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If Obeying the Law Places You in Peril, You Must Break the Law- The Sunday Collage

For those of you who might have wandered in here and think you have stumbled upon the rantings of a man- one dosage short of properly medicated- know this. I am sober, free of psychotropic medications, I have no rap sheet and I believe in law. Good law. Not the shit this country currently debates. I am going to switch gears rapidly in this piece so try to keep up Troy. One of the problems of living in a government loving, statist, paradise is that the government worshippers never give it a rest. Statists, people who love government, do so because they want to force their brand of control and compliance upon everyone else. So they saddle up with government. Right now in America, the government worshippers are in control. Thirty years ago, Ronald Reagan stated "government isn't the solution- government is the problem." Indeed. That was before the whiners and the free shit army over ran the rest of us. The "life isn't fair" crowd are now firmly in