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When You Have 16.2 Trillion in Debt, What's a Billion Here or There?

We're going to give Bangladesh a know... because we are so flush with extra money and all. I am surprised that after we offered them a billion, they didn't counter with 3 billion.

Just In Case You Needed Proof Of Who Runs The United States- Here Is Romney's Campaign Contributors, Owners, Bankers


Football Saturday- The Sucker Line- Geaux Saints

I am a huge New Orleans Saints' fan. Primarily because I lived there for a year and loved it. On fall Sundays, when the team was in town, church services only lasted 44 minutes. Then we were out the door enroute to the Superdome. Last night, I saw that the spread on the Saints-49ers tilt was -3.5 Saints. That is the consummate sucker line. Football bettors, wise guys, know there is no better bet than a home dog in the playoff season. That angle, taking +3.5 and the 49ers today, has made me a lot of money over the years. Unfortunately, because I am a Saints fan- I can't do it. I did find one guy willing to take -3. Of course there is no money involved. That would be illegal. I have the same dilemma in the Bronco-Patriot tilt. Double digit favorites only cover about 30% of the time. Thus the Patriots at home and 13.5 favorites against Denver are dogs to cover the spread. I don't have the same interest in this game that I do in the first one. However, I am going to be

My Gawd, Four More Anti-Fed Kooks

Listen to these kooks. How come none of us learned about the Fed in state run schools? Odd.

Goodbye Republic, I Hardly Knew Ye

I have a difficult choice to make this year or next. Am I going to endure the police state that America is about to become or am I going to get the hell out while I still can? I have to accept the fact that this country cannot and will not get it's head screwed on in time. How bad will the trip down be? That's the 64,000 dollar question. The old two party elite monopoly has it's boot on the throat of America. Elect one of the two elite choices given to you. Highly intelligent people like Mr. Roberts know we are screwed. Why do highly credible people support a kook? Because they are smart enough to see through the bullshit and they know know who the bad guys are. America's last chance has no chance. The media, the corporate kleptocracy including the bankers, will do anything they can to smear Ron Paul and convince Americans that he is a kook. They hate this man. The only thing they can find to smear

What The Elite Know

Yesterday I was doing my unconscious rounds of the dashboard when I stumbled onto Republican Mother's site. I don't know who Republican Mother is. I will tell you this. I like her. A lot. In fact, I have never disagreed with a single thing she has written or commented on. She is razor sharp. So it was that I read this piece. She had embedded a video by John Taylor Gatto. Gatto is a retired NY educator, a free thinker, and anti-establishment.  Please do not forget that name. From about 3 PM yesterday until 1 AM, I did nothing but watch and listen to you tube videos of this man. I rinsed and repeated that same exercise this morning for another two hours. Why? Because John Taylor Gatto solved one of the greatest riddles of my life. What makes the elite different from the rest of us? Why do they get access to the finest everything? At the end of the day, it simply boils down to education. Of co

Frankenstein Government, Fighting Inflation, Holds The Line On Subscription Prices at Rock Bottom Lows

It's a labor of love... that's for sure. A couple of years ago, my girlfriend got into the habit of nagging me about writing every morning. This was before I was aware that women could sometimes nag. A lot. Eventually, I received the ultimatum. My laptop or her. I think we all know how that turned out. So after evaluating some old stuff I had written and then some new stuff- and then judging the quality of my work, it's obvious to me that I should just be thankful that anyone comes here at all. With no pricing ability, no rewards, and no sex, (sans all that nagging) I realize that I should just be grateful that my readers don't ask me to send them a check in the comment section. Or direct me to some centralized tip jar. It's all good. After the I.R.S. gives me my 300 million for turning in Jon Corzine, I'll make sure and give you loyal readers a slice. That's how I roll. Now if you'll forgive me I gotta go surf the web and find some more asshol

Obama, Great Deceiver, Still Lying About Bankers and Then Hiring Them

Oh, how I hate those bankers he says publicly to the voters. Privately, he hires the third banker in a row as his chief of staff.  Crony capitalism, Obama style. Do people still wonder how it was that all of those fraud committing bankers in this country got a "get out of jail free" card after his election? Is that any kind of mystery now? Which banker will give him a cushy job in 2013? This article sums up Obama's bullshit quite nicely.

Japan's 23 Year Recovery Has Stalled... Please Be Patient...It's Moving At a Glacial Pace and Will Arrive Long After You Are Dead

Too funny. Twenty three years of dead money. Are the Japanese that stupid? So what's the difference in the United States? Newsflash. There is no difference. We screwed the same pooch.

Obama Pledges "Change Will Come"

Obama promises change. Frankenstein Government not only promises change- but predicts it will occur on November 6.

Liberals Corner the Market on Shittiest Places in the U.S. to Retire

Here's all thirteen of them, including the three runners up. So what do they ALL have in common? Moonbats. Liberals. Proof positive that social engineering doesn't work college kids. Here's the map for abortion loving, atheist, and progressive non believers.

Frankenstein Government Officially Turning In Tax Evader, Jon Corzine, My Ship Has Come In!!

Now the U.S. Kleptocracy is asking you to turn in your neighbors for tax violations. Call the I.R.S. They want you to do their police work for them. This government of ours has completely lost it's mind. I am going to do the "right" thing. I am turning in Jon Corzine. Obama's best friend. Jon Corzine stole anywhere from 600 million to 1.5 billion dollars from private equity accounts. He delivered that money, at least 200 million, to JP Morgan. He tipped MF Global's pending bankruptcy to the Koch boys so they could get out before he stole everyone else's money. I'll bet he doesn't declare any of this on his 2011 return. I am turning him in early. I get 30%... WOO FUCKING HOO!!! My ship has come in!!

North Carolina Sterilizes Over 7600 People, Now Admits That Maybe They Were Wrong To Do That

I really want to dig into this story. Find out precisely who authorized human sterilizations or how it was determined whether a person should be sterilized or not. Land of the free and home of the brave, where all men are created equal with human and reproductive  rights, due process- most of the time. Sometimes not. I think N.C. should pay a hell of a lot more than 50k per sterilization. Really.;_ylt=At7X0Agj2qxSxpFS24GB55n09XQA;_ylu=X3oDMTQzNWJpODhuBG1pdANBcnRpY2xlIFRvcFN0b3JpZXMEcGtnA2VmNTE2ZDIwLTg0ZjctM2Q1Zi1iZThkLWI4YTc1Mzg1YjAyZgRwb3MDNQRzZWMDTWVkaWFTZWN0aW9uTGlzdAR2ZXIDM2YzMWI0ZjAtM2JlNC0xMWUxLWFlZmYtNDllZjhiY2NhNTVi;_ylg=X3oDMTJ2azBlNnNpBGludGwDdXMEbGFuZwNlbi11cwRwc3RhaWQDMjBkZWY5ZDMtMGEyOC0zYjY3LWFhZTgtZTg5ODczOWRmMjJhBHBzdGNhdANoZWFsdGgEcHQDc3RvcnlwYWdlBHRlc3QD;_ylv=3

A "Courageous" Message From Franky

It's tough being retired. I don't have a lot of people to boss around anymore. I have to hire people to boss around. I took a man hostage this week. His name is Bob. Bob the painter. Since buying my house early last year, I have painted everything but the sidewalk. Bob does the work. Yesterday, sometime after the hideous mint green experiment, I finally found the right color on the third try. Bob has spent the last two days getting rid of harvest gold, and now, mint green. I had to vacate the premises this afternoon. Bob needed some alone time. A few blocks from my house is a 2nd run movie theater. On Tuesdays, they charge one measly dollar. I had a friend of mine tell me that he "needed" me to see the movie "Courageous." I saw it this afternoon. People generally don't say things to me like you "need" to see a movie. That seemed very odd to me. I knew it was about cops. So I figured that's what my friend was referring to. I was wron

Frankenstein Government, Never Afraid To Tackle the Tough Question Asks, "Which Bag of Shit Do You Want for President?"

In keeping with all of the other idiocy of today, I stumbled onto Ace of Spades, the "conservative" blog. There they had another poll about which GOP candidate readers support. They always leave Ron Paul out because Ace has decided he is a kook. And everyone must kiss Ace's ass. After all, it is his blog. Not that serial cheater Gingrich is a kook. Mitt Romney, spoiled rich kid, banker, tell them what they want to hear candidate who believes in golden tablets buried under the hill Gomorrah. He can't be a kook. Rick Santorum, I vote like every other standard politician for statist government. He can't be a kook. I could go on and on. This is the sorriest bunch of GOP windbags seeking nomination that I have ever seen. It is shameful. I am thinking the GOP once again could snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Obama leads a charmed life. He may find that the GOP is the best thing he's got going for him.

Try to Fight Back the Tears, Bring Your Compassionate "A" Game As You Read This

Has someone declared Jan 10th to be national "Idiot Day?" Here is Michelle Obama, alone and frightened, as she wonders "What will my children do if they have to meet tourists in the White House?" Alone and frightened? Are you fucking kidding me? Were the Secret Service all watching tv? Tell your daughters to say "hi" Michelle. How's that for advice? I will never, ever, read that book. Ya know, some days are better than others. Cruising the internet today has been absolutely fascinating. It's a target rich environment this morning, so much idiocy- so little time.

Frankenstein Government, On Sadistic Diet, Manages To Lose Like Three Pounds in 25 Days

Wow, this sucks. On December 15th, I went on the Atkins diet from hell. Because I am a man I can say this. I am 51. I endured Christmas and New Years. Not one fucking sugary Santa Claus cookie. No booze or egg nog. Not one slice of bread. Meat and broccoli. Celery. Ya know, all that tasty stuff. Then after watching my family eat like pigs, I came back home. I do an absolute minimum of 3.2 miles a day on treadmills and ellipticals. As I write this I cannot walk. The pain is almost unbearable. My ankles are both sprained, the ligament in my left knee is knotted, and I think I have a hernia. I am almost completely crippled. I have these Canadian acetaminophen tabs with caffeine and codeine in them. They are wonderful. I am almost out of them. In America, I cannot have them or frosting on my cupcakes because my government knows what is best for me. To be honest, I have lost 22 pounds in 25 days. It has not been worth it. I am beginning to wonder why I am doing this. It's not li

Transportation and Safety Administration, Tired of Being Picked On, Draws a Hard Line on Cupcakes

Your tax dollars hard at work. You simply cannot make this shit up. Years ago, we were working with a cop who wrote somebody a ticket for having mud on his license plates. We ridiculed that poor bastard, who like TSA, defended his shitty judgment. We told him we were all sleeping better knowing that the mud on the license plates guy was not out terrorizing our community, stalking our kids. Eventually, he had the ticket dismissed. Which was how stuff like that was taken care of. The cupcake bomber. You gotta feel good knowing that woman and her cupcake are not going to be on your next flight. Surprised they are not x-raying our bladders, making us take a piss before boarding.

Is The Government Running Scared?

I have been noticing more and more unrest among the American people. Not just in personal conversations with people but all over the internet. People are waking up to the fact that we are bankrupt, the economy is never going to turn around, and this crushing debt load is unmanageable. The government's response to that unrest should raise some eyebrows. Passing and signing the NDAA on New Year's Eve when nobody was looking- was a telltale sign. Anyone it seems can now be called a terrorist and held indefinitely without due process. Government's corporate cronies, the arm that masquerades as mainstream media- hardly reported the single greatest act of tyranny since the days of the King. Prior to that and ever so quietly, FEMA has announced new bids for camps to detain people in. Again, mainstream media whiffs. This is an excellent piece. FEMA

Molon Labe!

Mo-lone lah-veh. I don't like the left or the right much. It's an illusion of choice- carefully crafted so that a bunch of sheeple can go on pretending that there is some discern able difference about who runs this abomination of a government. March to the polls. And vote. It's your duty. Blah...blah...blah The status quo, those in power, always triumph. Nothing changes. Because they don't want it to change. The elite like their wealth and power- just the way that it is. There are people completely devoted to this "hate the left or hate the right" insanity. They are sheeple, unconscious sheeple that simply have not discovered that they are the problem. I pray they figure it out quicker than I did. I have learned to hate both of these mongrel parties. Hate is appropriate. I intensely dislike what they have done. They have bankrupted and ruined MY country. My country? Yes. My family fought for our freedom. I paid my dues too. The elite don't pay shit