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We're All Going To Become Criminals Soon- The Sunday Collage

Many years ago in Moonbat Valley, the rich folks donated a bunch of money to build a skateboard park. The community wanted the park.The Chief of Police wanted the skateboard park. So did I. Year after year, we received hundreds of calls from local merchants complaining about skateboarders loitering, tearing up private property- chipping concrete and wood benches- and being smart asses when merchants asked skateboarders to "beat it." Skateboarders countered with the great "skateboarding is not a crime" campaign.   After we built the park, the park became an area of drug dealing, bullying, vandalism, and littering. Petty crimes mostly. Complaints began to rise again. There was no way to effectively police the park. I learned several important lessons from the skateboard park experiment. Kids are a pain in the ass. People break laws. The more laws you pass, the more laws will get broken. Enforcement costs a lot of money and at some point- a point we have passed alr