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Friday, March 21, 2014

The Liberal Paradise

For those who believe that government can provide everything and create utopia, here is a quote from the man with more common sense than most folks.A "Liberal Paradise " would be a place where everybody has guaranteed employment, free comprehensive healthcare, free education, free food, free housing, free clothing, free utilities, and only Law Enforcement has guns. And believe it or not, such a place does indeed exist …… It's called prison.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Maricopa County Sheriff's Office
Phoenix , Arizona

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Obamacare Is Dying? It Never Lived

The most salient page I have read in two years regarding the "Obamacare" reforms. Denninger refers to it as financial rape.

Finally someone nails it.

Al Qaeda Spy Gets Cushy Job at the I.R.S.

You cannot make this shit up.

This dude was actually a cop who helped obstruct an investigation and aided in the destruction of evidence. 

Please read this link and scream out the window after the neighbors have left for work.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Black Privilege and The Free Shit Army- The Sunday Collage

If harsh truth bothers you, you might not want to continue on here.

We're gonna talk some taboo subjects, some racism, examine some history including my own, throw in a little profanity, and predict the future.

Growing up in Montana offered a few advantages for a kid like me. One of them was my utter and nearly complete lack of racism. It's hard to form an opinion about a race or a culture if you are never exposed to one- other than your own. The nearest I came to a culture different than old, white, European miners were the local Indian tribes and their members. Oh don't get me wrong. I used the "N" word a few times over the years but I got over that. I'm not a saint but I'm not Mark Fuhrmann either.

Many Indians still hold a serious grudge over "manifest destiny." It seems the European settlers didn't explain that concept to the Indians very well. The broken treaty- reservation thing- is still pretty fresh in many Indian minds. A victim mentality. We gave the Indians a lot of free shit- trying to make nice. This hasn't worked out too well.

As a kid, I did a little back and forth name calling with some Indian kids and while it didn't seem to do much damage- it probably helped cement a little animosity for ol man whitey.

Today, I mostly limit my name calling to little old men with hats on who drive- and women who text and drive. I can't explain why but women who text and drive seem to be worse than men who text and drive. I narrowly averted getting sideswiped off the road the other day when a young female decided to change lanes while texting. Thankfully I have learned over 35 years of motorcycle riding to anticipate these near death experiences. Yesterday at the mall, young girls were texting while walking and bumping into people. Mostly I want to slap the shit out of these girls but that's just not part of the new spiritual FG- also and unfortunately, slapping the shit out of young girls will land you in jail and I understand the necessity of that. Absent a law, there would be hordes of kids with lumpy heads. So.. 

Mostly I obey the law. Not because it's convenient...but get ready for this...but because very often it is the right thing to do. Imagine what happens when the guy in charge of enforcing laws simply quits doing so...

I wrote a piece on here one time which was entitled, "We Should Have Picked Our Own Cotton" which chronicled the fallout of American slavery. That would be black slavery and the ensuing victim class which continues to this very day. This is the same mentality I observed in Montana's Indians as a child. Part of that mentality is making the oppressing class feel guilty as well. That's how you get free shit.

Now if you are new to this site, you might be asking yourself- how do all of these subjects tie together?

In America, we screw up.  Now whether that's killing Indians, enslaving blacks because plantation owners were greedy and thus saw fit to waste 600,000 lives on Civil War battlefields, or sticking hundreds of thousands of Japanese Americans in internment camps and ruining their lives or more recently- dropping bombs on people with drones. This is mob rule democracy in action- and that is precisely what the founding fathers hoped to avoid.

You just can't make things right when you set about the task of enslaving, imprisoning, and killing a minority class of people and violating their rights. People remember.

From the God of the Machine-  “Most of the harm in the world is done by good people, and not by accident, lapse, or omission. It is the result of their deliberate actions, long persevered in, which they hold to be motivated by high ideals toward virtuous ends.”

I'm not sure we screw up on purpose but I do know this- sometimes there is nothing you can do to make things right once you do and I've learned something else. When you victimize a class of people- there has to be a statute of limitations on the act. We must make amends immediately and finalize the act in writing. Otherwise we get hundreds of years worth of pity, an entire victim class that wants reparations forever, and ultimately a black President that thinks he can do anything he wants to do and so far- he has used the Constitution as ass wipe.

Things have gotten so absurd that members of Congress are now mulling over an act compelling the President to obey the law. Why? Because our legislative body- comprised mostly of criminals themselves- haven't got the stones to impeach our first black President. Can you imagine the backlash of that?

I am in awe at the number of people who know that President Obama ignores the law, breaks the law, abuses the law, avoids established law, and rules by executive order. He picks and chooses the winners and losers, wantonly sics the IRS on his enemies, refuses to cooperate in any Congressional investigation, dodges scandals Fast and Furious and Benghazi, refuses to limit spending and submits ridiculous budgets, drops bombs on people, eavesdrops on everyone, and then get this- blames everyone else including Congress for our problems!

He's got America by the balls. They wouldn't dare do anything to him. Why? Because we still have this ginormous subculture of American blacks and other minorities who are still pissed at this country for the perceived evils of  old man whitey on the plantation. That victim class grows- it does not decline. They pass on that history to their impoverished children who do not have jobs- and when they tell that story they make sure and tell those kids that ol man whitey is to blame. President Five Iron, because he is half black, is absolutely immune from blame or responsibility of any sort. He has an entire party and a complicit media enabling his terrible performance. Mob rule democracy.

Think about what Kanye West said about George Bush after Katrina if you need proof. Thousands of blacks, warned about the size and strength of Katrina refused to leave New Orleans before the storm. The greatest national pity party of my lifetime ensued after that storm. Kanye publicly blamed Bush because Kanye concluded... "he doesn't like black people."

Maybe it's just part of the reparations.

That's the privilege Barack Obama enjoys. He can do essentially anything he wants and he just dares you to try and stop him. That level of arrogance, contempt, and passive aggressive behavior are the hallmarks of this administration. An administration whose very members continue to quit (Jay Carney is apparently in need of an exit strategy) at alarming rates- falling on swords to keep the democratic party's facade alive and well at least until the elections this fall.

I get all of this. In fact, I accept all of this. You should too- because it's far from over. I've never seen one man take a country hostage up until now. Three more years until any possible rescue attempt- but more than likely- the free shit army will stay in charge after this administration leaves and Obama begins the usual corporate largesse gathering that makes ex Presidents rich. In the meantime...

It seems we're going to continue to make reparations for the foreseeable future. Buy em Obmacare or pay extra taxes... there might not be any stopping the free shit army.