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Debt Slavery, Simplified

This might be the best explanation I have found that explains our debt and economic slavery. Please take 5 minutes to view this and try not to feel like you were just punched in the guts.

I Dream of Freedom

For 100 years we have had the unaudited Federal Reserve stealing the wealth of this country. Creating crisis and despair. Financing every war. Facilitating the death and destruction of sons and daughters everywhere. We have a monopolistic two party system made up of crooked politicians. Men and women absorbed with greed and power. They have no idea of the meaning of the term "public service." They do however know the meaning of "self service." And we have a government armed with jack booted IRS thugs. Able and willing to strip you of as much wealth as they can get their hands on. Threatening you with prison time for no other reason than you have the audacity to work and then try to keep the money you have earned. Distributing your wealth to themselves. Freedom? What the hell does that mean? Economic freedom? Maybe they'll let you live outside prison walls as long as you turn over half of your paycheck. In a few years, maybe 3/4's of your payche

Content Warning

A couple of you guys have asked about the content warning when navigating here. I pulled a John Daly. I swear. It is colorful and it is funny and it is me. I dislike the neutral shaded world where we cannot say shit or fuck without VICTIMIZING someone. That is such bullshit and quite frankly, I am tired of hearing it. I am offended.... whine, whine, whine. Do you want to know why people whine about profanity? Because they have all bought into some belief system that we should all behave and talk according to their inherited belief systems. And they don't have any problem trying to convince you that they are right. So here's where I'm at. I try not to swear in front of kids. I don't use any profane word that begins with a "C" or a "G". That is my belief system. But most importantly I believe in free speech, which means I have HUGE tolerance for those folks who use profanity more than I do. I don't try to control the world and make the world bend t

Will Obama Tax the Rich? I'm "All In" In On This Prediction

Of course. They are the villains, those rich pricks. They made all the money so make them pay the freight. Screw 'em. I read these deep comments all over the intertubes. Unfortunately, taxing the rich is just a ploy to gain votes for the mid-term elections. It won't work anyway...I'll explain why in a minute. There is one other huge dilemma with taxing the rich. Our entire capitalistic way of life is based on us NOT being equal. Taxing the rich takes all of the incentive for achieving success off of the table. Why would anyone work their asses off- just to lose it all to the government? The short answer is- they wouldn't and they won't. Let me give you a poker game analogy. Let's suppose ten of us sit in a poker game. After playing a few hours, three of the players (the most patient and skilled players) have 2/3rds of all of the chips on the table. Seeing this as unfair, poker room personnel intervene and tell the good players to give back the chips they won fro