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Homogenizing America- The Sunday Collage

People make mistakes- that's what we do. Every one of us has let other people down or failed to meet another's expectations. We live, we make mistakes, we fail. Steven Smith is an outspoken broadcaster for ESPN. I don't mind Smith so much although I do find him a little annoying. The point being- that ESPN pays this guy to talk. Sooner or later, guys who talk for a living, are going to say something stupid. So last week, it was Smith's turn. He made the mistake of warning women not to provoke men into a domestic abuse situation. It was really a pretty harmless remark and a little off the target. Women get pissed when they hear other men sympathizing with or enabling abusive men by demonizing their perceived "victims." I know a little bit about all of that. At any rate, Smith who gets paid to talk, was force fed a shit sandwich for his remarks. That might be punishment enough, but Smith went on to utter a sincere apology. ESPN then saw fit to suspend Smit