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Driving Home- The Sunday Collage

It started out harmlessly enough. A wedding in Silverthorne, Colorado and the trip home on Monday. My brother's wedding over the weekend was a great success. The family brought out their best behavior and nobody was maimed or killed. I was so proud of my brother and his new wife- there is something about all that beaming back and forth that lets you know they are genuinely in love. The wedding and all the associated haps exceeded my best expectations. Then- there was the drive home. Predicting is hard especially about the future. Just as I could not accurately predict how well everyone would behave at the wedding- I could not predict the bizarre events that would happen on the 800 mile drive home. Yesterday, the idiots were out in full force and on the highway. My gal and I experienced four events, two of which I am still pondering, and one which might include my filing a complaint on a trooper in the Utah Highway Patrol (just as soon as I am done writing this) for a fine pie