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Build Lots of Prisons, For We Shall All Be Criminals Soon Enough- The Sunday Collage

Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened. Billy Graham I've tried to be a good citizen most of my life. I've never had much use for rural speed limits but other than that- I've been pretty good. Once in awhile a murderous rage overcomes me, but as of yet, the government hasn't figured out how to ferret those thoughts out of me, pass a law stopping them, or just ask me to disclose them and send in a fine. So while I've had the good discipline to avoid any sort of rap sheet thus far- that is certainly subject to change. You see, you simply cannot look at this leviathan government with it's Supreme Court rubber stampers and envision any sort of future or ending other than a violent one. Nobody wants to talk about that. We think we can negotiate, reason with our masters. Come to agreement. We think we are too intelligent or civilized to have to settle our issues using "violence." Unfortunately

All Men Are Not Created Equal- The Sunday Collage

I think men were created with rights. Be they God given or by galactic mistake. We weren't put here to serve others unless of course, we choose to do so. I guess that choosing part, who chooses, makes all the difference. Thomas Jefferson, the great polymath, penned the phrase "all men are created equal." As he penned that phrase, Tom must have forgotten about those slaves he owned. I suppose being a polymath does not always include uncovering your own hypocritical tendencies.The great truth is, all men are not created equal. They never have been. In fact it's not even close and as it turns out- that is a large part of our current problem. You see the big credentialed geniuses then and now- really aren't the geniuses we think they are. The truth does not become truth simply because some well respected man utters a phrase which we wished  were true but in all reality- is completely false. Wishing something were true does not make it so. This week on "Am