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"Believing Your Own Bullshit"--The Sunday Collage

Ok, it's only Saturday. You got me. In an hour or so, the big Walleye tournament starts. This is an event where a bunch of grown men with expensive boats blast off at full throttle in an insane attempt to catch fish larger than the other "grown" men. I will be there watching and supporting these morons and secretly rooting for my cousin Ronnie and his buddy, Jake. Only in America can somebody waste 100 grand on a truck, trailer, and a boat in order to catch a fish slightly bigger than other fisherman and think all of this is normal. Earlier this morning, I read a Huffpo article on Benghazi. Those are the assassinations at our Libyan embassy that the Obama administration tried to cover up and lie about, murders that have somehow become a political football.  I began to think about all of those lies and why people find it necessary to lie in general. This insightful commentary is only something you

Forget a Third Party, We Need a Second Party

Heh. Ron Paul, of course.

Hunting With Molly and Heidi*Updated With Photo*Really

Every year, we gather up our shotguns and head for the Montana-North Dakota border. We stay at my cousin Ronnie's house in Williston. This is where we come to hunt pheasants each year. As I am writing this, the two great pheasant trackers, Molly and Heidi are laying on the bed with me. In fact- I just had to push Heidi's head off of my keyboard. Molly and Heidi are both German shorthairs. Even at the age of 2, they are already great pheasant hunters. We hunted with them last year after Ronnie's other two dogs met untimely deaths. For those of you that have never had the pleasure of hunting with dogs, the only way I can describe these two dogs is like this. They are both about 45 pounds of pure energy and muscle. They have noses that can smell a mustard seed in Canada. They run like greyhounds. They have more energy than a tornado.   As pups, we taught them to find "roosters." If you say the word "rooster" or "pretty bird" they will

If You Are a Libertarian Voting for Romney... aren't a libertarian. In fact you aren't even a Republican. You are a squish Republican and at worst a liberal because Romney is no party adherent. In fact, his positions on socialized health care and gun control put him squarely in the moonbat camp. I am so sick of reading people all over the internet claiming to be libertarians yet voting for a squish. I am going to sum this up. Please go to the libertarian site. If you agree with 90% of the platform positions, if you want government out of your life, then maybe you are a libertarian. If so, stand up and be counted. Be loyal. Quit voting for elite bastards like Romney- that have nothing in common with you- simply because you think they are a lesser evil. Millions of people say, "gosh I am really a libertarian but my vote won't count unless I vote for the lesser evil" I got a newsflash for you. Your vote hasn't counted for 24 years. We've had 24 years of horrible governance with the Federal

Advice on Parking Lot Accidents

I'm not sure how many car accidents I have investigated in my life but I know that number is well north of a thousand or two. The great thing about being a cop is that you tend to notice what damages property and sometimes injures and kills people. What types of driving behaviors are more prone to end in accidents. One of the driving behaviors that will get you into a wreck is hauling ass through a congested parking lot. Now hauling ass on some vacant highway somewhere is actually pretty safe. Cops may score easy tickets in those locales and insurance companies may find that a great excuse to jack up premiums- but speed alone is no indication of the likelihood of you filing a claim. This is a point I love to argue. Speed and reckless driving. Sure. Speed in a congested parking lot. Sure. My gym is located in a heavily congested parking lot. So yesterday, after washing my car, I went to the gym. There was only one available parking spot- directly in front of the entrance.

The Big Ego, The Anti-Robin Hood, and Gas Prices

I first saw this video on TF Metals. It is an excellent explanation of how the elite privatized profits and socialized losses. They have been doing this since the dawn of time. I guess those that forget history are doomed to repeat it. I am also embedding this video which is an excellent explanation of why gas prices have remained high even though consumption is at 10 year lows. Once again, you have the anti-Robinhood to thank.

The Free Market Experiment

John Stossel is well know as a libertarian. Stossel is also one of those whack jobs who thinks government is the problem and certainly not the solution. So was Ronald Reagan. I have embedded this video. Detailed in this video are plans to develop a true free market city in Honduras. Great stuff. There is even a quote from the polymath, Thomas Jefferson, my hero. The big bonus comes at the end when the developer admits that he was once a liberal who thought government was the solution until he actually learned something about economics. Pay attention Billy Moonbat. I may go to Honduras.

Gold, Silver, and the Last Battleground

I opened a new brokerage account a few weeks ago. It's time to get ready to protect what assets you have. I'll explain why by way of metaphor. In many respects, the citizen/consumers of this country are prey animals. Government with it's many levels, the corporate oligarchy, the health care monopoly, the bankers and their fiat currency are predators willing to steal from you in ways you don't even understand. You can't get away from them. They know that. Here's the metaphor. Sooner or later, the prey have to go to the watering hole. Waiting nearby are the predators. The predators goal is to strip you of all of the money that they can. Government taxes. Businesses gouge for minimal services and goods. If you are in need of medical services- the health care monopoly will steal you blind, in many cases margins well in excess of 1000%, especially if you are well insured. Health care charges with respect to the level of care provided have no basis in reality an

5000 Miles In Nine Days

We made it home last night. Our whirlwind trip looked something like Idaho-Utah-Colorado-New Mexico-Texas-Louisiana-Mississippi-Arkansas-Missouri-Iowa-South Dakota-Wyoming-Montana- and home. The cheapest gas along the way was Roswell, New Mexico at 3.34. It was 3.59 virtually everywhere else. I used to have a hard and fast travel rule. If I could drive there in one day- I would not fly. I can break that rule now that I am retired and I have time. Driving to Louisiana was made possible by the comfortable 40 MPG Hyundai Elantra which is still covered with bugs and road slime as it sits in my driveway. Beating the airlines out of 1300 bucks and the TSA tax is always nice. Local governments discovered a way to screw non residents years ago. Since tax weary and vigilant citizens were tired of being taxed to death- politicians came up with local taxes primarily targeting hotels and rentals cars. This way they can gouge the shit out of non citizens- tax payers who don't have the a