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This Is How The Federal Government Failed You

I have often stated that government only has one main purpose. To protect and ensure the safety of it's citizens. When your government cannot even do that- it's time to re-think why you have a government in the first place. This is the carnage left behind by a Federal Government that allowed millions upon millions of illegal aliens to enter the US on behalf of the corporations and elitists who use their labor. Now we have Obamacare. Can you imagine providing free healthcare to Central and South America? I can't. Just One State , this is only one State...............what an eye opener! From the Los Angeles Times Newspaper 1. 40% of all workers in Los Angeles County ( Lo

Gov't Extorts 23 Mill on Behalf of Victims and Then of Course... Stiffs Actual Victims

For the past five years I have been witnessing and marveling at the will of the United States Gov't to extort fine money from virtually every big corporation in America. A lot of these are banks. The government does this, allegedly, on behalf of United States citizens. The government calls these people "victims." Calling people "victims" gives the government standing when stealing money from corporations.  In this new age, government threatens to charge big corporations with criminal acts using "victims" as the means for conducting their activities. They also threaten civil action. Companies are then forced to pay fines or settlements. Of course they do- because the proceeds of their illegal activities far exceed the fines and the time it takes to defend the company. None of this of course ever trickles down to the "victims." Government just keeps all of the extorted dough. It's a good deal- well- except for the "victims."

Fish With Fondness For *Scroti, Found in Illinois Lake

You cannot make this shit up. So I am perusing the intarwebs this a.m. trying to find something that interests me. Then I clicked on this story about the Pacu. A fish that will eat your testicles.   Just look at those teeth. That is a government fish. I am surprised the fish doesn't have a gold crown or two. I'll tell ya this. Illinois doesn't have one thing that I need to wade in the water for. This might be the greatest contradictory statement I have ever read. While a Pacu poses no real threat to humans, reported two local men died in the river, after their testicles were eaten by a pacu fish. Pacu are no threat unless of course they rip your balls off and kill you. That can be sort of a downer when you are out fishing with the kids. Read the l

A Pack of Moonbats

Wolves. Moonbats. Disaster. Where ever moonbats and the US Government congregate- shitty ideas proliferate. That can be the only outcome when those two entities mingle. Because statists want the government to solve every problem- including the ones they create. The problem with liberals and moonbats is that they live in a fantasy world called the ways things ought to be. They simply cannot distinguish the true from the false.  Let me give you a perfect example. It is the re-introduction of wolves. The history of wolves is simple. People hate them. Thus wolves were relegated to Canada and Alaska and places where they could prey on actual game animals rather than some guy's livestock. Everyone, meaning 99% of everyone, was ok with that.  Then a few influential moonbats managed to talk politicians into the re-introduction of wolves. The program of course, was managed by the most inefficient money wasting behemoth of all time...the US Government.  So we have wolves killing li