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The FED Consists Of Little More Than Thieving International Bankers- Just Like We Thought- The Most Outrageous Report of the Year

This report absolutely blows my mind. The FED- the world banking cabal- loaned 16 trillion dollars during the height of the banking crisis? Do we have 16 trillion? Of course not. That is 2 trillion more than the annual Gross Domestic Product of the entire United States.  Answer this. If the FED has 16 trillion laying around...why the fuck did we have to loan banks 700 billion in TARP funds??? Anyone?? Can anyone answer this???? The FED made loans to foreign banks? Is there any doubt- any of you- that the FED is nothing other than international bankers bailing out an international fraud scheme- so that they can continue to fleece the minions of the world. Please copy and paste this blog/link to any economist or person who you think can answer these questions. 'Cause I'd love to know the answers. This report is outrageous. The FED is comprised of crooked international bankers that are about as "Federal" as I am King of the World.  The report: The Fed Audit Th

We Owe It To Our Children- We Must Default Now

It's far cheaper that way. The thing I like best about Ron Paul is that he tells the truth. Of course he is a Libertarian. Let me deviate momentarily. I am constantly defending Libertarian views. Particularly drug legalization. By the way, anybody that thinks legalizing drugs and managing their use is not far superior to wasting billions of dollars and thousands of lives- should read the results of Portugal's drug legalization process. You probably haven't heard about it. Because it works. Profoundly better. Our government prefers you don't know that. Court systems unplugged, prison populations went down, death rates plunged. Anyway, back to Paul. We are completely and utterly bankrupt. We cannot pay our bills. This fiasco, this debt ceiling debate is ridiculous. All they are debating is whether to add two trillion more in debt. That's it. And of course they will. They are spineless self centered pussies that all want to retain their status and power by getting

Hank Paulson, I'm Calling You Out

Look, I know this is childish and immature. But I think Hank "Blank Check" Paulson is in need of a good old fashioned ass kicking. Please read this. The problem with arrogant fuckers like Paulson is that they think they know everything. Another member of the ruling class. Can you imagine the ego of a guy who ran Goldman Sachs and then as Treasury Secretary stole a trillion dollars to funnel back through AIG, to his bank, and buddies? Then this clown has the audacity to claim he is a hero- and I'll be damned if the same people he fleeced weren't buying his book. Why is it that the ego driven ruling class all have to write books about themselves? All the lives and careers this bastard must have ruined? Watching Bear Stearns collapse- his former competitor- like it was some sort of a mystery. Frankly I don't understand why the citizens of th

Saratoga Race Meet Starts Today

In 2007, I pushed my Honda Valkyrie from Idaho to a little motel in Burnt Hills, New York. I spent the next ten days commuting N. to Saratoga Springs each day except Tuesdays- when they don't race. A crappy room in a Saratoga Springs motel is 300 bucks a night during the race meet. I was more than happy to commute from Burnt Hills and my 50 dollar a night room. I partied with my neighbors at the motel- 4 older couples who had been going to Saratoga on opening week for something like 20 years. Friendships like that are fantastic. I absolutely love Saratoga Springs. The main drag through town is decorated in horse racing themes. Statues of horses, colorful owners silks, outside dining. Quaint and charming. I ate breakfast each day at some place very close to the track. It was always packed and I'll be damned if I can think of the name of it. Here's some photos. The day I first arrived

I'm Against Death

I see where Texas whacked another one yesterday. The Arab slayer. For years, I avoided taking a stand on the death penalty. As a cop, people just assumed that I was a supporter of capital punishment. My problem with the death penalty is that I lacked spiritual intelligence. Let me repeat that. I was not spiritually correct or intelligent enough to render an opinion. I avoided any talk of the death penalty. Odd, huh? My job as a cop was simply to arrest violators and bring them before the judicial system. Other than evidence gathering, I had no interest in the outcome or the penalty. Now I say that, but the reality is- is that cops hate to arrest guilty people and watch them get off. It is very counter productive to what we are trying to achieve. Evidence gathering is hard work and it is time consuming. The greatest serial murderers in the United States? Bundy, Gacy, Harvey? (names that end in Y for 500, Alex) nah...  Texas and Florida.

Doug Marks, Dog Lover and Libertarian Maniac

I snitched this story from the Republican Libertarian. It's about freedom but nobody ever seems to notice. This story is about a small city government (Carpentersville, Il.)  like the one I used to be a part of. Seems the center piece of this story, Doug Marks, is on the local council. Apparently he is a Libertarian and doesn't think government should be telling us how to live our lives. In Carpentersville, you may have two dogs but no more. The story doesn't mention whether or not you are limited to a certain number of children or not. Marks, a dog lover and minority dweller, could not rally enough support to let people decide for themselves how many dogs they could own- thus raising the limit beyond two. at In small town America, the subject of dogs is hallowed ground. I policed some of the most vicious fights and bitter arguments over dogs. I don't like government telling us how to live our lives but t

Are Baby Boomers Economic Sociopaths?

Or psychopaths? I got a kick out of yesterday's 200 point short covering dead cat bounce rally on the heels of President Obama's announcement that the Republicans were starting to play nice on the deficit and budget. I was less than enthusiastic with that plan for two reasons. (1) The 3.7 trillion dollar reduction is chump change and will do nothing to pare existing debt levels. (2) Once again, these politicians continue to pillage the low and fixed income wage earners (Social Security) by reconfiguring how the CPI is calculated. They have already low- balled and manipulated the numbers inside the CPI to such an extent that they have rendered it useless as a measure of inflation anyway. The CPI along with the birth/death model inside the employment report is a perfect example of... "Figures Don't Lie, Liars Figure." Gold and silver prices were slashed and burned late in the day as Obama humbly took credit for resolving things. Tonight the House has suddenly

Steve Wynn Throws Obama Under the Bus

Thank gawd there are a few people with courage left. This is what Wynn has to say about the worst President ever...

Coburn Comes Up With a Realistic and Needed Plan- Nine Trillion in Cuts

I can almost hear the screams and cries of the moonbats...but alas they are running out of other peoples' money. Here's the plan.

Gold Cracks 1600, Silver North of 40

Up late. More worries about European debt levels. Gold is now working it's way past 1600. Silver is still mired in at 40 which is a 40-1 ratio with gold. The historic standard ratio was 15-1. I could live with that pricing. Central bankers are pretending to scratch their heads, telling the public gold isn't money. Please use our worthless paper instead. Gawd what I wouldn't give to hear Ron Paul ask Ben Bernanke one simple, direct, question. "Ben, do you personally own any physical gold or silver?"

Buffoons on Bikes

There are two sports I detest. Soccer and bicycling. I suppose virtually anyone can climb on a bicycle or kick a ball. That doesn't take a high degree of skill. The moonbats might disagree. They love soccer and bicycling because it gives them something to do when they are not drinking wine or planning new laws to govern how the rest of us should live. Today I shall talk about idiots on bikes. Most of us learn how to ride bicycles when we are children. In the old days, parents taught their children to ride by holding onto the bike, running along side of us while holding the contraption upright, and then giving us a huge shove. Oftentimes this tactic resulted in the handlebars getting thrust violently to one side or the other and we would wind up crashing into a giant heap and gathering road debris with our asses. Moonbats would never allow such an episode now. I've seen their children on bikes with helmets, elbow and knee pads, training wheels and horns. If moonbat children

The Reverse Midas Touch

Obama jinxed the U.S. women's soccer team by wishing them well and letting them know he'd be watching. That was the kiss of death. The Japanese have never beat us. Until now. A snip from the news reports... “Sorry I can’t be there to see you play, but I’ll be cheering you on from here. Let’s go.—BO.” The White House later released a photo of Obama and his family watching the game. We know now- how that worked out.