Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hunting With Molly and Heidi*Updated With Photo*Really

Every year, we gather up our shotguns and head for the Montana-North Dakota border. We stay at my cousin Ronnie's house in Williston. This is where we come to hunt pheasants each year.

As I am writing this, the two great pheasant trackers, Molly and Heidi are laying on the bed with me. In fact- I just had to push Heidi's head off of my keyboard. Molly and Heidi are both German shorthairs. Even at the age of 2, they are already great pheasant hunters. We hunted with them last year after Ronnie's other two dogs met untimely deaths.

For those of you that have never had the pleasure of hunting with dogs, the only way I can describe these two dogs is like this. They are both about 45 pounds of pure energy and muscle. They have noses that can smell a mustard seed in Canada. They run like greyhounds. They have more energy than a tornado.  

As pups, we taught them to find "roosters." If you say the word "rooster" or "pretty bird" they will go berserk- whirling around and barking like possessed hound dogs. 

The maniacs are sleeping next to me now- after greeting each other and running around the house and fields like whirling dervishes for the last three hours. They are fun to watch and we knew the reunion would be hilarious. It was. 

Tomorrow, we will put the shock collars on the hounds and the fun will begin. You can't stop these dogs. All you can do is just try to contain them and slow them up a little bit. I will try to embed a photo or two- maybe of them locked up on a bird- and add it in here tomorrow. Unfortunately, I have more phone than brains right now and I can't get the camera to work.

I will try and update this post with "action" photos as the week progresses.

First action photo- Dogs, pops, me, pheasants-post mortem.

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