Wednesday, August 21, 2013

In the Valley Of Lies, The Truth Gets 35 Years

...while killing kids with drones- gets you the Nobel Peace prize. In America, lying is a government sanctioned event as long as you have power and can conjure up some altruistic reason for your lies.

It has never been this bad.

Bradley Manning received 35 years in prison for leaking the truth today. The cowardly Federal Judge, quickly dismissed the proceeding before Manning could render any remarks.

Manning leaked government lies to Wikileaks. Remember that helicopter footage where an innocent Reuter's news reporter and 11 others were killed? I do.

We might never have learned the truth without Manning. Without Snowden.

If whistleblowers cannot tell the truth about such things as murder, what's next? Sure, we may agree that Manning didn't select the best method but then again- any other method like telling Congress- would surely have seen the matter buried.

This is a government that lies with impunity. It lies with reckless disregard and punishes anyone that exposes those lies. It demands your loyalty at the end of a gun barrel. 

Pat Tillman was a professional football player who gave up his NFL career (while making 4 million a year) to go fight for his country. He was killed by three bullet wounds to the head. These wounds were delivered by American soldiers. Rather than tell the truth, the American military complex decided to lie about Pat's death. See "Surrounding Tillman's Death"

That incident occurred in 2004, nearly ten years ago.

A couple of other interesting government lies are out there. The most important lie, unreported for the most part by the American media, is the "crash" of Seal Team Six's helicopter shortly after they killed Osama Bin Laden. A whole slew of mysteries swirl around that event including unknown indigenous personnel on board the chopper, missing black boxes, and the cremated remains of soldiers- bodies that were intact after the crash.

Then there is the Benghazi cover up. As the latest testimony indicates, the CIA was running an illegal gun running operation for Syrian rebels near the Benghazi consulate. (the annex) 

When terrorists attacked the Benghazi consulate on Sept. 11, 2012- just two months before the Presidential election- this administration's initial response was to blame it on some lunatic anti Muslim videographer living in California. That lie became the official narrative. 

Here is Susan Rice lying to the American people. 

Susan Rice, for her part, was awarded a promotion and pay raise for lying. 

and a President who has never disclosed his culpability in the matter. Or even his whereabouts.

I have lived through 53 years of government lies. Lies which started at the Gulf of Tonkin and continue to this very day. 

I am in utter awe that some lowly peon can get 35 years for telling the truth while members of this administration lie with impunity about American deaths and not only get job promotions- but prepare for Presidential runs. That's the two tiered system of justice we currently have in America. The haves get away with murder, the have nots land in prison. 

Same as it ever was. Only a little worse.


Anonymous said...

And the difference between government and organized crime is.....?

Anonymous said...

Remember when as Americans, we were told that these types of blatent lies were only going on in dictatorships and rouge third world countries ? I guess as Americans we can now say our govenment is rouge and a dictatorship. After the Dollar collapses then we enter third world status. As Sum Ting Wong said, Ho Lee Fuk !

Anonymous said...

that is the world today a stock market goes up on bad news and down on good fearing fed tightening or easing, bailing out banks, corporate welfare, all sorts of cronyism including MSM its all BS. My goal do whatever I can to live off grid. No TV no processed foods buy all I can at local farms and stores.