Monday, July 9, 2012

A Pack of Moonbats

Wolves. Moonbats. Disaster. Where ever moonbats and the US Government congregate- shitty ideas proliferate. That can be the only outcome when those two entities mingle. Because statists want the government to solve every problem- including the ones they create.

The problem with liberals and moonbats is that they live in a fantasy world called the ways things ought to be.

They simply cannot distinguish the true from the false. 

Let me give you a perfect example. It is the re-introduction of wolves. The history of wolves is simple. People hate them. Thus wolves were relegated to Canada and Alaska and places where they could prey on actual game animals rather than some guy's livestock. Everyone, meaning 99% of everyone, was ok with that. 

Then a few influential moonbats managed to talk politicians into the re-introduction of wolves. The program of course, was managed by the most inefficient money wasting behemoth of all time...the US Government. 

So we have wolves killing livestock and game animals. Farmers, ranchers, and sportsmen are up in arms. The courts are getting clogged with lawsuits. The government is wasting millions protecting wolves. States are now issuing permits and hunters are killing wolves. 

And why was this all necessary? Because some dingbats, a vast minority, thought this would be a good idea I guess. Maybe they needed something to do with their time while living off the family trust. 

I wouldn't mind any of this actually- if the moonbats who wanted this crap actually paid for it themselves. 

For the record- I love wolves. I read every thing I could get my hands on about wolves when I was in college. They are incredibly intelligent and ordered. But I knew re-introduction would be a disaster. There was a reason that our ancestors got rid of them and those reasons haven't changed a bit. That has been the history.

The Northwest wolf movement really began in Moonbat Valley. Now we are forced to hunt and manage wolves where no problem ever existed before. The pro-wolf people are acting like managing wolf populations is some sort of neanderthal thing. How did they think this was going to turn out?

Fascinating. Men create problems where none exist- then we spend oodles of time and money debating the issue. That's the moonbat way. Here is a fascinating blog...a true moonbat piece of work. 

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