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Frankenstein Government Spills Guts, Waits on Presidential Phone Call

Earlier this week, NBA professional basketball player Jason Collins came out and told the world that he is gay. By proclaiming that he was gay, Jason Collins has made our President proud. Telling everyone that you are gay takes great courage. President Obama was so impressed that he called Jason and told him how proud he was. I understand that being gay is a great accomplishment. Back when I had a promising future ahead of me, I actually toyed with the idea of becoming gay when I was younger. We used to have these shower poles in our high school gym, each pole having 4 nozzles coming out of them. As young men, we would all shower at once and I was constantly sneaking peeks here and there- but men just never did anything for me. Try as I might, those hairy backsides just didn't light my fuse. My disappointment was palpable. Strange things happened in the showers. Sometimes if you weren't paying attention, Jeff Wittenauer would sneak up behind you and pee on you.  Since f

Even a Blind Squirrel Finds an Acorn Now and Then

A commenter left this link on a comment he had written to me on Huffington Post- which proves that only about 99.9% of that site is useless. The United States is bankrupt. From David Stockman. Excellent recap of the last 40 years. You can rest assured, despite the facts, that not one liberal on that site believes this.

Obama's Watergate, Benghazi

At least when Nixon lied, nobody died. The most scandalous, pre-meditated, and cowardly act that I have ever seen a President do- occurred on Sept. 11, 2012. The Benghazi Bombshell. Four Americans were attacked over a 7 hour period at the consulate in Benghazi and left to die because President Obama didn't want a failed rescue that might have ruined his re-election chances. Instead, this coward that calls himself an American, let Americans die. I will forever condemn Obama as the coward that he is. Don't get me wrong. I don't care what party affiliation Obama has. He is a coward. From the day he took office and gave the criminal bankers a pass- I always knew he was a coward. A traitor. That's really what he is. So now the whistleblowers are coming forward. Members of the CIA, with attorneys, are going to testify. This after bein

The Threesome of Slow Death- The Sunday Collage

You don't know what you are missing, if you've never had it to begin with. - Some mexican guy outside a gas station in Shakopee, Mn. On Wednesday,  this past week, I signed up for one of those month to month memberships at a little golf course near my home. It was sunny on Wednesday but still windy and cool as it has been here most of this spring. I had to rent a cart because I just don't trust these old knees to hold out anymore. I was striking the ball pretty well and moving right along when I ran into three people pulling hand carts somewhere midway down the 5th hole. These three golfers were terrible and they were slow. Being a terrible golfer is perfectly acceptable. I have nothing against terrible golfers because at some time in every golfer's life- we are all terrible. So I get that. But being terrible today is far different than being terrible 40 years ago. You see 40 years ago, I too was a terrible golfer. I was a young man back then and even though I co