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He Died On His Couch With His Cat- The Sunday Collage

I am gonna send this one out a day or two early. I'm traveling for a couple days. "Are you still giving your opinions on everything?" -Commissioner Larry S., to me, in the Moonbat Valley Market a few years ago For nearly 24 years, I did my very best to police my little corner of the world. That meant all kinds of things to all kinds of people. Policing requires strength of character. It requires the ability to confront people and to get them to tell you things about themselves and about others that they don't want to tell you. And always, you seek the truth, but I'm not sure you ever really find the "whole" truth. However with some diligence, I still think we can get pretty close. The truth scares dishonest people. When the truth becomes inconvenient, or embarrassing, or humiliating, or even damaging- rather than accepting it- some folks get angry, nasty, passive aggressive. They lash out and I have to tell you- that has always puzzled me. Som

In the Valley Of Lies, The Truth Gets 35 Years

...while killing kids with drones- gets you the Nobel Peace prize. In America, lying is a government sanctioned event as long as you have power and can conjure up some altruistic reason for your lies. It has never been this bad. Bradley Manning received 35 years in prison for leaking the truth today. The cowardly Federal Judge, quickly dismissed the proceeding before Manning could render any remarks. Manning leaked government lies to Wikileaks. Remember that helicopter footage where an innocent Reuter's news reporter and 11 others were killed? I do. We might never have learned the truth without Manning. Without Snowden. If whistleblowers cannot tell the truth about such things as murder, what's next? Sure, we may agree that Manning didn't select the best method but then again- any other method like telling Congress- would surely have s

Sheriff Gets Arrested For Un-arresting Innocent Man

This guy is a new Sheriff. This story is wrong on so many levels, that I'm still scratching my head over it. I am trying to figure out how this was even charged.

Making Welfare Pay

You'll get a kick out of this. Welfare recipients making more on welfare than they would at jobs. Guess what... They don't tax welfare, you don't have to pay for child care, gas, or put up with some crappy boss.  And they wonder why nobody signs up for those shit jobs at WalMart.