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An Unexamined Life- The Sunday Collage

Have you ever met someone who has that unquenchable thirst of always wanting and obtaining things? Someone who is always busy doing something? I know hundreds of people like that. Intelligent people who believe that every second of their day must be consumed with some "useful" project or their life will be filled with guilt and ruin. I once knew a guy, a local potter who was locally famous here in Boise. His pottery is very fine and considered quite valuable. Unfortunately, that pottery of John's has never improved my life. My life would undoubtedly be the same without his pottery albeit a little less colorful. Strangely, I think that it is Mr. Takehara that is worth examining and not his pottery. A lot of folks would think I have that backwards. Mr. Takehara always fascinated me, maybe some others. Unfortunately, Mr. Takehara is no longer with us. Even if he were, I doubt he'd have much to say. Talking about hims

A Two Week Hiatus

I've been really busy at work. I have written two fairly decent pieces this week for the Sunday Collage. I shit canned them both primarily because they aren't anything new. I get tired of regurgitating the same old stuff with a different spin. So I am putting the finishing touches on a much better piece and I should have it up by tomorrow. Thanks for keeping the faith.