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Bring Back the Sunday Collage!

 Many years ago, I began to focus on writing one good post every week. Writing is often a trial-and-error event. We write some very good things, and we write some hideously bad things. Thus as our mood changes, the good writing becomes quite apparent to us and the bad writing is also revealed. I note this on several blogs I read daily and weekly. Some are better than others. But what's obvious to me is that the writers have no ill intent. They are writing not because they are being compensated- they are writing because they love to write.  So years ago, I wrote the Sunday Collage. The Sunday Collage was a collection of all my thoughts and observations during a week, like snipped pictures or images, that I had collected in my mind. Then I would gather those images and write about them here.  It was perfect. One well thought out piece of writing each week.  Once, I had some angry woman comment that I didn't even know what a collage was. Of course, I laughed at that- knowing full