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USAF Torturing Old Civilians *Updated

I like the new title better. Kinda catchy isn't it? I don't go looking for stupid but sometimes it finds me anyway. Yesterday, was not my finest hour. The story I'm about to tell you is true. Other than myself, I can't tell you the names of the people involved because (a) I didn't know them or (b) I forgot them. At any rate, I think you'll find this blog amusing. This story is about waiting in lines. So first up- let me give you my all time, 53 year long, most epic human  meltdown of all time. I thank God Almighty that I was in attendance when this happened. Many years ago in Moonbat Valley- they built a brand new Albertson's grocery store. The store was very close to my home and I often shopped there. We had a tremendous shortage of qualified workers in our valley back then and a lot of the people that landed jobs at that store...well let's just say they weren't the best or the brightest. So one evening around 7 PM- I ran down to the store

I'll Leave the Front Door Open For You- The Sunday Collage

Look, I know reading about taxes is boringgg. Most people can't do it. However, this is Frankenstein Government. They pay me to fashion articles which are funny and insightful. That's how I know that my regular readers will carry on here in a determined fashion. The new tax season begins just after this year's election cycle ends. Odd how that works, isn't it? Nobody is really paying attention now to the 2014 tax law changes- but they will. These tax changes are going to be painful and effect nearly all of us. The great, uninformed masses who wave itty bitty flags, shout USA, USA, and think they are great patriots- will dutifully march to the election polls in a few months and re-elect incumbent Congressmen. They have been doing this at a rate exceeding 90% for as long as I have been alive. They do this no matter how bad Congress sucks. They will receive a little sticker with a flag on it that says "I voted." (That's what they do here) They will be pro