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Government Motors Halts Production of Junk, Formerly Known As The Volt

GM has stopped production of the Volt and laid off 1300 workers. Seems nobody is buying that overpriced POS. I snipped this quote courtesy of a ZeroHedge article I will link at the bottom. "We did not develop the Chevy Volt to be a political punching bag," General Motors CEO Daniel Akerson testified before Congress in the same January hearing. "We engineered the Volt to be a technological wonder." The Volt is a wonder alright. It's a wonder anyone buys the piece of crap. Here's how the Volt pencils out. With local taxes, dealer fees, and the 600 dollar power cord, you can't get off the lot for a dime less than 45 grand. My Hyundai Elantra is bigger, roomier, has a larger motor, gets better mileage, and costs 30 thousand dollars less. The Elantra has not been known to spontaneously burst into flames either. So how much gas does 30 grand buy? Say at 4 bucks a gallon? It buys 7500 gallons. That is 262,000 miles worth. (At 35 MPG) The Volt doe

The Great Misery

Every day, with a pain induced day or two off occasionally,  I go to the gym. I run 5k or the equivalent distance one would travel from Boise to Chicago. Ultimately, my goal is simple. I want to run 3.2 miles in 32 minutes. I can do it in 35 now. I have been doing this for a year to keep from becoming elephant man. I used to run the old fashioned way. On the street, sometimes with a gun belt and vest on. Then to avoid weather and drunk drivers, I would go inside and hop on a treadmill and just haul ass. Today it is much different. The treadmill has a TV and Ipod hookups. There are drink holders on the treadmill but so far I have not been able to find a treadmill with an ashtray. Perhaps they will come out with one soon. I run with those bizarre looking Skecher shoes. The greatest invention of my lifetime. I have perfectly flat feet which these shoes correct. In fact, I even ordered a pair while writing this. Do not forget the coupon code. It will save you 20 bucks, JJ25FIT. http://

Statists Whine About Free Speech, Call "Go To Hell Barack" Ad "Disrespectful"

What...are we supposed to be outraged?? The greatest flim flam man to ever lie his way into the White House gets called on that crooked piece of health care legislation...the one that nobody read and suddenly people are outraged at an ad stating "Go to hell, Barack?" I've been outraged for four years at this asshole. Obama's been wiping his backside with the Constitution. Czars, takeovers, playing golf, laundering campaign money through Solyndra and other non viable companies, taking campaign funds from crooks like Jon Corzine who stole 1.6 billion in customer accounts. Recess appointments. Gunwalker scandals. The most crooked administration ever. Obama plays small ball. He sucks. Plain and simple. Where were you liberals and moonbats when the politicians were hijacking our Constitution? Do any of you dimwits have any idea of the Obamacare health plan prices and just why they were scheduled to go into effect after the 2012 elections? Of course you don't

It's Getting Harder Every Day... To Find Nicely Forged Documents

The other day, I noticed that my local eatery gives a 15% discount to people aged 55 and older. This is a curious thing in and of itself actually. Is there some advantage in attracting old people to your restaurant? Do they feel sorry for us? Maybe that parking lot full of sport utility vehicles and high end autos is indicative of a down trodden  demographic. I'm not sure exactly what thought process was in use when offering the big 15% discount. I have always tried to attract younger, better looking people. I'm sort of weird that way. I would probably suck as a restaurant owner. So I am wondering, do you have to ask for this discount when you are ordering? Does some 20 year old chick eyeball you and say, "yea- he looks older than 55. " I can't imagine the level of embarrassment if I lied about my age to save a dollar fifty and then got busted. Maybe they should have one of those alcohol type signs at the cash register. If you were born after today's dat

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Friday Follies...Prepare To Laugh Your Ass Off

Sam Kinison. Live where the food is. Most Awkward Wheel of Fortune Moment Ever- 18 Million Views

One More Reason To Hate Obama (Like You Needed One)

I snipped this comment from the TF Metals Report. I have been reading about this latest move from our Marxist -In-Chief. I swear the guy never quits. The snip. After over three years of being the most profligate spender of other people's money since the Earth was a cooling ball of gas, Barack Obama has finally found one place where he's willing to make real budget cuts: healthcare for America's military. Specifically, the president has offered up a plan to force active duty service members and veterans to sign up for Obamacare and leave Tricare (the current U.S. subsidized health insurance program for the military) by raising the cost of premiums until it's unaffordable. Obama's plan, which would go into effect immediately after elections, would raise Tricare premiums 30% to 78% in the first year...and then go up 94% to 345% every five years thereafter until every last man and woman who has served in uniform has had to quit the system and settle for wh

In Like A Lion

Well after four months and a complete disappearance, winter has finally arrived. Yesterday and today. I can see the tire tracks of the evil postal creature who arrives here each day in the new fallen snow. If I block her ingress and egress with something like my car, she leaves these nasty notes in my box about how postal patrons are supposed to leave our box areas uncluttered. Like that is some law. One day, I saw the postal creature actually exit her vehicle and waddle outside. I noted that waddling outside is probably something she should do more of. A year of waddling might yield the loss of a stone or two from her undercarriage. If you know what I mean. But instead, I am compliant. I let her drive up on my lawn...enabling her to achieve her goal of a premature death. All of this snow, of course coincides nicely with my days off. I had this vision, err fantasy, of hauling out that beautiful suede blue Roadking and riding it in sunny 50 degree weather. Instead, I am here writi

Using The New FlipCard Blogger Interface

Traditionally, I run about 250-300 page views on my blog per day. For a guy who writes with the kind of razor wit that I possess- those are some sorry assed numbers. So once again, I am going to try the new blogger interface for a couple of days. My pageloads soared because readers could click on the things that interested them. Like dry, boring pieces about banker crooks. The only thing missing will be that nasty ass looking head of Frankenstein's. I am also thinking of driving down to Vegas for the weekend. At any rate, I thought I'd warn ya and maybe this weekend I will report on the pageload numbers from some smelly casino.

Why I Believe Oil Prices Are About To Tumble

Here at Frankenstein Government (the writers, me) are never afraid to stick our necks out. The absolute worst thing that can happen to me is that I will write something so outlandishly fucking stupid that I will live to regret it. They give us a delete button for a reason. I have been pondering the rise in oil prices and my personal opinion is that high oil prices are not the effect of consumption driven demand pricing. The demand for oil in the U.S. has fallen off a cliff. In England- it is even worse. So why are oil prices so ridiculously high? Answer- Oil prices are manipulated first and foremost by the oil producers and they are priced in a fiat currency (dollars) that can simply be replicated and counterfeited. So who is that in the strait of Hormuz? Who is that rattling sabers? Oh yea, that's Iran- a big oil producer. It does not hurt them, OPEC, or the price of their oil to act like they are bent on starting WWIII. The worst thing that can happen is that oil produc

Feds, Obedient Peoria City Officials, Lose Testicles Attempting To Save Their Own Careers

Seven kids and a police sergeant shoot holes in an Obama T- shirt. The photo below was posted on Facebook. All hell broke loose. This is an excellent story to kick around a bit. Interesting. I think of this as an over reaction and over reach of a government that turns every little incident into a federal case. Before we go any further, here is the background on this story.,0,7342283.story I am appalled at the speed in which we are losing our freedom. Now many of you know- I am a city cop and Chief hailing from small town America. I am going to land on the side of a 25 year police sergeant who up until recently- had First Amendment rights.  This man may have actually saved lives which might be worth more than the entire lot of Peorian politicians and their obedient charges- throwing lonely cops under

True Tolerance

Here's the latest. I am not surprised that an Iranian Muslim wants to burn down the White House in retaliation for burning some piece of fiction. That's how they think. Clearly these angry Muslims have a thing or two to learn about us. Why settle for burning just the White House? Why not burn both chambers of Congress? I'm not sure Americans would even notice and I have the proposition at 50/50 on whether anybody would pull the fire alarm or not.

The Stoner-In-Chief

From the Bard of Murdock. Always priceless.

Why Are You Still Banking With Criminals?*Updated

Over the weekend, I was explaining to a friend of mine why I have multiple bank accounts and redundancy. Here are some of the reasons. Free checking, a free safety deposit box, essentially 3x the available funds if I need them during the course of one day, and years ago- I had an ATM snatch my card while I was on vacation. Since I only use cash- I do not have a credit card- this really caused me grief for a couple of days. But if all those things are unappealing to you, I quit banking at Wells Fargo because they are thieves. They were part of the great taxpayer fueled ripoff after playing casino with our housing market and plunging this nation into the great whatever the hell this is. And charging me fees. For nada. So they can have the use of my money and leverage it- and charge me for the privilege of doing so. Just because Obama was bought and paid for by bankers, and they went un prosecuted, doesn't mean they aren't criminals. They are. If you are still banking at a

People Rioting Over Tennis Shoes

This is the kind of story that makes you sick to your stomach. Idiots bent on obtaining tennis shoes by any means necessary and apparently at any cost... This type of story tends to make most people nauseous. I always wonder, where do these people work? Maybe they deal dope. Who actually liked them enough to hire them? I mean they must have some source of dough. And then I think, oh yea I forgot Obama was elected President. So it is, things that used to always baffle me are now starting to make sense.

It Is Lamentable, That To Be A Good Patriot One Must Become The Enemy Of The Rest Of Mankind

 -Voltaire Here is another lunatic telling you not to pay your taxes. The problem of course, is that millions of other chicken shit Americans will. You will love this piece. I know I did. I picked it up from Weird and Pissed Off's site.