional oath he took when accepting his job in liberal land. Officially, they used the ol

The Golden Missile

Back in 2008 or so when I started this blog, the financial world was a mess. The banking system as we knew it should have been destroyed back then. I followed the money right here and discovered that the Federal Reserve made loans of 16 trillion worldwide with non existent money that was nothing more tangible than electronic zeroes. President Obama gave all of those banking criminals a pass. With a wink and a nudge, every one kicked the can. I simply could not commit money to equity markets under those circumstances. I am ashamed to say that I missed the entire bull market move from Mar '09 to Mar. 2020. I missed a couple of very obvious things and mostly just dabbled in mining stocks during those 11 years. I managed to break about even having taken a significant 5 figure loss on a South Dakota gold mine. So mostly I've just bought some gold, platinum, and silver and watched it languish for 11 years while the paper investors I knew laughed at me. Three very significant

USA Completely Botches the Corona Virus Reponse

In a moment I'd like to mention the importance of latex or nitrile gloves. I would like to give you a little background on today's post. I think you'll find that my training and experience qualify me in a few areas to talk about the completely botched corona virus response by the United States Government and perhaps more importantly, the airline industry. This is a response that has been planned for 3 decades for potential bird flu mutations- so what actually happened is a little shocking. Please bear in mind that all pandemic responses boil down to local governance. I spent most of my work history in some sort of command structure in a small city police department. A lot of that training included running a command post and yearly incident command schools for various maladies and tragedies, swine flu, bird flu, airplane crashes. These table top discussions and live fire drills were often put on by FEMA with their littany of acronyms. I had additional training through

Obama Created the Trump Presidency

For the life of me, the left simply cannot understand why millions of us support Trump. Prepare yourself for a gut punch here and know this- I can take any shitty comments you might have. There is space below and I'll let you have your say without using the delete button. In 2010, President Obama destroyed my financial ability to obtain health insurance. In my case, I was retired with a pension just above the 400% required of what was a ridiculously low (and arbitrarily assigned) poverty level. Obama did this with lies such as the "price of insurance would go down" and "if you liked your doctor you could keep your doctor." In fact, my doctor fired me within months of the enactment of Obamacare because I paid cash. Sent me a letter. Why keep a cash payer around when you can provide healthcare to a large swath of new Obamacare patients/recipients with deep insurance pockets? To add insult to injury, we were penalized for not having insurance while deadbeats

The Last Patrol

I met BS "Pat" Pidgeon in the spring of '83. I remember him best on the day a local commuter plane crashed on the state highway in our county near the airport and cartwheeled down the northbound ditch adjacent to the road. There were 14 souls aboard and we spent some time locating and digging them out of the deep snow that day. We were there for hours protecting the scene and waiting for NTSB. Later on that afternoon,  I saw Pidgeon on the east/passenger side of his patrol car.  He had a pair of binoculars and he was looking at the mountains to the west. Days later, I asked him what he was looking at. He told me wasn't looking at anything. He said he had to take a piss and so he pulled the binoculars out so that people would think he was looking at something else, glance that direction, and wouldn't notice he was taking a piss. In that moment he had won me over. I picked him to be my role model cop. I was 22 years old, stupid, cocky, and I have no earthly