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Motorcycle Vigilance

On Wednesday as I was going to work, two young boys on bicycles did something incredibly stupid. They left the sidewalk, rode out across a heavily congested Boise thoroughfare without warning, and subsequently caused several vehicles to slam on their brakes. Unfortunately, a black Harley Davidson Road King was embedded in traffic. The rider slammed into the car in front of him. I was about 400 feet north of the accident and saw the whole thing unfold as I traveled south. The rider was flat on his back with a huge bloody laceration on the back of his head as I passed by. The throttle was wide open as the weight of the right side of the bike was bearing down onto the pavement. I'm not sure what happened to those idiot kids. Several years ago, law enforcement fell into this trend of calling motor vehicle accidents "collisions" because as the theory goes..."accidents" were preventable and the term collision was more precise.  Such is the minutia of our age. I

When Writers Leave the Rails

Every once in awhile, I come across something that is so senseless that it defies belief.  Usually I just read it and move along. Today I'd like to call your attention to something I read on the "Dorkfish Express." I am going to re-post it at it's source so that the writers can take "credit" for this. They are quite serious. Back in my law enforcement days, I used to say that any whack job can walk through the door and they do. They report outlandish things. The police were often the first filtering device. Any citizen can believe and say what they want. That's why we have Mormons, Democrats, Republicans, and mental health institutions. It's the same way on the innertubes...any nutter can write. Just because you believe some outlandish shit- does not mean that I have to. Here then is the greatest conspiracy theory that I have ever read. The writers claim that within the next 60 days we are going to have a staged national "crisis."

Is This Who We Are?

President Obama loves to use the phrase, "Is that who we are?" He uses that phrase rhetorically when talking about perceived social wrongs. So when a Chinook helicopter dropped out of the sky and killed 30 armed service members, Obama sent the grieving families some form letters. With that stamped, narcissistic signature of his. Unfortunately, the families talked and compared letters. Phony, superficial, condolences. Is that who we are? No sir. That is who Obama is.

The Great Chicken Slayer and Other Hump Day Nonsense

Nothing says "good time" like waking up on the floor of some filthy shed, covered in piss with a throbbing headache and being told that you are responsible for killing 70,000 chickens because you are an idiot. Of course, finding your picture and your story on the national news... well that's just a big time bonus feature. Some people should never drink. Here's one. In Moonbat Valley, an assistant Chief of Police was arrested more or less, for DUI. This after striking a parked car three times and failing to see the patrol car which was watching as the minor drama unfolded. That level of unconsciousness is mind boggling. The suspect, Mike Crawford, is one of the nicest guys I know. He is the heir apparent to a Chief who found the City of Sun Valley an "all you can eat police buffet" and refuses to leave. He has been th

You Lose Some....and You Lose Some More- The Sunday Collage

On Friday, I was the target of an ambush. My second of the week. So... Today,  I thought I'd write about relationships. Why? Because I am so gawd awful bad at them. I'm not just talking about your run of the mill romance type relationships either. I can screw up any kind of relationship. But I am especially good with women. When I part company with a woman, they hold me in such contempt that they would not stop to spit or piss on me if I was on fire. They'd walk around me. So in that regard, I consider myself a professional breaker upper. If any of you ever need advice on how to leave a girlfriend, email me for personal instructions.. You will only have to suffer through a week or two of shitty texts and emails. If they are especially pissed at you they will contact your friends on "facebook" or contact your other mutual friends to let them know what a terrible human being you are. Of course they will do all of this while claiming the moral high ground for t